12 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking

A dog backpack carrier is an essential accessory for your dog, especially when hiking. Whether it’s a backpack, a dog belly bag or a shoulder bag, there are dozens of models of dog backpacks.

To offer you this detailed comparison of the best dog backpacks or also called dog carrier bags, we interviewed many hikers who use these products and collect their opinions. Then you narrow down the list after testing it.

Now let’s see reviews & rankings of the Best dog backpack carriers for hiking in 2022.

Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking (2022 Reviews)

Let’s see our selected top 12 best dog backpack carriers for hiking in 2022:

1. Pecute G-1 Pet Carrier Backpack for Hiking

cute G-1 Pet Carrier

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Dimensions: 13.39 x 10.63 x 17.32 in. | Material: Cationic oxford cloth | Dog Max. Capacity: 18 lbs. | Weight: 4.34 lbs.

This is an expandable dog carrier backpack from Petcute. You can increase the space inside the backpack. The bag is also breathable with excellent ventilation. It allows excellent air circulation for greater safety and comfort. The three-sided acrylic plate design allows good circulation and prevents excessive heat.

It is made of high quality oxford fabric that is anti-scratch, eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating. Petcute dog backpack carrier features an open roof where the puppies can poke their heads out. It also provides good visibility with acrylic sides and a transparent window.

Carrying the bag is quite easy with an adjustable shoulder strap. Also, the strap is padded for added comfort. The bag has a sturdy and comfortable bottom. The bottom mat is removable and fairly easy to clean. It also allows easy use from both sides. Overall, it is quite a reliable backpack with great features for easy use.


  • Durable Oxford fabric
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Breathable and visible
  • Integrated retractable hook


  • We did not find any significant issues!

2. Pawaboo Adjustable Medium Pet Carrier Backpack

Pawaboo Medium Pet Carrier Backpack

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Dimensions: 13.25 x 9.5 x 0.5 in. | Material: Polyester and breathable mesh | Dog Max. Capacity: 5 to 18 lbs. | Weight: 6.75 oz.

This is a popular model from 2020. In terms of comfort, this Pawaboo model is the best in our selection, Its simple design, ergonomics and various adjustment features are suitable for all small dogs! The accessory can be worn in the back and front; the dog will always be able to admire the landscape, no matter what.

You can install this dog backpack very easily, all you have to do is pass its paws through the different holes, pull up the zipper, adjust the straps so that they are fairly well maintained, then buckle the belt that serves as an attachment for you. And don’t worry, it’s an ultra-safe accessory, where your pet’s well-being has been thought out down to the smallest detail.

For this product, different sizes exist (S, M, L, XL) and this Pawaboo model is for animals not exceeding 6.8 kg. For the materials, the whole thing is made of breathable mesh and polyester fiber, which is durable and comfortable. Note, you have the choice between 9 different colors for your backpack.

The cross shoulder straps are adjustable, wide and reinforced with a pad to prevent pain. For the dog’s neck, Velcro and an elastic band allow the tightening to be adjusted according to the size of its head. And on the comfort side, the back of the bag is padded with sponge to promote ventilation.


  • Solid construction
  • Breathable and comfortable (both for the owner and dog)
  • 9 colors and different sizes are available
  • Very good value for the money


  • Check the sizes carefully before buying

3. HAPPY HACHI Dog Backpack Carrier for Small Dog

HAPPY HACHI Dog Backpack

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Dimensions: 15.75 x 10.24 x 13.4 in. | Material: Water-resistant and wear-resistant | Dog Max. Capacity: 5 to 17.6 lbs. | Weight: 1.66 kg

This versatile baby dog carrier allows your small dog under 10 kg to see everything that is happening around them without the risk of escaping. This dog backpack carrier measures 15.75 x 10.24 x 13.4 in dimension. It has a strong built-in frame that holds its shape and is also quite large.

The foldable feature makes it really easy to store. It has two storage areas: one for flat-shaped object straps and the other for accessory storage. The side and top mesh design provide good ventilation to your stitch so you don’t feel suffocated.

Besides these, the shoulder straps are also padded so you won’t get tired on a long trip. A removable cushion is also included inside to make your pet comfortable. It has a total of three openings – two doggie openings and one from the top double zip. A safety leash is also provided to prevent your dog from escaping.


