MSR Habitude 4 Tent Review

MSR Habitude 4 Tent Review

I purchased this tent with the specific intention of using it in inclement weather during camping trips. The MSR Habitude 4 tent is an excellent choice for family or group outdoor activities. it has a perfect combination of high interior height and a lightweight design. It upholds MSR’s longstanding reputation for producing high-quality gear and comes with a commitment to endure rough and intensive use.

We subjected the MSR Habitude 4 to a comprehensive review and uncovered its strengths and weaknesses as a four-person, 3-season tent. Whether you’re in search of a spacious tent for family or group adventures, this thorough test and review of the MSR Habitude 4 will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision

MSR Habitude 4 Family Tent Review

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Main Features:

  • Seasonality: 3-season tent
  • Number of people: four-person tent
  • Materials and coverings: polyurethane-coated Ripstop 68 denier polyester flysheet; floor in polyurethane-coated 68 denier polyester taffeta
  • Bedroom dimensions: 241 x 241 x 185cm
  • Water column and waterproofing: 10,000 mm on the ground and 1,500 mm on the roof
  • Weight: 5,720 g
  • Good headroom
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Presence of a vestibule and plenty of storage
  • Very good choice for small families
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Slightly smaller than equivalent models
  • Low indoor airflow
  • A little bit pricey

Construction and Durability

In terms of construction, you can expect the typical high-quality craftsmanship synonymous with MSR. That’s to say, the MSR Habitude 4 is made from lightweight, high-quality materials with excellent fit and finish. This small family tent combines with its sturdy construction.

It comes with one of the best pole systems we have seen. It sits on three high-grade aluminum pole sections, with each of the three sets of poles hub-centered, forming a large X that crosses the top to create a domed support system. Added to this are two sets of X-side posts that provide side wall support as well as roof support.

As usual, MSR has made excellent choices of materials, which is worth Habitude 4 to multiply the pledges of durability. We particularly like the floor material, polyurethane-coated 68-denier polyester taffeta, which is a noticeably thick, high-strength fabric. The result is a bed that is not prone to tears and punctures.

Habitability and Ease of Installation

With interior dimensions of 241 x 241 x 185cm, the MSR Habitude 4 is a bit smaller than some other 4-person tents and might be a bit cramped for three average-sized adult occupants. On the other hand, two adults and two children will feel comfortable there. This tent also offers plenty of headroom, with around 12% more headroom than similar-sized tents. Its central height of 185 cm will allow most adults to stand or move easily without crouching too much.

As for the installation of the MSR Habitude 4, one person could do it, but it can be a bit difficult. An extra person to help will make things easier. One downside, however: it is not easy to tell the difference between the poles: it would have been more practical if the main pole of the tent had a completely different color. On the other hand, taking down the tent is really quick and easy.

It is also equipped with features such as interior gear hanging points and storage options, which provide convenient spaces to hang gear or store various items. There are storage pockets near the door which are ideal for storing phones and keys, as well as on top for storing items such as flashlights or mini-lanterns.

Besides, this tent includes a vestibule where you can put your muddy boots, outerwear, etc. At the top of the vestibule is a small porch light, which is pretty handy: you do need to remember to buy two CR2032 batteries to get it working, though (as they’re not included).

Weather Protection and Ventilation

In use, the ventilation of the MSR Habitude 4 poses a small problem, in that the airflow inside seems weak. On the other hand, you benefit from excellent protection against the elements. While many tall 4-person tents skimp on the rain fly, this MSR tent includes a fully separate rain fly, effectively protecting you during downpours. Plus, its double-walled design eliminates issues like moisture buildup inside.


If you are looking for an ideal tent for family camping trips with your kids, especially young children, the MSR Habitude 4 is an option we encourage you to consider. It is high and spacious enough for four occupants to feel comfortable in it. That said, this is a tent more suited to two adults and two children.

Whether you want to use it as a group or family tent, you’ll appreciate the fantastic job MSR does, especially when it comes to durability. With sturdy and quality construction, the MSR Habitude 4 is not afraid of difficult campsites or bad weather. It can support its own weight on any terrain, but in strong winds, it is always best to secure it to the ground with the included steel pegs and guy lines.

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