Salomon Quest Prime GTX Hiking Boot Review

Salomon Quest Prime GTX Review

It took me a while to reach a point where I’ve used these enough to write a review. Initially, I didn’t have much to compare these to, as I had been wearing Merrel trail shoes, which were excellent for my purposes—mainly walking trails without serious hiking.

However, the Salomon Quest Prime GTX boots are comfortable, lightweight, and perfectly adaptable to the most challenging terrains. With a Contagrip sole and studs, these boots offer excellent grip while walking. Their notable features include cushioning, robustness, and strong foot support, making them standout assets for outdoor activities.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my experience with the Quest Prime GTX. To discover how this remarkable pair of boots distinguishes itself from its main competitors.

Salomon Quest Prime GTX hiking Boot Review

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Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 570 grams
  • Waterproof: Yes (Gore-Tex)
  • Midsole Height: 22mm/10mm (12mm Drop)
  • Upper Material: Water Resistant Textile
  • Gore-Tex: Yes
  • Contagrip: Yes
  • Sensifit: Yes
  • Quicklace: No
  • Designed For: Backpacking
  • Color Option: Yes


  • Slim and lightweight
  • Good level of protection and comfort
  • It offers good cushioning on steep trails
  • The Contagrip sole offers perfect grips on all types of ground
  • Tackles the toughest trails with ease


  • Does not provide enough heat in cold weather
  • The locking eyelet is not secure enough
  • Doesn’t suit all foot shapes.

Comfort Level

The distinctive sign of the Salomon Quest Prime GTX is undoubtedly its comfort. This is mostly due to the design of the midsole of the shoe. Indeed, its dual-density EVA foam sole absorbs shocks and guarantees you a light walk. In addition, an integrated molded part on the sole helps to support your foot. The tongue and the collar are also padded to allow you not to have the foot too tight.

Item Weight

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX boasts a lightweight design, tipping the scales at only 570 grams. This remarkable feature enhances its level of comfort and grip. Despite its favorable weight, it may be slightly heavier compared to some pairs with similar characteristics. Notable competitors in this category include the Lowa Ticam II GTX and the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX.

Good Traction

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX boots have exceptional grip. It owes it in large part to its Contagrip rubber outsole and its large studs. This type of crampon and the sole together greatly facilitate grip and traction on different types of ground. They make it easy to go up and down steep slopes.

Stability and Support

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX is equipped with an Advanced Chassis system. It is represented by a thermoplastic polyurethane structure. It is a particularly robust and flexible material. It provides excellent resistance to slipping, ensuring solid foot support. This stability is noticeable even on uneven terrain. Furthermore, the insole offers commendable arch and heel support, enhancing overall comfort and performance.

Impermeability and Sealing

The Gore-Tex membrane offers a perfect seal to the boot. It helps keep your feet dry when walking. You can therefore venture into rainy or humid places without any problem. However, the insulation system is not partitioned. It is designed this way to be able to adapt to all seasons. The shoe’s upper is crafted from breathable leather, effectively preventing excessive sweating.

Toe and Ankle Protection

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX boots offer high protection to your feet. They are comfortable to wear for all hiking activities. Indeed, a rubber stone guard is located at the tip of the boot. It protects your toes by absorbing any shocks. The presence of rubber along the heel cup also adds additional support. Besides this, the recycled rubber Ortholite insole provides good cushioning.

Build Quality and Durability

Salomon boots have earned a reputation for exceptional quality and durability, and the Salomon Quest Prime GTX boots uphold this legacy. The synthetic material upper integrates a perfect alloy of suede and rubber. This alloy offers good wear resistance. However, it is important to waterproof the synthetic fabric of the shoe because it absorbs dust and dirt. This sometimes causes rust.

Shape and Size

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX fits more or less as the brand indicates. It is still very wide on the sides. This gives a lot of space to the foot. It is therefore more reserved for hikers who like loose shoes that do not oppress them. It does not have any tightening areas on the sides to remedy this particular problem. However, there is a lacing system in the form of locking eyelets. It facilitates tightening the collar of the boot.

Other Salomon Model

The Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX boots are as comfortable as the Salomon Quest Prime GTX. However, the big difference lies in the presence of a solid lacing system. It holds the ankle and foot much better inside the shoe. In addition, it has generous padding around the ankle which allows optimal comfort. It remains much more expensive and is therefore not within everyone’s reach.

Final Thoughts

Competition is fierce in the market for lightweight backpacking shoes for long-distance hiking. The Salomon Quest Prime GTX offers optimal comfort and pleasant support on steep terrain. It is one of the most practical pairs of shoes for tackling technical hiking routes. It has a perfect balance between comfort and grip.

Keep in mind, these boots are constructed with suede and mesh, which have a tendency to get wet more quickly. Also, they may not provide optimal temperature management despite having a thermal insulation system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are the Salomon Quest boots suitable for demanding trails and hiking?

Yes, the Salomon Quest boots are highly recommended for demanding trails and hiking. They have been tested on challenging terrains and performed flawlessly during a 9-mile hike on demanding trails.

Do the boots require a break-in period?

No, there is zero break-in time required for these boots. The boots are comfortable and supportive right out of the box.

Can these boots be recommended for post-injury recovery?

Yes, the boots are recommended by an Orthopedist for someone recovering from a ligament tear and fractures. They proved instrumental in returning to hiking without discomfort.

How is the ankle support, especially for those with previous injuries?

The boots provide excellent ankle support, and the locking lace holder at the ankle is highlighted as a key feature.

Can the boots be used for bouldering or similar activities?

Yes, users have reported that the boots are comfortable for various activities, including bouldering, with no break-in period required.

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