Scarpa Rush TRK GTX Review 2022

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX Hiking Boot Review

The Rush Trk GTX is perhaps the most anticipated men’s hiking boot from the Scarpa brand. We tested these boots. To make your daily mountain hikes even more exceptional, read our test and analysis of the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX hiking boots…

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX Hiking Boots Review

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Main Features:

  • Upper: 1.7-1.9mm thick hydrophobic suede leather, breathable and durable leather. Thanks to its padded Autofit 30 collar, the ankle area is well protected while the foot is stabilized without pressure points.
  • Lining: GORE-TEX Extended Comfort membrane, abrasion resistant and quick drying.
  • Sole: The new Presa® sole is made from a SuperGum compound that provides high grip and durability. The IKS technology, characterized by 7 shock absorption zones, gradually and specifically supports the weight of the body during mountain activity. The DST chassis in the heel provides stability and provides anti-torsion characteristics.
  • Membrane: Gore-Tex
  • Weight: 555g per boot for a 42 and 465g per boot for a 38
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent impermeability
  • Good grip on slippery ground
  • Versatile design
  • Interesting weight in this range
  • Scarpa wide plan hiking boots
  • Plastic lacing hooks

Rush Trk GTX  hiking boots are designed with an innovative IKS (Interactive Kinetic System) Technology sole, a groundbreaking feature that redefines comfort and ensures both stability and support. There are seven shock absorption zones that will allow a good distribution of the weight of your body on your supports and ensure more comfortable mountain adventures. They have excellent support and protection for rugged trails and offer a breathable and high level of comfort for extended hikes.

The Field Test

  • Test carried out in the Alps on a day and two-day hikes (night in a refuge) during the autumn period.
  • Altitude: between 1500 and 2700 meters.
  • Temperature: between 0 and 18 degrees.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX hiking boots are comfortable. You immediately feel good there. The fit is perfect and the shoe wraps well. We have the feeling of good protection. A feeling that is confirmed on the pitch. The stone guard plays its protective role well for the toes, especially on the stony paths. After several hours of hiking, we do not see any friction points. It has good heel stability thanks to the protective frame.

Excellent Fit – Effective Lacing!

On the lacing side, the design is classic yet effective. The self-locking hook performs its role admirably and ensures optimal lacing is maintained during walking.

Side Grip

It’s all good too. SCARPA uses a Presa® sole, made from a SuperGum compound. The grip is optimal and progress on slippery/rocky ground is not a problem (yet we encountered a lot of wet/slippery passages this fall). We feel confident. While the grip level is sufficiently high, it’s slightly lower compared to the Scarpa Kailash.


In terms of waterproofing, the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX also really does the job. Crossing fords and rivers won’t be a problem. Feet stay dry. The GORE-TEX membrane performs exceptionally well. No infiltration via the tongue because it is attached to the shoe up to the second hook of the laces (therefore over a good part of the height of the shoe).

Note that the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX is manufactured in Europe. This a good point for the Italian brand which lowers the carbon footprint of its products as part of the implementation of its ” Green Manifesto “.

The Verdict

SCARPA with its RUSH TRK GTX completes its offer in the range of day hiking boots for small treks. We even believe that it can go further and accompany you on longer and more challenging treks. As for the lacing hooks, they are made of plastic and have proven durable so far. While metal hooks might offer a more premium feel, the use of plastic is a cost-effective choice that is reflected in the overall price of the product. Overall the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX is a good pair of hiking boots with an effective and truly versatile design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the boots suitable for technical scrambling and mountain hikes?

Yes, the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX is fully featured for technical scrambling and mountain hikes. They provide ample ankle support, a stiff toe box for protection, and a reliable sole unit for technical rock ascents.

Can the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX boots be resoled?

Yes, the boots can be resoled to improve their lifespan. Contacting Scarpa directly or using a recommended third-party resole specialist is recommended.

Are the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX boots available for women?

Yes, there is a female-specific version available in sizes EU 36 to 42.

Are there other options in the Rush range besides the trekking boots?

Yes, the Rush range includes a trainer-style shoe, a Mid style super-light boot, a more rugged Trail shoe, and the Trekking TRK boot.

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