  • Large space with storage
  • Three possible entries
  • Convenient and safe design
  • Ventilation with mesh fabric


  • None

4. Kurgo G-Train pet carrier backpack for Hiking

Kurgo G-Train

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Dimensions: 12.99 x 10 x 21 in. | Material: Water and mud resistant, with Armorsole™ technology | Dog Max. Capacity: up to 25 lbs. | Weight: 1.96 kg

With this state-of-the-art accessory, go on an adventure whatever the environment, and introduce your doggie to the world. Luckily, Kurgo G-Train pet carrier is approved by the airlines as hand luggage! It has a higher price, but it is very ergonomic and practical!

What we love is that it is truly a backpack, where a dog compartment has been added. As a result, you have space for your computer or tablet, practical side pockets, and many other small pockets to store your personal belongings. However, when the animal is installed, there is little room left to bring anything else. It may not be the best bag for going out for a very long time, and very loaded.

The bottom of the bag is waterproof and ensures your dogs are kept dry. The two side pockets are air mesh for good ventilation and can store small items, such as a water bottle. The back is padded with foam, and also has a mesh for ventilation. When your dog is inside, he can be attached to his harness or leash via a small hook. No risk that he can jump out of the bag!

To relieve you of the weight, you have a belt for the lower back. The straps for the backpack can be stored in a compartment when you prefer to carry it by hand thanks to the handles. At the front of the bag, there is a zippered opening, which rolls up in order to leave the dog in the open air.


  • Several straps to provide very good comfort
  • Airline-approved carry-on bag
  • Multiple pockets for storing personal items
  • Robust and good manufacturing quality
  • Can be carried in a backpack or in hand luggage


  • A bit expensive
  • Quite difficult to put other things in the bag
  • A bulkier and more cumbersome bag than a traditional backpack

5. Morpilot Foldable Backpack Carrier for Small Cats and Dogs

Morpilot Backpack Carrier for Small Dogs

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Dimensions: 12.99 x 11.02 x 16.54 in. | Material: Polyester | Dog Max. Capacity: 15 lbs. | Weight: 3.5 lbs.

The Morpilot dog backpack is a great choice as it offers plenty of space for a small dog without making the backpack bulky and cumbersome to carry. This backpack is durably constructed from eco-friendly polyester materials that are lightweight, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

This best dog backpack carrier for hiking has a large ventilation panel on the front, top and both sides of the carrier. This helps keep your dog cool and comfortable while improving visibility from inside the carrier. It features adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps. This makes it easy to adjust the straps for your own comfort and your cat’s support.

It also comes with an integrated security strap and lockable zippers for an extra degree of security. The bottom of the transport cage is solid and covered with a cushion for the comfort of your cat. Plus, it’s double-sided and removable for your convenience.


  • Lots of ventilation
  • Durable and wearable
  • Secure zippers
  • Chest, shoulder and waist strap


  • None significant

6. NICREW Hands-Free Adjustable Out Front Dog Carrier

NICREW Hands-Free Dog Carrier Backpack

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Dimensions: 11 x 7.2 x 1.6 in. | Material: Polyester and Cotton | Dog Max. Capacity: up to 15 lbs. | Weight: 5.6 oz.

This is a really very simple entry-level accessory, but it does the job well over short distances, or during occasional outings. Here, no sophisticated padding technologies, or ultra-sophisticated backpacks. Simply a hands-free bag, which can be worn in the back as well as in the front.

The space is spacious, both for the legs and for the front legs, since the fabric is quite stretchy. With a weight of less than 250g, it’s really a backpack that can be taken everywhere. It’s also very compact and can easily be folded up and carried in a suitcase. The medium size is available for dogs weighing up to 4 kg, but be aware that the brand also offers other sizes (S, M, L and XL).

 The fabric is breathable and very light. It provides good ventilation for your doggie. Like the Pawaboo model, this backpack has 3.8 cm wide adjustable shoulder straps with comfort pads. They will no longer cut your back or your shoulders and can be worn either crossed or normal.

There is also a belt to buckle to keep the bag firmly against you, an adjustable elastic at the level of your pet’s neck, and finally a small hook to attach to its collar or leash. Two zippers are located on each side of the bag, so you can open it completely, put it on the ground, and put your dog in it, all with one hand. It’s also faster to get it out.


