10 Essential Tent Accessories for Adventures

Tent Setup Accessories

Finally: You have treated yourself to a new hiking or camping tent and you want to go on tour straight away.

But wait: Perhaps you are still missing some important tent accessories…

After all, your tent requires a certain amount of care, which ultimately ensures excellent service, longevity, and value retention. Sometimes repairs even be necessary on tour. We’re going to give you the most important tent accessories for that. From gear that enhances comfort and safety to those that streamline campsite organization, each item plays a crucial role in maximizing the enjoyment of your outdoor experience.

Tent pad & Tent Hammer is Useful for All Season

1. Tent Pad

An absolute must on your camping or hiking tour is a good tent pad. On the one hand, this protects your tent from sharp stones and therefore from holes in the tent floor. From this point onwards, a tent pad increases the key features such as the water column of the tent floor.

How do you pronounce the word?

No idea. But with a tent pad, you can make your tent more waterproof from below.

  • Tip: The most important thing when setting up a tent is care. If water gets between the tent pad and the tent floor, it quickly pushes through. Because the tent floor is less waterproof than an underlay.

2. Tent Hammer

A tent hammer or camping hammer is a great tool that you can use to knock in the pegs when setting up your tent. A good tent hammer has a hook that you can pull the pegs out of the ground again the next morning. A herring puller is also good for the latter.

Look for a tent hammer with a comfortable grip and a durable head, typically made of steel or a similar robust material. With a good tent hammer, you have both in one, which ultimately saves luggage and thus weight.

Important Tent Accessories: Guy Ropes & Seam Sealers

3. Tarp Holders

Good quality tarp holders and eyelets are helpful. So if you prefer a tarp to a tent. In any case, you can attach additional fastenings to the tarpaulin if necessary. In windy conditions, tarp holders can help keep the tarp securely in place. This can be especially important if you’re using a tarp as a windbreak around your tent.

  • Tip: You can replace tarp holders with trekking/hiking poles or even branches. This is how you save weight.

4. Guy Lines

Guyline is typically used to secure a tent or tarp to the ground. These are necessary especially in windy environments to strengthen your tent frame. To fit you properly, you should carry important tent accessories and some guy lines with you. So you have a prompt replacement for old tent lines if necessary. Or you can add to them.

5. Seam Sealer

Another important tent accessory is a seam sealer. You can use these repair kits to repair leaky seams. A bottle of seam sealer is therefore always a good idea on a longer trekking or camping tour. You can process liquid seam sealer relatively easily compared to seam tape.

  • But be careful: If your tent is leaking over a large area, you won’t get too far as a seam sealer.

Patches or Tape Are Always Useful…

6. Patches or Fabric Adhesive Tape

Patches or fabric adhesive tape are invaluable tent accessories for quick and effective repairs in the outdoors. In the event of minor tears or punctures in the tent fabric, patches offer a simple and immediate solution. They adhere securely to the material and provide a sturdy seal that prevents further damage and keeps the tent structurally sound. Fabric adhesive tape, on the other hand, offers a convenient alternative for repairing smaller breaches.

7. Repair Sleeves

On the other hand, you need to repair sleeves to set up the poles of your tent. Replacement segments are also worthwhile on longer camping or hiking tours far away from civilization. That means more weight, but also a quick repair.

Tent Sponge & Tent Lamp

8. Tent Sponge

Another important tent accessory is a tent sponge. With this, you can keep the tent floor clean. Well, at first glance, it doesn’t sound like camping and trekking at all. But a tent sponge makes perfect sense. Because in the long run, a clean floor will only benefit your tent.

If your tent is folded up, stones and sand rub off the coating. Without this, the water column shrinks which means your tent is leaking. Good tent maintenance is also important especially when you are out because good care of your tent will keep your tent alive longer. And dry yourself.

  • Tip: You can find more information on the subject under Tent Care.

9. Folding Spade

Hygiene is a good keyword because even trekking tourers or campers have to do a certain amount of business from time to time. If you are really only out and about in the wilderness, a small folding spade could be a good idea. A folding shovel is also helpful when setting up a tent or creating a fireplace. On the other hand, a spade is of course also ballast.

10. Tent Lamp

A tent lamp is less ballast, and it is logical that this provides light. For example, for a repair in the dark night. Also, it creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere inside the tent, making it a more pleasant and comfortable space to spend time in, especially during long nights or bad weather.

However, you should still pay attention to your weight on a camping or hiking tour. And you’d better opt for a smaller model.


That’s it for important tent accessories for your next camping or hiking trip. Ultimately, the choice of tent accessories boils down to personal preference and comfort. While these suggested items can greatly enhance your camping or hiking experience, it’s important to modify your selection to your specific needs. Many of these accessories are valuable for extended trips with multiple nights spent outdoors.

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