Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus Tent Review

Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus

Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus Tent has become a trusted companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable and spacious shelter for their camping adventures. With its reputation for durability, ease of setup, and thoughtful design features, it has garnered a loyal following among both seasoned campers and newcomers to the outdoor scene.

Today, we’re putting the Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus tunnel tent to the test, focusing on its suitability for everyday family camping. we’ll take an in-depth look at the key attributes, evaluating its performance across various criteria, including ease of assembly, interior space, weather resistance, and overall value for money.

Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus Tent Review

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Technical specs:

  • Capacity: 5 people
  • Spaces: 2 or 3, separable
  • Sleeping area: 6 m²
  • Living area: 9.77 m²
  • Total area: 15.77 m²
  • Tent type: tunnel
  • Tent poles material: Fiberglass
  • Groundsheet material: polyester
  • Outer tent material: Polyester PU coated, fire retardant
  • Inner tent material: Breathable polyester
  • Water column: 4,500 mm outer tent, 10,000 mm floor
  • Carry bag: Polyester included
  • Total weight: 16.8 kg
  • Pack size: 70 x 32 x 30 cm
What We Liked:What we Didn’t Like:
  • Blackout bedroom for late risers
  • 5 people, 3 rooms, 2 doors
  • Barrier-free outer door
  • 3 clear PVC windows with curtains
  • Easy to set up
  • Tent pegs aren’t good
  • Zips are a bit hard to close

Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus is particularly suitable for summer vacationers in smaller groups due to the darkened sleeping cabins. If it gets light earlier in summer, the morning sun won’t disturb your well-deserved sleep. For late risers, buying the darkened family tent is worthwhile.

Despite the necessary caution, something can always go wrong at campsites and festivals. Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus tent, with its fire-retardant fabric, provides an extra layer of safety, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy lively gatherings and festivities while camping.

The accessibility of the outer doors means that bicycles, strollers, or other equipment can be stowed away without any problems. The wide and high entrance is also suitable for wheelchair users.

Room Layout

The Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus has three rooms. The living area measures around 315 cm in length with an additional 80 cm apse through the canopy. The two sleeping cabins are 215 cm long. The total length is 530 cm and 310 cm in width. This results in a usable living and sleeping area of ​​15.77 m² without a canopy. That is a very decent value, although it always depends on the number of campers and how comfortable everyday camping really is.

You enter the living area either through the front or side door. We like a second entrance for reasons of better ventilation (more on this in the Weather section):

The more outside doors and windows, the better the all-around view. Depending on the location, this is also a question of safety for us, especially for wild campers. It is then essential to be prepared. Unfortunately, there are only a few windows, two at the front and a larger one on the sidewall. The clear PVC windows you can not open, but it may be completed by Blinds Darken for a little more privacy. The same applies to both exterior doors.

In the rear area, you will find the sleeping area with the removable partition.

Campfire in Nature Group People

How is the total area of ​​around 16 m² distributed over the maximum possible occupancy? Is there enough space for up to five campers? We recommend that you use this tent with no more than three adults, especially for longer stays. You shouldn’t accommodate more than five campers because this means a loss of living and sleeping comfort even for short vacations. You will find out why this is so in the next two sections.

Usable area and distribution per person

The sleeping cabin has an area of ​​around 6 m² while the living space is around 9.77 m². The total usable area is 15.77 m² or around 16 m². With a maximum occupancy of five people, each holidaymaker has a generous 3.15 m² of space available for living and sleeping.

Compared to other 5-person tents, this is a decent value. While the Coleman Galileo 5 from the same manufacturer offers a similar amount of space with 3 m² per person, the area distribution of the Coleman Air Valdes 6-person tent is even more generous with 3.50 m² per camper.

  • Ask yourself: How important is this value to you, for example, because you always go on vacation with the same number of people? Perhaps you are also consciously looking for a 5-person tent, but only want to use it for three people?

In theory, you can accommodate significantly more than five people if you convert the living room into sleeping quarters and store all your luggage elsewhere (car, mobile home). In addition, there is the area under the canopy, which serves you well both when cooking and as a shelter for shoes. You can find out in the following section whether there is enough space in the sleeping cabins for five people.

Sleeping Comfort

Coleman has created a particularly dark bedroom for the inner tent. This BlackOut Bedroom absorbs up to 99% of the light through the special black tent fabric. We like this blackout technology. It also enables us to take a nap during the day without the daylight spoiling us. Except for a few rays of light in the edge area, the inner tent remains dark during the day.

Another plus point of tunnel tents is the comfortable headroom. It offers 185 cm in the front area of ​​the inside cabins, and at least 160 cm in the rear area. That is enough for a comfortable standing change. This point is a comfort plus point, especially for older campers.

Space in the inner tent

The two rooms in the inner tent are 120 cm and 160 cm wide and are designed for two and three people respectively. Stretching out is not a problem – with a length of 215 cm, only the very tallest holidaymakers in the Pinto can hit the inner tent walls. This enables a camp bed to be set up. The sleeping area of ​​6 m² in total offers 1.2 m² of space for every traveler. That is a value in the upper average.