  • Very attractive price
  • 1 year warranty
  • Simple and breathable design
  • Efficient and very light design


  • The size of the pet’s neck may not accord with the overall size of the bag, some size malfunctions may prevent good and effective use of this backpack

7. Kurgo G-Train (Red) – Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Pets

Kurgo G-Train (Red)

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Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 21 in. | Material: Polyester and Plastic | Dog Max. Capacity: up to 25 lbs. | Weight: 1.4 kg

The Kurgo G-Train Dog Backpack is lightweight, durable, and can carry dogs up to 25 lbs. It has a waterproof bottom and a water-resistant fabric top, designed to protect your dog from humidity. It is a very well ventilated dog carrier thanks to the side and top breathable mesh.

It also has a roll-up mesh window for added visibility, and all compartments are lightly padded. Moreover, it comes with a carabiner inside which allows you to attach the harness for safety purposes. This is to prevent your furkid from jumping out of the peloton, especially when overly excited.

Plus, this hands-free backpack is a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airline approved backpack carrier, meaning your furry friend can fly with you in the cabin. . The hassle-free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects will give you peace of mind.


  • Waterproof bottom
  • Roll-up mesh window
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Ventilated back panel


  • A little expensive

8. Mogoko Cat Dog Backpack Carrier for Outdoor Travel Hiking

Mogoko Dog Backpack Carrier for Hiking

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Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.3 x 13 in. | Material: Mesh fabric, sponge, PVC material | Dog Max. Capacity: 7 lbs. | Weight: Light

Another good bag, this time from the Mogoko brand, which specializes in pet accessories.

At the back, two adjustable straps, whose foam-reinforced pads offer good support, and do not pull too much on your shoulders. The entire bag is padded with EPE foam, which provides very good support for your back while providing real comfort for your pet.

The interior padding is removable, which makes it easy to clean. Here, the bag offers a real plus compared to other models: the head is completely free, which offers good ventilation for your dog. However, there is no protection in the event of rain to protect against external objects. A small mesh net would have been perfect.

Adjustable padded shoulder straps help reduce the weight of the bag and the dog while the additional waist strap with buckle keeps the backpack stable and close to the body. The inner rope with clip can hang on your pet’s collar/leash, to prevent it from jumping out or hurting itself. It’s all about safety here!

To install your dog inside the bag: you just have to open the zip at the front, place your dog in a seated position, and close and adjust the cord at the level of his neck so that it is very comfortable. You can also attach his leash or collar to the small hook located inside, which will prevent the dog from jumping out of the bag.


  • Available in several sizes and colors
  • Fairly high-end design
  • Very comfortable and ergonomic
  • Compact and lightweight


  • No net or protection around the dog’s head

9. ETOPARS Front-Facing Dog Carrier Backpack for Medium Dog

ETOPARS Dog Carrier Backpack

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Dimensions: 13.78 x 4.96 x 3.35 in. | Material: Polyester | Dog Max. Capacity: 2.5-10 kg | Weight: 14.11 oz.

On a long trip with small to medium sized dogs, the only way to carry them is close to your body for efficient weight distribution. And this backpack from ETOPARS is a must-have whether you’re planning a hike or a leisurely stroll around town.

The materials used are durable and comfortable, made of breathable mesh and polyester fibers. The whole thing is lightweight and ideal for outdoor travel, sightseeing, camping hiking, etc.

Basically, you put your dog’s paws through the holes with the bag lying flat on the floor and tighten the hip belt. There are multiple pull straps and buckles to tie to create a snug and secure fit.

The materials used are durable and comfortable, made from sturdy, durable, non-toxic and skin-friendly canvas fabric. The whole thing is lightweight and ideal for outdoor travel, sightseeing, camping hiking, etc.

The 10 kg dog backpack is designed to fit perfectly so that your dog is completely comfortable and supported. And that’s not all, it also has extra storage space to store accessories. For your comfort, there is padding on the back that allows air circulation and strong wide straps.


  • High quality material
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Stable and secure
  • Side storage pockets


  • Not suitable for large dogs

10. Lemonda Portable Bubble Pet Carrier for Outdoors

Lemonda Portable Bubble Pet Carrier

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Dimensions: 13.78 x 4.96 x 3.35 in. | Material: Polyester | Dog Max. Capacity: 2.5-10 kg | Weight: 14.11 oz.

