Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack Review (2022)

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Review

Are you looking for a backpack for your hikes over several days? There are a few brands that register as essential references in this genre and Osprey arrives on this podium.

My choice therefore fell on the Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack. I purchased an Osprey Atmos over four years ago, and it has endured hundreds of miles and challenging trips with remarkable durability and reliability. The backpack is truly amazing, and its weight distribution is a dream come true.

The only enhancement I would suggest is the inclusion of a rain cover. While some other packs come with this feature, the Osprey rain cover is an additional $37. I understand this might be part of the company’s business model, but it would be a valuable addition for customers if it were included as a standard feature.

Here is my report where my a priori was confirmed…

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack Review

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack

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Technical Specifications:

  • Main Fabric: bluesign® approved recycled 210D honey comb nylon, PFC/PFAS-free DWR
  • Accent Fabric: bluesign® approved recycled 210D high tenacity nylon, PFC/PFAS-free DWR
  • Bottom Fabric: bluesign® approved recycled 500D high tenacity nylon, PFC/PFAS-free DWR
  • Weight: 4.613 lbs.
  • Size: M or L (to be defined with the Osprey app )
  • Female model: Aura AG
  • Dimensions: 32.68H X 15.35W X 14.17D in.
  • Load Range: 30 – 40 lbs.


  • Excellent carrying comfort!!!
  • Multiple pockets
  • Settings everywhere
  • Ventilation nets


  • No access other than from above
  • Pretty much heavy
  • The advertised “graphite grey” color is in fact a khaki green

For my first time with the Osprey Atmos AG 65 bag, I had filled it for a 2-day hike: a tent, 5L of water, a meal, warm clothes ( fleece, down jacket, etc.) a sleeping bag, self-inflating mattress, camera and the tripod hanging outside. In short, there was a little over 15kg but the straps absorb the weight perfectly.

The padding is super nice and the internal frame distributes and maintains the weight on its whole from the bag to the belt (rather than pulling exclusively on the shoulders!). Admittedly, the thighs are well aware that there is a little more to wear than usual… but, you don’t feel any pressure at all.

Osprey has equipped the pectoral attachment clips with a whistle in case of a problem or wants to seduce the grouse… With the ergonomic shoulder straps and the clipped chest strap, it doesn’t move a bit, without even having to pull on the straps. The tripod stowed outside the bag, however, favored the pendulum movement.

The inside of the waistband is a mesh that allows air and moisture to circulate around the hips. This net is flexible enough to avoid compressing too much and therefore the irritation created by movement.

It is this same “AntiGravity 3D” mesh that is found along the back with a largely perforated mesh to facilitate the evacuation of heat and humidity. It’s quite impressive how you don’t feel your back suffocating under the bag. The level of tension is an ideal compromise to keep the bag along the back while being flexible enough to follow its shape and absorb movements, a bit like a mini trampoline.

Lots of Pockets and Settings

The other advantage of Osprey Atmos AG s65 is its practicality. When I received it, I enjoyed exploring its many pockets everywhere Outside, there are 2 pockets on the belt, which are quite small, just enough to put tissues, Swiss army knife, 2 slender side pockets, a net (slightly stretchy), 2 pockets upper layers (accessible without having to retract), a lower pocket for the sleeping bag and two mini-nets (I had stowed my tripod there as well as a pair of binoculars for the have on hand).

Two small elastic cords make it easy to fix and take back your hiking poles, systemStow-on-the-Go™.

Inside Available Space

Inside, there is a large space that is accessed from above with a drawstring. A small detail that I really liked was a charter for hikers (limiting their environmental impact, respecting wildlife, etc.). It might seem like a little damaged on the part of the Osprey, but it has the merit of reminding you of the good use of the mountain every time you open your bag and it can’t hurt, especially when you see the state of some trails or summits.

Water Bag Compartment

The essential thing in my eyes, there is a specific compartment to place your water bag (3L) with a dorsal hole to bring out the hose to the shoulder straps. The space for the sleeping bag is separated by a partition but this is adjustable by two small straps. You can even take full advantage of the entire 65L of the Osprey Atmos AG 65 by completely unlocking the straps, and that’s very practical!


Everything is adjustable! There are straps everywhere to make more than one bandage fans fantasize. This also allows you to adjust the smallest part: height and length of the straps, tightening of the belt, the top flap, the bag compartment bedding (also allowing the mattress to be attached), the net, etc., and the compression of the bag in general.

For those who care about the slightest gram, know that the top flap with the two upper pockets can be removed to leave only a fabric flap. Otherwise, the bag comes with a waterproof cover.


The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is a super mega comfortable backpack with a perfectly balanced weight. The bag is held in place perfectly by the belt. Thanks to the padding of the shoulder straps, the internal shell, and the back net, I really didn’t feel much on my shoulders! Besides this, it is very functional with all its pockets and multiple settings. This is definitely my backpack for long hikes and travels. For shorter ones, I use the Osprey Talon 44.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key reasons for choosing the Osprey Atmos over other backpacks in the market?

The Anti-Gravity suspension system, durable construction, ample storage, included rain fly, and Osprey’s lifetime warranty were key factors in choosing the Atmos.

Is the Osprey Atmos suitable for multi-day hikes?

Yes, I appreciate its suitability for multi-day trips and praise its durability, comfort, and storage capacity.

Is the Osprey Atmos recommended for various outdoor activities?

Absolutely, the Osprey Atmos is highly recommended for a range of outdoor activities because it provides comfort, durability, and functionality.

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