The industry standard is 60 cm in width per person. However, the cabin for three people only offers 53 cm of space for the sleeper. That is clearly too cramped! We therefore strongly recommend that you only occupy the 3-person cabin with two people. The cabin for two campers could also be wider for our taste – just 60 cm wide is okay, and comfortable overnight stays look different.

Do you want to spend the night on a comfortable air bed?

These are 80 cm wide. Two of them fit in the larger cabin, one in the smaller one. Coleman offers extra-large sleeping cabins in some of its models. The manufacturer calls these Coleman XXL Bedrooms. If you want to spend the night with more than three people in such a Coleman tent, you should pay attention to this property. You can find such a sleeping cabin, for example, in the Air Valdes 6 XL air tent for 6 people mentioned above.

Living Comfort

How comfortable is the Pinto family tent? As you will find out, this tunnel tent offers good living comfort that improves everyday camping life. We take a closer look at space in the living area, protection from insects, the incidence of light, and extras.

Space available

The two front fiberglass rods result in an area of 315 x 310 cm in the anteroom, i.e. around 10 m². Since you have a lot of space available here, you can safely store luggage and set up a seating group with 4 to 6 chairs for rain showers. It is ideally located below the large window opposite the side entrance. There is also plenty of space for clothes and groceries, and there is even a camping cupboard on a sidewall.

The headroom is even better in the living area than in the inner tent due to the hybrid structure – here it is a comfortable 195 cm up to the tent ceiling! In addition, the tent walls are very steep because of their construction and therefore also offer space towards the edge. Due to the additional entrance, the freedom of movement is very good in contrast to other tents. Even with three fellow campers, we don’t step on our feet so quickly.

Light sight

Two clear PVC windows next to the front door, a large one on the side – even with the doors closed you can find your clothes again during the day without constantly having to use the flashlight. The windows in connection with the outer doors allow a good view in three directions. If you want, you can use the curtains to darken them. There should be curious neighbors every now and then.

Unfortunately, the blinds lack zips, so instead two-handed operation is necessary.

Insect repellent

The insect repellent in Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus is very good. The front, side, and inner doors are equipped with mosquito nets. The rear ventilation flap in the inner tent also has a mesh grid – crawling animals don’t stand a chance. The tent floor has been sewn all around and offers an effective defense against unwanted visitors from below. So you can safely seal the tunnel tent from insects.

Extra features

Compared to the competition, Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus offers some extras that we would otherwise look for in vain. You can find a cable entry for electricity from the outside in the bottom area on the sidewall. But that’s not all – it can even be conveniently operated with a zip.

Besides these, Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus offers some vertical organizer pockets in front of the inner tent entrance, which creates additional storage space. Because the above pockets are not placed in the floor area, but at eye level, there is no need to crawl on all fours.

We have already come to appreciate these practical storage pockets. Especially if you have to go out at night, you are guaranteed to be able to grab the securely stowed flashlight or mobile phone.

Indeed, the wide and barrier-free external doors of the Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus tent are a noteworthy feature. They prove to be incredibly valuable, especially for those arriving with a buggy, wheelchair, or bicycle. The accessibility they provide ensures that all campers, regardless of mobility, can move in and out of the tent with ease and convenience.

Last but not least, the canopy is interesting: when it rains and our stomach growls; we are happy if we can heat up a hot soup on our stove in the entrance area without getting wet.

Weather Protection

Sun, wind, and rain can affect your camping holiday in very different ways. Much depends on whether and to what extent the tent you have brought with you is weatherproof. You can find out how weatherproof Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus is in this section.


While the comparatively light tent fabric lets some sun rays shine into the inside of the tent, the outer material effectively blocks the dangerous UV radiation. On the other hand, there is hardly a ray of sunshine in the inner tent due to the darkened sleeping cabins. This is desirable and by no means the case with all tents with a hybrid structure. The manufacturer specifies the UV protection provided by the outer skin as 50+. That’s good news, especially for camping trips to the south.


When it is very hot, keep in mind that every tent inside will heat up. Only the ventilation is different – so it is more bearable in some tents than in others.

First of all, we are happy about the large rear ventilation with the mesh grille on the back of the tent. As a result, the ventilation is quite good. We also noticed that the dark tent fabric in the cabins can reduce the temperature by up to 5 degrees Celsius during the day.

The fact that there are two outer doors instead of one means good ventilation for the vestibule and therefore also for the inner tent. Both doors are both wide and high – enough fresh air gets into the tent. If you leave both outer doors completely open, the effect is greatest.


The outer skin of the tunnel tent is coated with polyurethane. The material of the outer cover is made of polyester and is waterproof with a water column of 4,500 mm. If you want to find out more about which fabrics have which advantages and disadvantages, we recommend our tent fabric guide.

