Jetboil Flash Review: Best Backpacking Stove

Jetboil Flash Review

Do you want to take a compact stove on a hike to boil water, heat a meal or drink? Are meals too bulky for you? Then Jetboil stoves should interest you. Jetboil is a manufacturer of compact stoves capable of boiling water in an instant. It is one of the lights and portable stoves on the market.

Let’s see the Jetboil Flash review and test reports.

What Are the Advantages of the Jetboil Flash Stove?

To begin, let’s explore the reasons one might favor the Jetboil Flash stove and highlight its primary advantages.

High Energy Efficiency

Due to its optimal insulation, the Jetboil Flash is undoubtedly one of the most fuel-efficient backpacking stoves on the market in ideal weather conditions. On the other hand, if you use it in a windy environment, its energy efficiency may drop by around 25% as our independent tests have found. Taking this into consideration, I recommend utilizing the Jetboil Flash stove in a sheltered location that is less susceptible to drafts. You can also purchase the suspension kit offered by Jetboil to use your stove in your tent.

One of the features that make the Jetboil Flash stand out from the competition is its flame-shaped logo which also serves as a temperature indicator: when its content approaches its boiling point, it turns red. This trick reveals the ingenuity of its design because it allows you to save fuel.

Indeed, some beverages (such as tea) do not necessarily need to reach a full boil to be prepared and ready to be consumed. On the Flash, the Jetboil logo also serves as a temperature indicator.


The ingenious design of the Jetboils makes them easy to use. Indeed, the deep and narrow shape contributes to its compactness, and its intuitive control valve serves as a safeguard against accidental scalding in case of boiling over. Additionally, the control valve can be cleverly stored under the stove when not in use. The Jetboil’s stove easily attaches, and the Flash’s pot displays a notable level of flexibility.

As I explained previously, the temperature indicator in the form of the logo (in the shape of a flame) on the side is very practical and visually provides the expected information on the rise in temperature of the stove and its contents.

Therefore, it is easy to regulate it and you can prevent the water from overflowing to manage the cooking of the preparation and also to save fuel. The integrated advanced igniter adds to its user-friendly features and ensures reliable performance without the risk of failure.

Finally, for more stability, the fuel cartridge is well maintained using a foldable tripod which will prevent unfortunate falls. To go further, Jetboil also markets a range of very practical accessories such as utensils or even a plunger for making coffee.

Low Weight

One of the other advantages of Jetboil backpacking stoves is their very low weight. Indeed, the Flash weighs only 371 grams, which makes it one of the lightest stoves on the market.

Also, its intelligent design will allow you to do without a heavy and bulky cooking pot. For example, the stove consists of an insulated one-liter pot, a piezoelectric ignition, a water temperature indicator (integrated with the logo), and a secure connection between the burner and the jar. The heating system adapts to the size of the pot to save space.

Water boiling by Jetboil Flash

Boiling Time

Jetboil specifies a boiling time of 1 minute and 40 seconds for 500 ml of water with its Flash model. However, it’s important to note that actual boiling times may vary based on factors such as weather conditions, wind strength, and whether or not you are in a sheltered environment.

Nevertheless, the data indicated by the manufacturers do not seem fanciful. And depending on the situation, it is capable of reproducing in a real environment. On this subject, as I mentioned a little earlier, if you use your Jetboil in your tent, you can use the suspension system which will therefore offer you a faster boiling time and be closer to the manufacturer’s data.

Simmer Capacity

The commendable simmering capacity of Jetboil stoves is a notable feature. For heating liquids in smaller quantities (with the Flash model having a capacity of 1L), this stove proves to be highly efficient.

On the other hand, if you plan to prepare solid foods or in larger quantities, you will not be able to do so with the Jetboil Flash and I advise you to choose a larger capacity stove such as the Jetboil Sumo or to choose a meal with adapted utensils and a more generous stove.


Jetboil offers several models of compact stoves, but its Flash model (which can be considered the top of the range) is very likely one of the best values ​​for the price of integrated reservoir stoves if you want to consume priority liquids or dehydrated foods in instant preparations.

The Verdict

The Jetboil Flash is a highly recommended product. It will be able to accompany hikers for whom the weight and size of the equipment play a major role. Indeed, thanks to its contained weight, its reduced dimensions. With its ease-of-use design, it will be an excellent travel companion for lovers of simple food preparations (instant, dehydrated, liquid or to be prepared quickly).

Besides this, the wide availability of replacement parts and additional options (the suspension system) make it a modular product and in itself quite durable. And with only 340 grams on the scale, it allows you to perfectly control the weight on board while promising a record time of 1m40 to boil 500ml of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the burner perform in challenging conditions?

The burner is designed to be easy to light and reliable in alpine and windy conditions, making it suitable for various outdoor scenarios. We appreciate its performance and dependability in challenging weather.

Can the container be easily attached to the burner?

Yes, the container easily attaches to the burner with two notches and provides a secure connection without being cumbersome.

Is the lid well-designed for both heat retention and ease of use?

Yes, the lid is perfectly fitted to retain heat while also providing a convenient opening for sipping. This design is particularly useful for various applications, such as boiling water or making instant coffee.

Are there any downsides mentioned in the user’s review?

While we express satisfaction with the product, you must be concerned about the cost of fuel. However, this doesn’t impact the overall positive rating of the Jetboil All-In-One Cooking System.

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