20 Tips & Tricks for Keeping the Summer Heat out of Your RV

Essential Tips for Keeping the Summer Heat out of Your RV

The long-awaited summer is finally here and many campers are going on a well-deserved vacation. After all, an RV trip is twice as much fun when the sun is shining and the temperatures are warm. But the annual summer tour has one major disadvantage: if you’re unlucky and are out and about during a heat wave, you’ll get baked in the RV. Whether it’s in Florida USA, in the southern climes of Europe, or in the heat waves in midsummer in Germany – the RV can quickly turn into a glowing furnace in which it’s hard to sleep.

Luckily, there are a number of tips and tricks that can help keep the summer heat out of your RV. We present the most important measures against the scorching heat and give a few classic and creative ideas to help you cool down even when the temperature is high.

10 Classic Tips to Keep Summer Heat Out of Your RV

In the first part, we’re going to share 10 classic tips to keep summer heat out of your RV or motorhome.

1. Choice of Travel Destination

If you don’t want to deal with the heat well, you should choose your travel destination accordingly. In the United States, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Texas are commonly known for high summer temperatures Southern Europe with Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Croatia is known for high summer temperatures. Even with countless tips implemented, a certain degree of warmth in the RV cannot be avoided.

Those who have great difficulties with this should visit these countries in spring or autumn. Alternatively, there are numerous other attractive travel destinations in the world without the summer heat.

2. Choice of Motorhome or RV

The color of the motorhome or RV alone can be a decisive factor in summer. Dark colors look very stylish but turn into a real heat store in summer. Lighter shades reflect the sun.

3. Cool dry UV Protective Coating

The reflection of the right color can be enhanced with a Cool dry UV protective coating. The dispersion paint applied contains reflection components that can reflect up to 90 percent of the sun’s energy. According to manufacturer tests, the temperature in the RV can be reduced by 15 degrees Celsius.

4. Shadow Place

Choosing the right pitch for your motorhome or RV can be crucial for a relaxing holiday. Above all, the mobile accommodation should be in the shade to prevent direct sunlight.

5. Air Conditioning

The classic air conditioning should not be missing. However, many models turn out to be very loud and are real power guzzlers. A power failure in this context can have devastating effects.

6. Awnings

How to Keep Your RV Cool In Intense Summer Heat

Before the first rays of sunshine hit the RV, awnings can provide valuable shade. These prevent the interior from heating up if it is set up at a particularly slanted angle.

7. Ventilate Properly

Optimal ventilation starts early in the morning on hot summer days. If it is still pleasantly cool, be sure to open all windows and doors to provide a draft. During the day, keep windows and doors closed to prevent warm air from entering. This does not ensure that your RV is cooled. But it makes the heat more bearable.

8. Cockpit Protection

The large window areas of the driver’s cabin are heat traps. There are reflective mats on the market that prevent solar radiation.

9. Fan Hoods

Fan roof hoods usually provide some cooling, which ensures fresh air in the interior, especially in the evening or morning. In direct sunlight, however, these should also be enjoyed with caution, because they only swirl the warm air.

10. Cook Outside your RV Only

Best Ways to Keep Your RV Cool in the Summer

Cooking meals or even coffee or tea water has an incredible heat effect on the interior. If it can be realized, then definitely cook outside. Alternatively, salads or cold meals are a better choice on hot days anyway.

10 Creative Tips Against Heat in the RV

Necessity (and heat) is the mother of invention: In addition to the classics, there are also some particularly ingenious ideas when it comes to escaping the heat. We have collected 10 unconventional tips for you.

1. Rescue Blanket for the Skylight

There is also reflective window protection for the skylight in the shops – but the camper is itself. Attach the classic rescue blankets to the windows from the outside. In combination with the roller blinds, the heat is kept away.

2. Fans & Ice Bath

If you have access to ice cubes, you can put them in a bowl for about two hours before going to bed. With a fan next to it, the wonderfully cool air is excellently distributed in the RV.

3. Cooling Mats

Cooling mats, which can be bought as pillow pads or mattress pads, can be used as the perfect cooling pad before you go to sleep. The cold is released by pressure. If the pressure is removed, the cooling mat regenerates without electricity or cold supply.

4. Wet Towels in Front of the Windows

If the heat radiation is particularly high, damp cloths in front of the window have a great effect. The humidity provides some refreshment when it is too hot.

5. Pillowcase or Pajamas in the Fridge

If you need something to cool down while sleeping, you should put your pillowcase or pajamas in the fridge a short time before going to bed.

6. Convert Hot Water Bottle to Cooling Bottle

The classic hot-water bottle can also have the opposite effect. Ice-cold water or small ice cubes ensure a pleasant coolness in bed that lasts for a relatively long time.

7. A Warm Shower

This may not sound refreshing at first, but the body has developed its own strategy in this regard. To compensate for the heat of the shower, the body cools itself. The effect comes into its own before you go to sleep.

8. Foot Baths

Why sweat in the evening in front of the camper? A cool foot bath is a welcome change for the body. It not only helps against swollen feet and legs but also provides overall cooling.

9. “Mint oil” in the Shampoo

The “mint oil” in the shampoo is an insider tip for some campers. A few drops are enough to feel a pleasant coolness on the scalp with every breath of wind. However, drops in the shower gel are not recommended. This can have unpleasant side effects.

10. Chilled Sunscreen or Body Lotion

On hot summer days, chilled sunscreen is a real miracle for the body. In the evening, the same effect can be achieved with chilled body lotion, which is the perfect application when it is wonderfully cold before going to sleep.


These little tricks and changing certain habits will allow you to get through the heat wave to the best of your ability. And if you follow all these steps correctly, your recreational vehicle will be like new for your next vacation. So all you have to do is wait for the next season to enjoy the joys of RV camping again!

Have a good stay!

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