Jetboil Stash Review

Jetboil Stash Review

Jetboil has taken things a step further with an even more compact and lighter stove. Aimed at hiking and camping enthusiasts seeking to reduce the volume and weight of the backpack as much as possible, the American brand has designed a minimalist product without denying performance requirements.

I’m talking about the Jetboil Stash which is one of the best backpacking stoves on the market. It uses a fraction of the fuel to achieve rapid boil times; you can boil two cups of water in just 2.5 minutes.

Jetboil Stash Backpacking Stove Review

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Technical Description:

  • Volume: 0.8 liters
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 5.1 inches (WxH)
  • Weight: 7.1 ounces
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Ignition: Manual (no integrated piezo)
  • Power: 4500 BTU/h (1.32 kW)
  • Cooking Type: Fast Boil
  • Boil Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds per .5 liter
  • Water Boiled: 12 liters per 100 grams JetPower can
  • Group Size: 1-2 People
  • Suitable for: Maximizing pack size for light and fast multi-day backpacking, thru-hiking


  • Ultra-lightweight!
  • Fast boiling
  • All-in-one and optimized storage
  • Nesting design
  • Ease of use


  • No integrated piezo
  • Low volume!

When I received the Jetboil Stash stove, I was immediately amazed by the low volume of the set (4.4 inches in width and 5.1 inches in height). Compared to other models from Jetboil, the kit is not attached to the burner in an all-in-one, allowing it to be used with another container, such as a frying pan for example.

On the other hand, everything fits in the pan! There is even room to put a few tea bags. An illustrated instruction manual on the cooking pot and the cover explains how to put everything away and thus take up minimal space (5 cm less than the jet boil Flash).

Inside, there is a titanium burner, a handle, and a plastic stabilizer in its storage bag. The internal space also allows you to place a 100-gram micro bottle. Moreover, the Jetboil Stash backpacking stove can be clipped onto the cover to prevent it from hitting and scratching the anodized aluminum wall.

Another little design trick, the hole in the spout lid allows the handle to stand out just enough. That’s optimization or I don’t know anything about it! The handle can also remain fixed and fold back on the upper part of the lid to block.

Another notable feature of the Jetboil Stash is its impressive lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 200 grams. That is 45% less than the Jetboil Flash! It may seem like a detail, but when you manage to scrape 100g here and 300 there, you can end up managing to reduce the weight of your backpack by several kilos! This is a remarkable energy saving in hiking besides the added comfort.

Efficient Heating

For assembly, as for a conventional stove, the burner is screwed onto the gas cylinder (compatible with other brands) and then this onto the stabilizing tripod. We have the three fins, notched so that the pot does not move and slide. The handle is fixed and firmly held by separating the two branches of the handle. Turn the gas outlet adjustment tap then light it with a lighter.

Yes because, unlike other Jetboil stoves, there is no integrated piezoelectric. While I can understand the weight and bulk-saving plan, that’s my only quibble about the Stash. Afterward nothing serious, just know it and think about having enough to make a spark; you can place the lighter or a fire stone in the concave bottom of the gas cartridge.

Heating Efficiency

Jetboil has equipped the pan of its Stash stove with its FluxRing ® system. This protects the fire from the wind and above all optimizes the concentration of the flames on the bottom of the pan without loss of energy or overconsumption of gas.

If the Jetboil Stash is not as powerful as the Jetboil Flash, the boiling time remains largely satisfactory, announced at 2 min 30 for 0.5L of water. For example, I did a watch test in my living room with the stove on full blast (I didn’t time it during my hiking in the mountains): 45-60 seconds, the first bubbles formed at the bottom, 1 min 30, the first vapors rose, 2 min, it was already boiling!

Anyway, the evening meal being the moment of relaxation of your day of the trek, you are rarely close to one minute it seems to me…

Jetboil Stash Backpacking Stove Detail

Finally, we find this attention to detail at Jetboil with this perforated lid that serves as a pouring spout. Indeed, the small rim allows the water to make a small jump, avoiding getting everywhere off. It can also be used as a colander if you cook in it. The plastic on the handle is well-insulating and adherent. The volume of the saucepan (0.8L) is more than enough for 2 portions of freeze-dried meals.

The Verdict

The Jetboil Stash stove is truly stunning! Its compact volume and featherweight are real assets to lighten your backpack during a trek or just a camp. This burner/pan kit is perfect for anyone looking for minimalism and ultra-lightweight without necessarily ultra-express boiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Jetboil Stash improve fuel efficiency on long trips?

The heat exchanger design enhances fuel efficiency, allowing for potential weight savings on longer trips. The efficient heat exchange means less fuel needs to be carried and reduces the overall weight of your gear.

Does the Jetboil Stash come with a built-in igniter?

No, the Jetboil Stash does not have a built-in igniter. We recommend bringing matches or a windproof lighter for ignition.

What are the advantages of the heat transfer ring at the base of the pot?

The heat transfer ring at the base of the pot helps contain heat within the bottom. This will ensure quick boiling even in windy conditions.

Can the Jetboil Stash be used in all weather conditions?

In adverse weather conditions, such as wind, it may require matches or a windproof lighter for ignition. Keep in mind that a small bic lighter may face challenges in windy conditions.

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