Green Elephant Pop Up Shower Tent (Review)

Green Elephant Pop Up Shower Tent Review

For those who own a mobile home or RV without an on-board toilet or are hesitant about waiting in line at public sanitary facilities during festivals, the idea of a toilet tent or shower tent may have crossed their minds. These versatile tents are gaining popularity, especially as the trend of camping in more remote, free-standing locations away from established camping sites and parking areas continues to grow.

Today we’re taking a scrutinizing look at the Green Elephant Pop Up shower tent. We will show you what advantages and disadvantages are to be expected and for whom such a purchase can be worthwhile.

Green Elephant Pop Up Shower Tent Review

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The primary purpose of the Green Elephant Pop Up Shower Tent is to ensure privacy when used as a toilet tent, shower tent, or changing room. This model achieves privacy through two key features. Firstly, the tent material is made of dark, opaque, and durable polyester T210. This effectively prevents prying eyes from the outside.

In some models, the tent material is thinner or the fabric is too light. As a result, these shower tents are no longer considered opaque. On the other hand, the door on the Green Elephant Utilitent seamlessly closes completely, analogous to the WolfWise shower tent we reviewed.

As with the WolfWise, we can always use the Green Elephant as a pop-up tent when it has to be particularly fast. Campers with bladder weakness can set up the Utilitent in minutes without having to go to the nearest public toilet, for example. This makes this tent ideal for festival campers and mobile homeowners who are often free.

Sanitary facilities at festivals are not always so clean that you want to use them unconditionally. On the other hand, queuing in front of toilets and showers is a common phenomenon.

Thirdly – especially at major events – the way to the sanitary facilities is associated with a significant loss of time. So we already had hikes of 10 to 15 minutes before we got to the showers. Then there is the way back. Especially on vacation, you want to use the time in the best possible way – the Green Elephant as a shower tent saves a lot of time at festivals by avoiding waiting in line and unnecessary walks to the showers.

Green Elephant Utilitent: Different Usage

  • Portable Shower Tent: Set up the Utilitent to create a private space for showering outdoors. It provides a shield from prying eyes and offers a convenient solution for camping, beach trips, or any situation where a private shower area is needed.
  • Toilet Tent: The Utilitent can serve as a discreet and private toilet area when camping in locations without designated facilities. It ensures privacy and convenience for those who prefer not to use communal restrooms.
  • Changing Room: Use the Utilitent as a changing room when at the beach, pool, or during outdoor activities. It provides a secure space to change clothes without exposing yourself to public view.
  • Dressing Area for Events: Whether it’s a festival, outdoor event, or photoshoot, the Utilitent offers a designated space for performers, models, or participants to change into costumes or outfits with privacy.
  • Storage Area: The Green Elephant Utilitent can also be used as a secure storage space for camping gear, bags, or personal belongings. This is particularly useful when camping in areas where keeping items organized and protected from the elements is essential.
  • Temporary Shelter: In case of unexpected weather changes, the Utilitent can be a valuable shelter from rain, wind, or excessive sun exposure. Its sturdy construction provides a reliable temporary haven.
  • Pet Enclosure: Use the Utilitent as a safe space for pets during outdoor activities. It provides a confined area where pets can rest or stay secure while you attend to other tasks.
  • Privacy Screen: Set up the Utilitent as a partition to create additional privacy in a campsite or outdoor area. It can be used to separate different areas or provide a barrier from neighboring sites.
  • Photography Studio: For photographers, the Utilitent can serve as a portable studio space for outdoor shoots. It offers a controlled environment for capturing images, free from external distractions.
  • Medical or First Aid Tent: In emergencies or during outdoor events, the Utilitent can be utilized as a space for administering first aid or providing a temporary medical station.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the pros and cons of the Green Elephant Utilitent pop up shower tent:

  • Lightweight and small pack size
  • Good standing height: 210 cm
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Stable: steel frame, guy ropes, 4 sandbags
  • Storage pocket inside
  • Mesh cover on the ceiling
  • Zippered window
  • Towel rack outside
  • Toilet roll holder mounted inside
  • No groundsheet
  • Not strong enough in windy situations

Assembly and Disassembly

The structure of the Green Elephant Utilitent works quickly and easily with the following steps:

First, we get the foldable universal tent out of its carrying bag. Then we simply look for a vacancy with enough space. The tent unfolds by itself. We set it up vertically and tied it down securely using the lines and a total of eight pegs.

If you camp on terrain with sandy ground, you should fill the sandbags and use them for security and additional stability. Incidentally, the attached pegs are less good for sandy soil. If you want to know more about which pegs to use where and in which situations, check out our guide to tent pegs for every ground.

Overall, this model only takes a few minutes to set up. If you also use the included sandbags and properly brace the Utilitent, you will need a little more time than with the WolfWise shower tent. It usually takes no more than five minutes to set up. Dismantling is also quick.

Anyone who has done the assembly and disassembly a few times also becomes more and more confident. This means that the universal tent is also worthwhile for the situations mentioned in which you want to save time.

Weight and Mobility

The pack size is 60 x 60 x 5 cm and has a volume of 18 liters. This means that the Utilitent fits in any trunk and even in most trekking backpacks. As mentioned, the slim pack size can motivate you to take the universal tent with you for the next fishing trip or hike. A look at the weight also reveals that the Utilitent weighs just 2.5 kg, making it the ideal travel companion, even on trekking tours.

We can see why this type of tent is becoming increasingly popular. The multifunctional design combined with excellent portability makes it an interesting addition to traditional equipment for just about any camping purpose.


If you use a camping shower on holiday, you need a reliable shower tent that protects you from prying eyes. Not least because of this, the protection of privacy is the most important criterion. As mentioned above, the Utilitent achieves this better than most shower tents on the market. The Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent is a good choice for undisturbed showering – also because the standing height of 210 cm is significantly more comfortable than with smaller models.

However, we would have wished for an insertable groundsheet for this function, which we could use optionally – for example on sandy ground. A tarpaulin is included with the competitor WolfWise, for example – so if you don’t want to do without it, you should take a look at our review of the WolfWise shower tent.

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