Qeedo Shower Tent – Quick Cabin Toilet Tent Review

Qeedo Camping Shower Tent

Due to the increasing popularity of the changing tents, we are now taking a closer look at the Qeedo shower tent, which is quick to pitch. In this review, we’ll come to light the features and benefits of the Qeedo Shower Tent with telescopic poles. We’ll also highlight the target audience for whom this versatile changing tent is most suitable. Of course, as always, we will show you strengths and weaknesses – also in comparison to other models on the market.

Qeedo Quick Shower Tent Review

Qeedo Quick Shower Cabin tent can be used both as a changing room and as a toilet or shower tent. It is ideal for campers who rely on public facilities due to the absence of an on-board toilet in their RV or motorhome.

If you own one of these, usually smaller motorhomes, you might belong to the group of younger campers who are mostly free-standing and often don’t go to pitches or campsites for days. For this group of campers, the Qeedo toilet tent, with its assembly time of around 30 seconds, is ideal for quickly setting up a portable toilet on the campsite and using it out of sight.

Just like the WolfWise shower tent we tested, the Qeedo shower tent scores with a thick, dark tent fabric. We therefore do not recognize any contours or shadows from the outside and do not have to have a bad feeling that we might be observed when using it.

The zippers also seal well. The closed D-door is protected from view. So whether we use it as a shower tent, changing room tent or toilet tent, it does a good job of maintaining privacy. If you count yourself among the festival campers, you might want to have your own shower with you – Qeedo Quick Shower Cabin is the right choice for this.

We also save a lot of time with the pop-up function: With some cheap products, assembly takes considerably longer. On the other hand, the Qeedo stands in less than a minute and saves a lot of valuable holiday time.

Different Usage

  • Shower tent: It can be used as a shower. It offers a removable tarpaulin and a ground net for variable use, depending on the ground on site. The floor can be unfolded and attached to the tent wall. In addition, two shower compartments are sewn into the sides for storing shampoo and care utensils.
  • Changing tent: The Qeedo can serve particularly well as a changing tent, as we get a comfortable standing height of 2 meters. This makes it easy to change while standing. Because of the size of the side pockets, we also have an additional storage option when changing clothes. The clothing stays dry thanks to the 4,000 mm water column – it is absolutely waterproof.
  • Storage tent: If you use a smaller tent or a compact camper, you can also use this model as a storage tent. The variable floor allows us to prevent insects from getting into the tent and tampering with the supplies.
  • Toilet tent: If you take a mobile camping toilet with you, you can use it as a toilet tent. Thanks to the telescopic rod, which snaps in easily, we have a toilet cubicle that is protected from view in no time at all. Unfortunately, we missed a toilet roll holder, which we would have liked to see on one side. If you don’t want to do without it, you can use the Green Elephant toilet tent.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now let’s see the pros and cons of the Qeedo shower tent…

  • Good standing height: 200 cm
  • Also usable for two
  • Set up in under a minute
  • Easy to open like an umbrella with telescopic poles
  • Two storage pockets inside
  • Mesh net on the ceiling for ventilation
  • Variably usable, foldable floor, mesh & tarpaulin
  • Ventilation could be improved
  • Heavier compared to some similar models
  • Can not withstand extreme weather conditions

Assembly and Disassembly

Qeedo Quick Shower Cabin Tent can be set up in less than a minute. However, it can take more than five minutes to set up at first time. But experience has shown that you become more and more experienced the longer a tent is in use.

First, we loosen the safety strap after we have freed the universal tent from its packaging. Thanks to the so-called Quick Up System, the tent can be simply pressed together from bottom to top and then opened like an umbrella. We pull the fiber gas/steel rods apart using the telescopic function until it audibly snaps into place. Then we can simply secure it with guy ropes using the enclosed pegs. If necessary, fix the groundsheet using the corner loops.

Unlike the Green Elephant Pop-Up Utilitent, we don’t get sandbags for additional stability with this model. On the other hand, the guying and securing with the stable telescopic rods are well done, and the included ground pegs are significantly more stable than with the Green Elephant.

For sandy soil, we still recommend checking out our guide on the best tent stakes for sand. In it, we explain what you have to consider depending on the soil conditions and situation regarding the pegs and introduce you to our favorites.

Weight and Mobility

Qeedo shower cabin tent measures 105 x 19 x 19 cm in the pannier. This corresponds to a total volume of 37.9 liters. Therefore, This model is a bit bulkier and heavier than the competition from Green Elephant and WolfWise. It is more suitable for car camping. But for a trekking tour, we recommend the much lighter Utilitent from Green Elephant at only 2.5 kg.

However, its multifunctional design and flexible use for various camping purposes make it equally interesting for mobile homeowners as well as for tent vacationers.


Qeedo shower tent is suitable for those who want to use a camping shower or a portable toilet and also have a strong interest in maintaining their privacy. We get a stable cabin, which is also absolutely opaque due to the dark material. Hooks, sewn-in pockets, and a holder for the shower hose are also available. The floor is interesting because we get a tarpaulin and a mesh net here. This keeps us flexible.

The only downside: the tent has no side windows. However, if you value it, you can use the WolfWise shower tent without hesitation. There you will find three side windows. But the standing height is great even tall people can change their clothes standing up in this without any problems.

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