Osprey Poco Child Carrier Review

Osprey Poco Child Carrier Review

When you love hiking and a little being comes to enlarge the family, the child carrier backpack is essential, and ideal for your back for your offspring! The Osprey Poco child carrier backpack (and its big brother the Poco Plus) is ideal for stimulating your child to hike from an early age.

In this guide, we will figure out what Osprey Poco Child carrier offers, its advantages and disadvantages, the type of use, comfort level, and more, so that you can decide whether it’s suitable for you or not.

Osprey POCO Child Carrier Review

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Technical Specifications:

  • Main Fabric: 210D Nylon Diamond
  • Accent Fabric: Not Applicable
  • Bottom Fabric: 210D Nylon Diamond Weight: 7.7 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.95H X 15.75W X 17.72D in.
  • Volume: 20 liters (available in 26L, the Poco Plus)
  • Child weight: from 7kg to 18kg
  • Strap Type: Adjustable Strap


  • Excellent carrying comfort
  • Multiple possible adjustments
  • Comfortable seat for baby
  • Sunshade protection
  • Multiple pockets


  • Not the best for babies to sleep in
  • A little bit expensive

For Hiking… But Not Only

In addition to being able to introduce your child to this wonderful world of the mountains, the Osprey Poco child carrier will be super practical in crowded places, in small steep villages with many stairs, when visiting castles or simply to have your hands free…

I also use it to go shopping with my shopping bag. It is much more practical than the stroller! 3.5 kg on the scale. I am not talking here about the weight of my daughter at birth, but about the weight of the Osprey Poco backpack. If for a newborn it is a very good weight. But for a backpack, it can be a little scary. However, the mass is so well distributed that it does not feel that much.

Don’t forget that the backpack will ultimately not play much on the total weight to carry, it will depend more on the age of your toddler. The Osprey Poco child carrier is designed for children up to 18kg. At this level, we are no longer within 500g. It has multiple settings and the brand’s different technologies that make it an extremely comfortable bag for not only the wearer but also for your little one.

Indeed, Osprey did not skimp on the quality of the backpack part. As on the other hiking and trekking models, the Poco benefits from the same qualities: wide waistband that rests on the hips to support maximum weight, height-adjustable back panel and straps, AirSpeed ​​TM suspension system for comfort maximum, and optimized perspiration wicking.

Nothing to say so comfort level, Osprey is once again at the forefront here.

Comfortable and Practical

When you go hiking with a child, you often need easy access to a lot of odds and ends: water bottles, treats, baby bottles, or the precious comforter. Osprey has thought of this since the many pockets on the belt or around the backpack make it easy and quick to grab what your child needs.

At the back, there is also a small zipped pocket ideal for placing your keys, important documents, or even your mobile phone. A 20-liter pocket is very useful for carrying rain and wind protection as well as your little one’s belongings: hat, gloves, jackets, glasses, snacks, etc.

However, If you are afraid of running out of space, you can choose the Osprey Poco Plus and its 26-liter pocket, but beware of the weight in this case!

Osprey Poco Backpack Comfortability

It has super well-thought-out storage and is very easy to access, especially if you are hiking together. Otherwise, you will have to put the bag on the ground, which is very easy once you get the hang of it. An arch, unfoldable and foldable by the wearer, stabilizes the child carrier on the ground. No risk of the child tipping over. The carrycot is compactable, thanks to two well-thought-out clips which makes it easier to store the bag at home.

A Fitted Child Carrier…

The seat is adjustable in height, and so are the stirrups and safety straps. The Osprey Poco child carrier is therefore suitable for all possible morphologies, from 7kg to 18kg. The seat is suspended, and there is a space between the baby’s bottom and the bottom of the bag, which guarantees its comfort.

The eyes just above the wearer’s head, the little pasha can admire the landscape, comment on the surrounding nature, smile at whoever wants, say hello to passers-by, or even give you a little head massage… or pull your ears while laughing (depending on your child’s mood and age).

After many hikes and rides, I can attest that the position must be really enjoyable as my daughter has never complained in the carrier except one day due to the cold. The Osprey Poco is also very comfortable for a siesta… and too bad for the landscapes! And once again, Osprey has thought of everything, even baby drool, since this foam is removable and washable.

Osprey Poco Backpack Adjustability

Fitted and Well Equipped

The top of the accessories: the solar protection which is inserted in the back of the bag. The sun is coming out? Neither one nor two, the Sunshade ® solar protection is unfolded in two steps, which covers your child’s head well and protects it from the dangerous rays of the sun. Certainly, the view is reduced, but the protection is rather effective, except if the sun is straight ahead.

However, this protection does not prevent the use of sunglasses and sunscreen. The sun hides or you go through the forest, the protection folds up just as easily. In case of bad weather, again it only takes a few moments to take out the rain and wind protection to keep your child dry (even if a windbreaker and a balaclava are never too much in case of heavy weather)!

The Verdict

I always take great pleasure in taking my daughter in the backpack. Hearing him snore, laugh, or babble behind my ears is always pleasant. Even with more than 10kg on the back, the Osprey Poco Child carrier backpack is very comfortable. The Poco Plus version, with a 26L pocket, will satisfy those wishing to carry even more stuff. Pay attention to the weight in this case, not the bag itself, but the temptation to carry more stuff.

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What improvements does the Osprey Poco Child Carrier offer?

The Osprey Poco Child Carrier features significantly better-padded, wider straps that distribute weight more effectively. The adjustable chest clip on the Osprey enhances comfort, security, and social acceptability, especially for users with different body types.

How easy is it to lift the carrier once the baby is loaded?

The carrier has two handles at the top, making it easy to lift once the baby is loaded. You will appreciate the stability of the bar and its collapsibility after the pack is on.

Is the sun cover easy to use, and how effective is it?

The sun cover is described as invaluable and easy to engage or store. I find it quick to put on and note its effectiveness in providing great coverage for the baby.

Is the Osprey Poco easy to put on and take off alone?

Yes, the carrier is reported to be easy to put on and take off alone. Its sturdy construction allows you to leave the baby in the carrier (supervised) while taking a break.

How versatile is the Osprey Poco for different activities?

The Osprey Poco is praised for its versatility, working well for hiking and outdoor activities. Users express excitement about its potential as the child grows, indicating confidence in its long-term usability.

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