Osprey Rook 50 Backpack Review

With the Rook 50 backpack, Osprey has opened a range aimed at a more financially accessible sector. However, the American brand does not mean to complain about the quality, which has made the strength of a well-deserved reputation.

So what is the Osprey Rook 50 backpack really worth once on your back?

Osprey ROOK 50 backpack review

Osprey Rook 50 Review

Osprey Rook 50 Men’s Backpack

Tech Specs:

  • Main Fabric: 600D Polyester
  • Accent Fabric: 450D Polyester
  • Bottom Fabric: 1000D Nylon Packcloth
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.1H X 16.3W X 13.8D in.
  • Volume: 50 liters (also available in 65 L + Renn female model)
  • Size: M or L (to be defined with the Osprey app)
  • Torso Size: 17-22 inches
  • Hipbelt Size: 29-51 inches
  • Fixed Top Lid Pocket: Yes
  • Zippered Hipbelt Pockets: Yes
  • Removable Raincover: Yes
  • Best Price: Check On Amazon


  • Excellent carrying comfort
  • Good accessorizing space
  • Reasonable price
  • Included rain cover


  • The sleeping bag compartment cannot be completely removed

Comfort and ventilation

To make a cheaper backpack, you have to save money somewhere… And this can be seen in the weight: the Osprey Rook 50 is slightly heavier than its Osprey friends. The first question will therefore arise on the comfort of carrying. Well, 400 grams more is not a mountain to lift either. In any case, I was really pleasantly surprised!

First of all, the foam in the straps is dense enough to be effective and comfortable (I was apprehensive when I saw it). Then, the aluminum frame distributes the weight well on the hips.

One plus the other, we don’t have the feeling of a tourniquet on the collarbones, as on some ordinary models. And that is exactly what makes the difference between a backpack shit banal and a quality backpack. In addition, this rigid structure allows the bag to perfectly follow the movement of the back to become one with it, especially on technical terrain.

The set is adjustable with a notch hooking system that allows the height of the straps to be adapted to the size of the hiker. A chest strap with an integrated whistle finishes adjusting the bag to his bust. Without either being worth those of the exceptional Atmos AG 65, the reinforcements at the level of the belt correctly fulfill their mission.

Osprey hasn’t shied away from back ventilation either. Like the Atom AG 65, a large AirSpeed ​​to mesh covers the bag. Therefore, during the adventure (especially in the heat of summer when you only wear a t-shirt), perspiration is effectively evacuated into the air rather than remaining in the suffocating, stuck humidity. Here, the empty space allows air to pass through.

Moreover, the trampoline-style tension absorbs the dynamics of the walk, ensuring that the bag does not hit the back. Four compression straps ensure the stability of the pack (top and bottom on each side).


True to its ambition for technicality, Osprey has not made the sacrifice of its accessorization either. Let’s start with the pockets. The Osprey Root 50 backpack has a non-detachable top hood with a large outside pocket that can accommodate a lot of stuff. I can put both hands in with my fingers spread.

On the other hand, no inner opening. On the sides of the bag, two nets to place a water bottle and a tripod.

Osprey Rook 50 Accessorization

On the belt, two pockets the size of a hand are large enough to put a packet of cookies, compass, lipstick… Taking up the idea of ​​a daisy chain, 2 X 3 rings allow you to hang everything that doesn’t fit or that you want to keep outside the bag (shoes, water bottle, cup, drying clothes, etc.).

On the bottom, two adjustable straps typically allow you to fix your rolled-up mattress and/or your packed tent. A non-negligible advantage is Osprey provides a waterproof rain cover. The canvas used in 600D Polyester and Nylon Packcloth is really resistant to wear and possible snags.

Osprey Rook 50 Accessorization 2

Interior space

The volume of 50 liters is divided into two spaces. The main one is in which we will organize all our gear for the trek, with a pocket to place our camelbak. The bottom, separated by a detachable canvas with straps, is a specific compartment for the sleeping bag. This space is independently accessible from the outside through a zipped opening on the lower part of the bag.

An internal strap also allows you to compress the volume as needed. A small print recalls the principles of outdoor activity (respecting, preserving, minimizing its impact, etc.).

The verdict

Osprey has succeeded in making a more financially accessible backpack without compromising on quality. The Osprey Rook 50 backpack amazed me with its carrying comfort due to its frame. Besides this, it is really well-accessorized to be practical and offer many solutions. I highly recommend it to people looking for a real hiking backpack, designed for trekking, without breaking the bank.

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