Vaude Taurus 2P tent Review & Opinion

Vaude Taurus 2P Tent Review

The Vaude Taurus 2P is made with typical German quality. It is combined with robust construction and a clever ventilation system with openings in the roof, making it perfect for both camping and hiking. This 3-season tent offers a pleasant indoor climate and a large capacity where two people can live comfortably.

Undoubtedly, the Taurus 2P presents compelling features that demand attention. To gain a deeper understanding, I conducted an in-depth review of this tent. Continue reading this comprehensive assessment of the Taurus 2P to unveil its true worth.

Main Characteristics of the Vaude Taurus 2P

Vaude Taurus 2P Tent Review

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  • Seasonality: 3-season tent
  • Number of people: Two people
  • Materials and coverings: Flysheet 100% polyester 75 denier polyurethane; floor 100% 70 denier polyamide, polyurethane coated
  • Chamber dimensions: 230 x 130 x 95 cm and floor area of ​​4.0 m²
  • Inner tent footprint: 3,0 m²
  • Storage dimensions: 50 x 17 cm
  • Design: Canopy dome structure with entrance and apse and a ventilation system with openings in the roof


  • Good ventilation
  • Very good weather protection
  • Choice of sustainable materials
  • Many pockets and storage
  • quick to assemble even without pegs


  • Not the lightest tent
  • Low and sloping walls which affect general comfort

Construction (Weight, Materials…) and Durability

Thanks to sealed seams and a 100% 70 denier polyamide floor coated with polyurethane, the Vaude Taurus 2P holds up well, even when camping on small rocks and twigs. Its ties on the side and the corners at the foot are reinforced for increased durability. Overall, this 3-season tent inspires confidence with its construction. It adopts a canopy dome structure and is made from materials that offer a good compromise between lightness and resistance.

While the flysheet is made of 75 denier polyurethane polyester, the floor is entirely made of 70 denier polyurethane coated polyamide. Besides great material choices, another thing we like about the Taurus 2 P is that it has a small footprint, which is great for camping in small places.

To optimize space, Vaude angled the frame in the foot section and added additional pines to the flysheet. Apart from saving space, the solution with pins increases the stability of the tent in the wind.

At the entrance to the Vaude Taurus 2P, the rainfly makes a vestibule large enough for a medium-sized backpack and a few pairs of boots. Four zippers are on top and allow you to open the vestibule from either side or the top to both corners. This tent includes a pocket for each person and a separate pocket to store the inner door.

Vaude Taurus 2P tent

Habitability and Ease of Installation

Although the Vaude Taurus 2P tent is very waterproof, staying indoors waiting for a storm to die down isn’t particularly pleasant. The walls are indeed low and inclined so much so that the space is narrow for two people to sit at a time. On the other hand, the interior (230 x 130 x 95 cm) gives enough space for two people to sleep. However, the low ceiling and sloping walls make it impossible to sleep without having your feet against the side of the tent.

The setup usually takes about five minutes and is done without much difficulty because of its self-supporting structure. Similarly, it is easy to stretch the hoops by holding only one end: they are in fact introduced into sleeves closed at the bottom.

The poles, all being of equal length, could benefit from a color-coded system. This would simplify their identification and help prevent stressful moments, especially when setting up the tent in challenging conditions such as rain.

Weather Protection and Ventilation

Ventilation within the Vaude Taurus 2P is excellent, and you can enhance it further while sleeping by partially opening the top or by utilizing the vestibule openings on either side, or even from the top using the purpose-designed zippers. That being said, if this 3-season tent allows air to pass well, it is also thanks to the design of its interior walls in polyester as well as that of the mesh window.

These features also promote efficient moisture wicking. Even in subzero temperatures, there is little or no condensation on the walls, and when it does occur, it is only in small amounts.

Again, the Vaude Taurus 2P stands out positively because of its good protection against bad weather. It counts for this purpose on its double-walled design, as well as on its rain fly, which is particularly useful in the event of storms. Besides this rain hood, the Taurus 2P has a polyurethane-coated floor with taped seams: you are therefore assured of very good protection against rain or storms.

Also, in winter, snowfall on the tent causes the sides to sag, but fortunately, you can correct this by kicking the wall from time to time to knock the snow off.

Keep in mind that this is a 3-season tent, so it’s not designed for heavy winter use.

The Verdict

Our overall rating for the Vaude Taurus 2P is 4.1 out of 5.0, determined by considering the following factors:

  • Ease of installation
  • Weather protection
  • Price quality
  • Simple design
  • Durable and reliable

All in all, if you’re looking for a tent that will serve you well for years to come, choosing the Vaude Taurus 2P is a decision you won’t regret. Its fabrics and poles inspire confidence in their durability, and the overall design allows you to have a comfortable and reliable sanctuary even in inclement weather conditions.

The Vaude Taurus 2P is admittedly a bit heavy, but considering the quality of the materials and the overall performance, the space-to-weight ratio is reasonable. Among other things, we appreciate its ideal porch for cooking and internal pockets for storing equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vaude Taurus 2P be adjusted for increased ventilation?

Yes, to enhance ventilation, you can use the side loops and the inner one on the grey band to push the outer tent about 10 cm upwards.

How durable are the double roof and floor of the Taurus 2P?

The double roof and floor, although thin, exhibit initial signs of resilience. Long-term durability will be confirmed after repeated use.

Can the interior of the double roof be separated?

Yes, it is possible to separate the interior of the double roof, which provides versatility in ventilation and usage.

Are there any specific considerations during setup?

The poles’ canals are on the inside of the outer tent, marked with orange fabric rings. The crossbar should be inserted with the round end first, and the kink in the longitudinal bar belongs to the rear.

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