A futuristic design that surprises, a transparent bubble to see everything that passes around… No, you’re not dreaming, this is indeed a carrier bag for pets! And the least we can say is that his look clashes. We love it! With its Japanese tunes, there is no doubt that all amused eyes will be on you during your walks. This backpack is ideal for small cats and dogs and is equipped with a velour pad at the bottom of the bag.

The transparent shell (equipped with ventilation holes) allows the animal to have good visibility of the outside world, and therefore to reduce its potential stress. Note that the manufacturer also includes a protective mesh screen, which offers more air, and that you can interchange with the transparent shell.

The side and front vents of the bag allow good ventilation inside the bag. However, we don’t recommend this type of product in case of high heat. In our opinion, the air circulation would not be as efficient as with a completely open accessory (dog doors for example). If the temperatures are milder, go for it!

When you receive your package, nothing could be easier to mount your backpack since you will only have to install the transparent bubble or the mesh screen. To do this, take the black ring provided, insert the transparent shell in it, place everything in the space provided, and screw in a clockwise direction. That’s it, your bag is ready to welcome its happy owner.

What we love about this Lemonda backpack is that it is equipped against shocks with its hard plastic exterior. A quality that is not found in other models. Your companion is protected in all circumstances from the outside. Be careful though, the transparent shell tends to scratch quickly.


  • A very fun and playful design
  • Lots of ventilation
  • Impact protection as the exterior is made of plastic
  • Velvet pad at the bottom of the bag
  • Several colors available


  • Large dogs won’t fit
  • Fairly high price

11. K9 Sport Sack adjustable Dog Carrier Backpack

K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack

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Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 15 in. | Material: Mixed | Dog Max. Capacity: 18 kg | Weight: 14.4 oz.

If you want to provide maximum comfort for your dog, your back and shoulders, we have found the ideal model! With robust, high quality and very well thought out design, this backpack can accompany you everywhere on your hikes, walks, bike rides… Anywhere, your dog will feel safe and will be able to enjoy it as much as you.

On the design side, the bag comes with another smaller bag at the front, detachable where you can store treats, leash and your personal effects… It will also provide back support for the dog. To put your dog inside, you will have to remove it, and it is up to you to keep it attached, or to remove it quickly thanks to the side buckles.

The product opens in two along its length, you can put your doggie in it by passing its two front legs through the dedicated holes. Then you can close the bag. We recommend tying the zip to the small knot provided for this purpose so that it does not slip during transport. For attaching it to its collar, you also have a small carabiner inside the bag, at the level of the dog’s neck, to attach it to its collar.

It has a large number of drawstrings, which ensures real safety for your animal. Everything is adjustable with rubber bands, so your dog will never be uncomfortable.

Don’t be afraid of long distances anymore with the well-padded and very comfortable shoulder straps, and the thick foam on the back. As for the dog’s comfort, the bottom of the bag is padded and designed for him to sit on. The bag is finally very well ventilated and offers good ventilation to the animal.

In terms of sizes, K9 offers models ranging from XS to L, which allows almost all breeds of dogs to benefit from this accessory, and to go on an adventure with their master. You can personalize your dog’s name on a velcro patch, to hang on the back of the bag.


  • Best quality for outdoor activities
  • Fits larger sizes dogs
  • Offers very good ventilation and aeration
  • An additional small bag in the front for treats, the leash…
  • Comfortable and ergonomic


  • The price is quite expensive
  • No waist support belt

12. Halinfer Bubble Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Dog

Halinfer Dog Backpack Carrier for Hiking

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Dimensions: 12 x 13.5 x 17 in. | Material: Polyester and breathable mesh | Dog Max. Capacity: 20 lbs | Weight: 4.4 lbs.

It is a dog backpack carrier that will offer more space for your pet. With its small transparent porthole, better ventilation and its greater capacity, there is no doubt that this is the accessory that everyone is craving!

This transport bag is suitable for animals with a maximum weight of 8.2 kg. The product weighs 1.4 kg, which makes it a fairly light accessory to carry. In any case, everything has been thought out to offer you good comfort and support during your journeys: the shoulder straps are padded, you have a handle at the top of the bag and side pockets are made so that you can carry treats, a leash, etc. or your personal effects. To relieve the weight, you have at your disposal a safety buckle at chest level.

