Osprey Kamber 32 Backpack Review

True to the Osprey brand, I set my sights on the Osprey Kamber 32 backpack for my ski touring outings. My specifications were as follows: I wanted a solid, comfortable backpack that could carry my skis and was well accessorized to be able to deal with all situations (DVA safety kit, take out the camera, pipette, helmet, ice axe, etc.).

So, contract fulfilled? Here is my feedback.

Osprey KAMBER 32 Backpack Review

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Osprey Kamber 32 Ski Backpack

Technical Description:

  • Weight: 3.22 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22 inches long x 12 x 12 inches
  • Volume: 32 liters (available in 22 L and 42 L + Kestra female model)
  • Size: M or L (to be defined with the Osprey app)
  • Colors: Red, Green/Blue, Black
  • Ski Carry: A-Frame & Diagonal
  • Snowboard Carry: Vertical
  • Goggle Pocket: Yes
  • Lower side compression: Yes
  • Top Loader: No


  • Versatile design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Ultra-complete accessorization
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Wide color options


  • Pretty much heavy

The small and only downside, the Kamber Osprey backpack is a bit heavy with its 3.22 pounds weight (whereas the competition gains a few hundred grams). At the same time, knowing the Osprey brand well, it is not for lack of know-how (cf: Talon) but rather a guarantee of robustness.

Indeed, when you touch the fabric and the seams, you feel that it’s very… very solid! Very well, here I am equipped for years! The front panel in PU texture ensures durability against abrasion (skis, ice axe, ground, etc.).

The backpack is very waterproof (no cover provided, not necessary unless, as strange as it may seem, you love skiing in the rain …).

Osprey Kamber 32 Backpack - Reviewed & Tested

Carrying Comfort

In terms of carrying comfort, the shape is perfectly ergonomic. The back panel is ideally curved and performed so as not to retain snow in the event of a fall or “fat freeriding pig in the powder of phew”. The foam straps and belt are very comfortable and relieve pressure (you can load the mule).

To become one with the bag during skimpy sculling, a tightening adjustment is conventionally found on the belt as well as on the torso. The system is adjustable on the straps by sliding the straps over about fifteen centimeters. The clip contains a whistle to call for help in the event of a problem. “Snow Star… ”

Design and Shape

The interior of the Osprey Kamber 32 backpack is divided into two parts, each with a specific use. The main pocket (here, on the left) is used to store the day’s business: snack, compressible mini-down jacket, 2nd pair of gloves… The space is relatively large. I also put my reflex camera there.

Moreover, it is for this reason that I chose the Osprey Kamber 32: not having found a ski touring backpack designed for photography like at LowePro (I know, I’m asking too much here), I opted for the dorsal opening which allows access by keeping a strap. In this way, I can “quickly” take out my SLR without removing the bag and without taking the risk that it receives snow.

Also in this space, there is a zipped net to store your wallet, and your keys are attached to a hook. The other part below on the right is dedicated to safety with slots for the shovel/probe diptych. I also place a thermos there. Another net is placed there.

In addition to the double zip on the two spaces, Osprey Kamber 32 backpack has a third, clearly visible in red. In case of emergency, no time to waste looking for the right zip that you have to slide in the right direction, etc. There, we take the red and we are sure of our shot!

Osprey Kamber 32 - Pocket and Space

Pockets and Belt Pocket

In view of this 32-liter version being ideally proportioned for a day trip, the Osprey Kamber 22 seems to me too small and less versatile to cover the different needs during a season. On the other hand, the 42-liter model seems to be tempting for weekends in refuges and other small raids. Have…

Do you want Pockets? here it is. A small space is on the upper part of the bag to place your glasses or mask. The interior is made of flexible and very soft fabric to protect against scratches.

In the main space, there is also an opening to place your 2-liter water bladder (the 3L fits but you have to force a little and you can feel it in your back). On each side of the belt, a spacious pocket to place smartphone, compact camera, tissues, energy bars…

Useful Accessories

The Osprey Kamber 32 Ski Backpack is equipped with a side carrying system for the skis with straps at the top and bottom. The least we can say is sturdy and it will last over time (the lower part is particularly reinforced). I wanted robust, I’m not disappointed!

The attachment system with clips is very simple and quick. Another possibility is diagonal carrying if you are in a very steep corridor or in a dense forest. It is at this moment that we rejoice in the resistance of the canvas in the long run.

Osprey Kamber 32 - Useful Features

Another good point regarding accessorization, Osprey has equipped its Kamber bag with a helmet carrying net. It is stored in a small pocket Invisibly. When you take it out, it’s hard to believe that you’ll be able to get the helmet in and fix the hooks, but the magic of stretch doesn’t pose any problem in the end.

Ice Ax Holder

On the lower part of the bag, there is also an ice ax strap for the steepest races (if you are greedy and want two, you will have to choose the Kamber 42L).

A little extra that ended up seducing me, the space for the hydration pocket leads the hose inside the right shoulder strap. As the saying goes, “we didn’t come here to suck on ice cubes” so Osprey padded it to be thermally insulating. In this way, the water in the pipette does not freeze and allows the water to come out (and this will also possibly save you from potential gastric discomfort…).

The Verdict

I am convinced, the Osprey Kamber 32 backpack met all my expectations. It is very comfortable to wear and very practical with its many pockets and its carrying of skis. Besides this, it is very resistant and you are guaranteed not to regret your investment in the long term. From now on, it’s my backpack for all my ski touring day trips!

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