Lowa Ticam II GTX Review

Lowa Ticam II GTX Hiking Boots

The Lowa Ticam II GTX is the new version of the well-known Ticam GTX series. Lowa doesn’t promise too much with the Ticam II GTX: It’s a pair of boots for moderate alpine use and demanding hikes. It retains very good support under the foot and guarantees comfort for carrying heavy loads.

I tested them in the afternoon on the forest trails to get a first impression. Since then, I have taken them everywhere on different terrains (scree, muddy paths with puddles, snow…).

Here’s what I think after several outings:

Lowa Ticam II GTX Boots Review

Lowa Ticam II GTX

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Technical Description:

  • Weight: 820 g per shoe (it’s about average)
  • Materials: Nubuck leather and split leather (outside), Gore-Tex (inside)
  • Sole: Vibram (the universal reference)
  • Upper: Split Leather
  • Lining: GORE-TEX
  • Insole: Climate Control
  • Midsole: DuraPU® with SPS System


  • The feeling of security is excellent
  • Flexible ankle support
  • Tightening of the foot
  • Strong and robust


  • Nothing to report


The first impression I had when taking the Lowa Ticam II GTX in hand was their solidity. We immediately feel the cohesion of all the components. In other words, it “blocks”. The stone guard goes around 3/4 of the shoe except on the outer side and includes the heel, which will protect it very well during rocky and steep passages and will increase its lifespan accordingly.

The various components, including seams and rivets, are securely fastened to the surface, providing a reassuring sense of stability. Despite several outings across diverse terrains, there have been no hitches or tears. The seams remain intact, and nothing has come off. While it’s essential to observe the boots over several months and years for a comprehensive assessment, the current trend is promising.

Foot Support

The real plus of the Lowa Ticam II GTX is the lacing system. First of all, the ball pulleys on the 2 x 3 eyelets of the lower part: just pull on the laces and the assembly tightens around the metatarsals and the scaphoid (no need to pull each time). Then, the two upper I-lock loops fold over the lace to lock the tension. This is where good heel support is established in the shoe.

As a result, you can quietly cross your laces on the 2 x 3 hooks (classic) of the high upper. The little extra is the X-Lacing system that Lowa has developed: a small tooth, on which we will cross the laces, therefore maintaining the tongue in the center of the shoe by the opposite double tension. No more tongue that locks on the outside as the hike progresses!

Foot support of the Lowa Ticam II GTX

The high upper holds the ankle firmly and you can walk safely on rough paths, scree, etc. It will therefore relieve the ankle from the fatigue of many hours of trekking.

Walking Comfort

Don’t be fooled by its external appearance, it does not rhyme with over-rigidity. The flexibility of the ankle is ensured by the split leather indentation between the lower block and the upper. It allows the rod to be able to bend during the various presses.

The interior is very comfortable with foam padding all around the foot and keeps the feet warm even after several hours in the snow. I haven’t tested it in the middle of summer yet, but from what I could feel, thanks to the Gore-Tex, the foot breathes well inside and doesn’t suffer from overheating. No water seepage when walking in the snow, muddy puddles, or crossing fords.

The Vibram sole block is rigid enough to go everywhere without suffering the roughness of the ground. However, it retains certain flexibility to allow unconstrained walking. In terms of grip, I haven’t had any bad surprises yet. It grips very well, even on wet surfaces and on frozen snow.

Lowa Ticam II GTX Boots Sole

What Uses?

  • Day hike: It’s ok, they’re not too heavy. Anyway (after many sprained ankles – badly or poorly treated – due to years of foot bitumen), I only walk with high uppers.
  • Trek/Backpacking: Definitely! It is even their preferred use as their design is adapted to long distances and committed terrain.
  • Climbing: They hold the ankle well, balance on the rungs, and protect the support area well. (sorry, no photo, it’s a bit complicated…)
  • Snow: With their very good waterproofness and thermal insulation, they are suitable for walking in the snow. The stone guards make it possible to attach snowshoes or even crampons without fear.

The Verdict

With the Ticam II GTX, Lowa has a high-quality trekking shoe in its portfolio. The predecessor was already able to convince experts and buyers, and the current version also receives benevolent reviews. I like the slim fit. In combination with the rather strongly profiled outsole, a stabilizing grip is ensured – whether uphill, downhill, off the beaten path, or even on firn fields and glacier passages thanks to crampon strength.

As functional for the day as for trekking and on all terrain, they will accompany me for quite a while…

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the Ticam II GTX handle different weather conditions?

The boots offer comfort in various weather conditions. Your feet will stay cool and comfortable even on hot days, with no problems related to sweating. They are also suitable for light snowshoeing and glacier travel in Spring and Fall when paired with warm socks.

Is the Ticam II GTX suitable for serious mountaineering?

The Ticam II GTX is considered a versatile option, capable of handling 4th and easy fifth-class climbing. However, this model is comfortable for general hiking and backpacking.

Is the Ticam II GTX suitable for resoling, and does it justify its higher cost?

The Ticam II GTX is considered a durable option and can be resoled. While it may have a higher upfront cost, the combination of comfort, performance, and the ability to be resoled justifies the investment for those who plan on spending time in the backcountry.

How does the Ticam II GTX perform in terms of weight and comfort during extended wear?

The Ticam II GTX feels lighter than it looks, providing comfort during extended wear. The boot offers a rocking walk feel, and the lacing system helps in keeping the heels snug.

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