With its dimensions of 33 x 29 x 42 cm and the various vents, your furry friend will be really comfortable, especially since the bottom of the bag has a small fleece mattress. The giant side opening allows you to install and remove your pet safely. The bottom of the bag is reinforced to minimize wear and tear when it’s on the ground, and the hook inside allows you to hang its leash.

The sides are in airy mesh fabrics and offer very good airflow, ideal in high heat. Your pets will also be able to see what’s going on, not just from the front, but also from the sides.

It is really the saving of space that prevails compared to the other model. In addition, the bag is much more breathable with the large side nets, 3 ventilation holes, and transparent bubble which can be interchanged with the ventilated flat protection.


  • Much more space
  • Good ventilation and comfort
  • Transparent bubble or ventilated flat protection
  • Robust and durable bag
  • Ability to carry two cats inside


  • Different sizes aren’t always unavailable

Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking Buying Guide

Whether you’re taking your dog for a shorter hike or planning to conquer a long trail, a backpack carrier will have your pup equipped for it all. When choosing a comfortable dog backpack, make sure it fits your dog well and doesn’t weigh too much.

Here are some factors to consider when researching:

Carrying position

Basically, the dog is always carried in one of two positions:

  • In front: Such a dog backpack is worn in front of the body, so the dog can always be observed. But this idea is not suitable for mountaineering, as the weight of the dog pulls forward.
  • Rear: These models are carried like a normal backpack. The dog cannot be observed here. At the same time, a backpack with provisions can no longer be carried. It is positive that the dog can also be carried on the mountain with this model.

Tip: Bags for transporting dogs that are carried on the side are only suitable for short distances. These are not suitable for hiking.

Type of model

There are different shapes and variants to make it easy for every dog ​​to take it with you:

  • Cube shaped backpack: Such a dog backpack is closed all around and is carried at the back. The dog fits completely into the backpack, which is why these dog backpacks are only designed for small and light dogs. After all, the animal can move in it, which becomes uncomfortable with heavy dogs.
  • Backpack with an open roof: These backpacks are similar to the cube models but are open at the top. So the dog can look out at the top. It should be sure that the dog does not jump out.
  • Backpack with integrated pet compartment: This backpack is a regular backpack that has another large front pocket for dogs or cats. Again, the dog must be small.
  • Dog backpack for large dogs: For large and heavy dogs there is a kind of carrier bag like there is for babies. The legs remain free and the dog cannot move in the backpack.
  • Dog backpack for travel: There are expandable models for long train journeys. With these, thanks to the mesh construction, the backpack is extended so that the dog can lie down and stretch.
  • Backpack for the dog: If the dog is to carry the backpack, it is placed around the body and fastened. There is a pocket on each side of the body.


Size is always an essential feature to consider when choosing any type of pet carrier. The majority of dog carrier backpacks are specifically designed for small dog breeds where it will be possible to store toys, but one can also find a backpack that can comfortably accommodate medium-sized dogs that weigh up to 7-10kg.

Different brands offer a wide selection of styles, variations and sizes.


Certainly, the strength depends on how you handle the dog carrier. But there is another determinant of strength; bag material. Some materials are strong enough to last longer than other materials. Although it may also depend on how long we intend to help the backpack, most of us prefer things that have a longer lifespan.


Safety features are very important in a backpack because dogs are sometimes escaping artists. Therefore, one should look for connectors that can be used to attach to the pet harness. Locking devices like zippers are a more suitable option for added security. The one with a harness or leash lock feature is what you should be looking for.


What kind of weather will your dog be wearing the dog backpack is another important factor to consider. If the dog has to wear the backpack in hot weather, it should be lined with mesh. This will allow the air to circulate very close to the dog’s body and keep him cool even in the hot climate.


This pack will get dirty and smelly. Your dog is going to wear it in the dirt and probably have all kinds of dirt and debris on it. It seems natural that eventually the backpack should be cleaned. So one thing you might want to consider is how easy the dog pack carrier is to clean.


When choosing a hiking backpack carrier for your dog, it’s really easy to choose straight from all the equipment that is on the market. However, not every dog ​​will have the physique to safely carry in a hiking backpack carrier. To make a purchase that will not only lighten your load but also create a sense of excitement in your dog, consider your dog’s different physical attributes.

We offer you a comparison of products allowing you to choose the best model on the market.  It’s time for you!

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