Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid Review

Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid Review

We now find everywhere the American brand Hydroflask established in 2009.

Hydroflask offers a whole range of insulated products according to your desires: bottle, thermos, cup, cooler, and more. The offer is varied but always intended for adventure and nature lovers. Hydro Flask products have a simple design, are BPA/phthalate free, and come with an attractive color panel.

I tested the Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee with Flex Sip™ Lid for 3 months while hiking and camping. Here is my opinion after 3 months of use in the far north.

Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee Review

Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee Mug

Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee Mug

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Hydro Flask
  • Capacity: 16 Fluid Ounces
  • Diameter: 2.90 Inches
  • Dimensions: 2.9″W x 9.35″H
  • Item Weight: 0.73 Pounds
  • Material: ‎Steel
  • Included Components: ‎Bottle, lid
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Best Price: Check On Amazon


  • Good manufacturing quality
  • Ergonomics design
  • Dishwasher safe easy to clean
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Slip-free and colorful


  • The lid design isn’t the best

Traveling mainly alone or in pairs, I wanted to test a special thermos for hot drinks such as tea or coffee. So I opted for the Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee with Flex Sip™ Lid mug. Indeed, either I hold alone a whole morning at my place of work or we can share a hot drink when there are 2 of us if we go on a day hike for example.

Let’s be clear, I don’t take this mug on long roaming trips where every gram counts, because that’s still 16oz too much, when you can heat a coffee with a stove. But for day trips, without a stove in the bag, I like to leave with my mug full of coffee.

Field Test of the Hydro Flask 16oz with Flex Sip Lid

I tested the Coffee with Flex Sip™ Lid 6oz Hydro Flask mug primarily at my workplace where I’m outdoors most of the day in temperatures ranging between 0 and 7 degrees. Attached to my backpack, it accompanied me in all weathers to have the small pleasure of a hot coffee with milk.

Isotherm Function

Its promise: an ability to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. But what is it in reality?

For the moment nothing to complain about, when the mug is full or almost full, after 12 noon, my drink is always very hot and ready to drink despite cool outside temperatures (between 0 and 7 degrees).

After intensive use over the last 3 months, it has held up well to shocks, the paint is not scratched and above all, it keeps my drinks hot.

Ergonomics and Design

This coffee mug has a cap with a “Flex sip” Hydro Flask system for drinking. We make a quarter turn clockwise on the top of the mug to have an opening of about 1.5cm to drink. It is ergonomic and the small hole opposite the lid makes a call for air to provide a perfect flow, and where you avoid burning yourself.

To close it, just make a quarter turn counterclockwise this time until you have a red sign on the plastic indicating that the cup is properly closed and ready to be transported without leaking.

And on that side, I also tested and approved. I obviously carry it preferably in a standing position when I have a suitable compartment on my bag, but I also sometimes slip it into the main pocket without any fear. Its leakproof lid system ensures a very good seal of the lid, which ensures that there is no leak, even if the mug is lying down or upside down.

Its “flex strap” buckle is also very practical, you just need to add a carabiner to it to hang it on the outside of the bag in case of lack of space, for example.

As for colors, there is something for everyone, from sober colors to more funky ones like my neon pink mug. The paint is of good quality, soft to the touch, hasn’t chipped so far, and feels good in the hand. Depending on individual needs, this same mug also comes in 12oz and 20oz.

Note that it is also compatible with the wide-mouth cap with integrated straw from Hydroflask.


A big plus for this coffee mug is and which I greatly appreciated, the lid disassembles into 4 parts very easily, allowing you to wash all the corners.

The plastic seal can also be washed, and it is undoubtedly that this part must be treated with the greatest attention in order not to damage it. This would compromise the tightness of the lid, but it is well made. You can put the Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee with Flex Sip™ Lid mug in the dishwasher without fear of damaging it.


Are you looking for an insulated mug that keeps your coffee hot for hours to accompany you on your outdoor outings without carrying a bag? Or are you simply looking to reduce your impact by avoiding the use of single-use cups in your workplace? I can only recommend the Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee with Flex Sip™ Lid which offers a good container, with the convenience of its ergonomic and washable lid. In addition, it has a good look and nice colors to be sure that no one takes it from you!

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