Tecnica Forge S GTX Hiking Boots Review

With the Forge, Tecnica has launched a revolutionary new product on the market: the Italian brand has innovated by designing the first thermoformable hiking boots. The Tecnica FORGE S GTX hiking boot brings a novelty in the field of hiking: the boot is indeed announced by the manufacturer as thermoformable with a significant contribution to the level of comfort. Like ski boots, you can adapt the shape directly to your feet. 

I acquired these on June 26, 2022, primarily for paragliding hike-and-fly adventures, as well as BASE jumping excursions. Following the nearly instantaneous form-fitting experience at the store, I wore them the very next day. Remarkably, I have never experienced any discomfort, no blisters or issues of any kind.

Tecnica Forge S GTX Boots Review

Tecnica Forge S GTX Hiking Boots

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Technical Description:

  • Weight: 2 lbs. 11.68 oz.
  • Waterproofing: yes
  • Type of Waterproofing: GORE-TEX Extended Comfort membrane
  • Materials: Elastic fabric (upper) Gore-Tex (lining)
  • Footwear Height: Over-the-ankle
  • Footwear Closure: Lace-up
  • Upper: 1.8mm nubuck leather/stretch fabric
  • Lining: GORE-TEX Extended Comfort membrane
  • Sole: Vibram (the universal reference)
  • Midsole: 2-layer EVA/1-layer ESS
  • Support: Thermoplastic urethane shank
  • Outsole: Vibram Forge with Megagrip
  • Can Be Resoled: Yes
  • Sustainability: Contains recycled materials
  • Best Use: Backpacking


  • Ergonomic thermoforming
  • Excellent design and shape
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Superimposed tongue
  • Very flexible sole


  • Precision of support on the front tip
  • Laces quality could be better

Comfort and Support

When I started to test these boots on my feet, I immediately tasted their lightness (585 g for the shoe against 820 for my Lowa). If I felt it right from the start, I imagine at the end of a day and, even more so, of a trek… Another very positive feeling is that the sole is particularly flexible.

The roll of the foot is fluid and natural even if the thermoformed synthetic fabric lacks a little flexibility compared to leather. In addition to having a shoe already on your foot, you don’t need to break it to make it. Tested on dirt, grass, rock, snow and mud, Vibram Megagrip rubber adheres very well to the ground, even downhill.

Tecnica Forge S GTX comfortability

The high upper is also flexible and allows great flexibility of front-to-back movement with a small indentation at the rear of the collar. It is not specifically padded but it remains comfortable.

Another design asset that I appreciated is the one-piece overlap tongue system that overlaps the necklace like a sheet that is rolled up on itself and connected by fabric to let nothing pass. Indeed, when others shift on the outside of the foot over the years and steps, it remains structurally in place. Therefore, it will never press on the outer malleolus or leave an open space on the ankle (earth, sand, water, snow, etc.).

The self-locking laces system is simple and quite effective. Once the right tightening compromise has been found, ankle support is quite satisfactory, even if it could be more precise. The round and thin but robust laces. However, the double-knot became mandatory after several hundred meters.

Waterproofing and Breathability

A very important element in the choice of my hiking boots is waterproofing. I quickly tested it and the Tecnica Forge S GTX lived up to its promises. Almost submerged to the top of the stem for several minutes, I suffered absolutely no water intrusion. We can therefore cross lookouts without apprehension.

The Gore-Tex membrane manages breathability well, even if it honestly does it slightly less well than leather does. I had no feeling of suffocation or overheating of the foot which bathes in its tropical humidity. Besides this, the outer synthetic fabric showed real resistance to abrasion despite rubbing on rocks and branches. It’s here to stay.

Tecnica Forge S GTX Waterproofness


With its flexible sole and high upper, the Tecnica Forge S GTX boot is mainly designed for hiking with unevenness and treks. On the other side of the same coin, the tip has shown limits of precision of support during more technical passages on committed routes. In this case, hiking boots with more rigid soles will be preferred.

However, its front stone guard is very wide and the sole is strong enough to protect the arch of the foot on rocks or rungs when using via Ferrata.

The Verdict

The Tecnica Forge S GTX hiking boot is a great innovation and convincing! The possibility of being able to thermoform the sole and the liner certainly saves time in terms of walking comfort. I didn’t feel any unpleasant friction or pressure points, causing no blisters or irritation.

The other advantage is its tongue system which ensures its good positioning on a long-term basis. To conclude on a subjective dilemma, you will have to choose between the leather version (more effective) and the S version, (more aesthetic)… It’s up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any issue with the membrane delaminating on the toe of the boots?

Some users have reported issues with the membrane on the toe delaminating after a few uses. However, this could be attributed to individual cases, and returning the boots to the retailer is an option.

How is the sizing of Tecnica boots, and do they run true to size?

Tecnica boots are generally praised for their accurate sizing. This means that, in most cases, you can rely on your standard shoe size when purchasing Tecnica boots. However, it’s always a good idea to try on the specific model you’re interested in, if possible, as individual preferences for fit can vary.

What is the lifespan of these boots, and is the cost justified?

We estimate the boots to withstand five to six years of reasonable punishment. The cost, at around $300, maybe a concern for budget-conscious buyers, but some find the performance justifies the price.

How comfortable are the boots for extended periods of use with a heavy pack?

The boots offer good comfort for extended periods of use with a heavy pack.

Is the lacing system effective, and are there any issues with it?

We find the thin laces and lacing system a potential drawback, as they can dig into the tongue of the boot. This might require careful adjustment to avoid discomfort or compromise support.

Are Tecnica boots suitable for individuals with narrow feet?

Yes, Tecnica boots are generally suitable for individuals with narrow feet. The brand is often praised for its accurate sizing, and users with narrow feet have reported a good fit with Tecnica boots.

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