The polyester tent floor is fully integrated and completely waterproof with a water column of 10,000 mm. Fear of rainwater ingress is therefore unfounded in this tent. Strong winds are driving clouds over a cornfield.


The name suggests that Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus doesn’t look bad in the cold. Even in August, it can get really cold at night. And in fact, the tent, which can be closed all around, with its double-walled sleeping cabin does what it promises when the temperature drops.

The only problematic point is the roof of the tunnel tent because due to the design, more snow collects here than, for example, on dome tents. In heavy snowfall, you are even forced to shovel the roof clear on a regular basis – the fiberglass poles must not bend over long periods of time due to the load.


Tunnel tents are more vulnerable than other types of tents due to the height of the ridge, depending on the wind direction. Correct anchoring with suitable pegs is important in strong winds and storms. You should also always take off the storm lines. Fortunately, there are many of them, so the tunnel tent cannot flutter too much in the wind.

The pegs included with the Pinto Mountain are unfortunately of poor quality. We recommend replacing these with high-quality models as soon as possible.

You can find out which pegs are suitable for which weather and soil conditions in our guide. However, for the correct setup in wind and storm, we always recommend turning the lower, aerodynamic rear of the tunnel tent into the wind direction.


Moist air is not a big problem. Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus has a rain-protected ventilation opening that you can tense. So rain does not get in and you can ventilate sufficiently in bad weather. The canopy also helps enormously – humidity has no chance even in bad weather.

Ground moisture is not a problem thanks to the sealed tent floor. However, you may notice condensation on the edge of the tent floor, because the sealing of the floor prevents it from draining off. Occasional, small puddles on the edges of the ground are not a sign that your tent is leaking.

Weight & pack size

When we travel, there is one part we particularly don’t like: unloading and towing on site.

Nevertheless, with family tents like Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus, one must always keep in mind that, especially during longer stays, these processes are less important than, for example, on trekking tours. This tent isn’t overly heavy or bulky for its size.

Let’s take a look at the details…


The total weight is 16.8 kg. Even if the overall value may not be that bad, you don’t want to drag such a weight across the square for hours. Motorized access to the installation site is recommended. It is a typical family tent for car camping. For five campers, the weight is 3.36 kg per person. The weight is mainly due to the heavy fiberglass. The tent fabric is also relatively heavy.

Pack size

With packing dimensions of 70 x 32 x 32 cm, it has a total volume of 71.7 liters. This means that this tent is not lightweight, but it takes up surprisingly little space in the trunk of a car or mobile home. We do the conversion to liters in our tests and reviews because it allows a better comparison with other tents.

The volume is a bit surprising because there are tents of this size that have more than 200 liters. The pack size of the Pinto Mountain is comparable to a larger sports bag – great!

Construction & dismantling

A 5-person tent is best set up with several people. We recommend setting up with two people. It can be set up by two people in about 15 minutes. The more helpers, the faster and easier it is to set up. Coleman gives the construction time as 10 minutes. However, you should be very practiced for this.

We recommend you practice setting up and dismantling in the garden or park several times. This will protect you from unpleasant situations. For example, it could rain, storm, or already be dark when you arrive at your holiday destination. Then it makes sense if you have practiced every move beforehand.

Incidentally, it is reassuring to know that the inner tent is already attached to the outer tent. This means that it cannot get wet even if it is set up in the rain.

Our Rating

Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus family tent convinced us. As a space miracle for summer holidays with the whole family, it offers plenty of storage space and many extras.

  • Sleep (30%)
  • Housing (30%)
  • Weather Protection (25%)
  • Mobility (5%)
  • Construction & Dismantling (10%)

Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus vs. Competition

Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 is a good choice for family camping. However, it is always worth taking a look at other constructions, for example, a modern air tent in tunnel tent format.

If you are one of those campers who find the erection and dismantling of a traditional tunnel tent too annoying and cumbersome, we recommend taking a look at the Air Valdes 6XL air tent from Coleman. Here the air rods of the 6-person tent inflate by themselves very easily. Especially with an electric air pump, you can let the technology work for you and enjoy your first holiday drink.

Main advantages & disadvantages


  • Huge living space
  • High and wide doors, barrier-free
  • All doors and openings with mosquito nets
  • Large canopy
  • Comfortable headroom throughout the tent
  • Darkened sleeping cabins
  • Zippered cable slot for power cables
  • Good all-weather suitability


  • Fiberglass poles
  • Sleeping cabins for a maximum of 4 people


Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus tunnel Tent impresses above all with its huge living room. There is a large canopy and barrier-free entrance that can even be used for bicycles or prams. The night-black BlackOutBedrooms ensure that the morning sun does not wake you up, and are also comfortable.

It is well-suited for smaller groups, ideally comprising three to four individuals, allowing for a comfortable glamping experience. However, if your group consists of five people, it’s worth considering the three-person cabin, which may be a bit snug for your needs.

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