The 10 Best Family Camping Tents for 2022

Best Family Camping Tent

Your family decided to go camping. Vehicles, food, water and personal effects are the things you consider first. However, a very important item is a suitable tent. It is a great place to sleep at night and protects your family from bugs, animals and bad weather.

However, picking a tent at random is not a good idea for family camping. Because you need to find the best model that suits your all family members’ needs to enjoy a successful and real pleasure camping trip.

How do you make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

Here’s where we step in! In this buying guide, we’re here with the top 10 best family camping tents in 2022. You can definitely choose one suitable model from our list so that you can enjoy the camping holiday with your loving family!

Best Family Camping Tents Reviews 2022

We have considered all people’s demands and budgets, so check out our ranking.

1. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent – Best Overall

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person

Personally, we believe that two brands are the absolute kings of the market, Coleman and Marmot. And when it comes to choosing the best family camping tent, the Coleman Elite Montana is a great option. It is an 8-person camping tent, available in green, black and blue colors.

It has a sleek design that will give you a great camping impression and has enough interior space for three queen beds and therefore should be suitable for most families.

This tent features fillet welds and patented back seams that prevent water from escaping the tent and the hinged doors make it easy to enter the tent. The installation will be very quick and you will have a comfortable sleeping space in a very short time after landing in the camping area.

Elite Montana 8 camping tent performs well in a variety of conditions, and it can tolerate external factors well. The windows are slanted down to prevent rain from falling.

Coleman used giant polyethylene on several of his tent floors for high water resistance. The use of fiberglass stakes also makes the tent sturdy and durable. However, it is a three-season family tent and the important weight in transport is 25.5 pounds.


  • Nice design
  • Spacious
  • Patented fillet welds
  • Reverse seams help keep water out
  • Easy to install


  • The accessories are the same color and size, which makes it difficult to distinguish during assembly

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2. COLEMAN Coastline 3 Plus – Editor’s Choice

COLEMAN Coastline 3 Plus

Specialized in camping equipment, the COLEMAN brand of America is known to campers all over the world. And the Coastline 3 Plus Deluxe is a comfortable family-friendly tunnel tent, suitable for 3 or 4 people. It was designed to protect you in all weather conditions.

The installation is very easy thanks to the fast altitude tunnel shape which allows you to make the most of your vacation activities. It has a beautiful design with muted colors.

The weight of 7 kg and the compactness when folded are a plus for easy transport. The fabric is resistant, and the bottom is with welded seams in order to avoid the infiltration of water.

However, the biggest advantage of the Coastline 3 Plus is that its space will allow you to order a set of tables and chairs without problems. The height gives you the possibility to use the space inside.

There are also side openings to circulate air while shading out the sun or rain. The quality of this model has been confirmed. You can close your eyes to its longevity. The durable construction offers exceptional stability in bad weather.


  • Good height and wide
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious space
  • Beautiful design
  • Made of high quality material
  • Good resistance in weather


  • Fabric seems to hold onto a noticeable amount of water all around the outside

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3. Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4 Family Tent

Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4

On this 4-person camping tent, the brand has equipped the chamber with “power cut-off chamber” technology. This improvement eliminates 99% of the daylight in the bedroom, which is enough to sleep in the morning without being affected by the sun at dawn.

The living space is quite large thanks to the height of 1.90 m, which allows you to stand upright. Its living room will also allow you to order a table and a chair.

For the hot summer months, Oak Canyon 4 tents offer good SPF50 + UV protection thanks to the UVGuard system. Its adjustable ventilation panels help to circulate the air inside and also help to reduce the risk of condensation.

Thanks to the 2 doors and the large PVC windows with “curtains” to ensure excellent airflow. The large living space of the Oak Canyon is the perfect place to relax with the family. The folding PVC windows also provide the perfect balance between light and privacy.

The impressive water resistance of the flysheet (4500 mm water column) and the panel will ensure you stay dry, whatever the weather conditions. The porch helps block out rain and sunlight when you open the door and provides shelter for shoes, bags, and other gear.


  • Spacious for 4 people and furniture
  • Built-in Anti-UV system
  • Waterproof
  • Standby mode during the day
  • 2 ventilated windows


  • No!

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4. Skandika Gotland 6 Tunnel Family Tent

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This collection from the German brand SKANDIKA is called the Swedish island of Gotland. This brand is well known because of their functionality and reasonable price. With ready-made signs and mosquito nets at all entrances, you won’t be bothered by pests and diseases.

It is a large, well-designed family tent with a variety of functional options such as a lamp stand, cable tray, handy carry bag, vents, and an entrance that can be used as an awning.

This spacious tunnel tent is designed for 6 people with a comfortable 210cm high ceiling. It has enough inner space in the lounge for luggage and friends. Skandika Gotland 6 tunnel tent also has a spacious sleeping cabin with removable partitions for a good night’s sleep.

This unit is quick and easy to assemble with sturdy and stable fiberglass poles. It only takes 20 minutes to decorate so you can quickly enjoy your stay. This family camping tent is particularly weatherproof with waterproof outer tent, 5000mm water column and adhesive seams.

However, it is certainly less suitable for carrying on the shoulder because of its weight (52.91 pounds).


  • Large tent for 6 people
  • Sufficient space for utensils and accessories
  • Floor mats and mosquito nets
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Easy to install


  • The upper hooks of the window coverings are slightly high to tie them

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5. Pacific Pass 8 Dome Camping Tent

Pacific Pass family camping tent

With a breathtaking size of 206.1 × 114.2 × 80.7 inches, the Pacific Pass dome tent offers a large sleeping area with Room Dividers. It has various windows, and bright materials flooded the light inside the tent. Its ventilation holes are located in different places allowing good air circulation.

The Pacific Pass is a large family tent with many functional options such as lamp hook, cabin bag, vents and entrance that can be used as an awning. Setting up the camp takes around 15 minutes, which makes perfect sense for its size.

With a suitable ceiling height for everyone, this tent creates enough space for 8 people, including a play area, lounge and luggage storage. It has two double cabins for more privacy and a larger cabin for four people. It can also be divided by a movable partition.

This model is light-filled, you can stand and move around the tent freely thanks to the almost vertical proximity of the side walls, which create a large spacious space. The panel provided its shape to the living room tent like a bathtub to remove moisture and add comfort.

Pacific Pass family camping tent also has built-in high security with weatherproof tent material with 1500mm water column and flame retardant and high quality sealed seams.

The package comes with a complete set of accessories including a sturdy carrying pouch, sardine rope, rope and assembly instructions. Solar roofs are also added to this tent.


  • Spacious and comfortable for 8 people
  • Flame retardant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Ventilation design
  • Small package size


  • Water column rating is 1500mm
  • Poor instruction

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6. Quechua XL AIR III Waterproof Pop Up Tent

Quechua Family Camping Tent

Here is the inflatable family camping tent that was specially designed for a family of 4 members who wishing a separate bedroom with children. It includes a spacious living room and 2 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 2 mattresses (70 cm wide each).

The living room has a height of 1.95 m under the tent and an area of ​​5.8 m2. The living room and 2 bedrooms of this inflatable camping tent have compartments for your clothes and personal effects. It also has several screens with shutters and a basin divider table.

Regarding the ventilation system, Quechua XL AIR III inflatable tent has a ventilation plate to limit condensation and ventilate the interior. High and low vents are located inside and outside of each chamber. You will also find integrated screen doors in the bedroom and living room.

Thanks to the UPF 50+ sunscreen fabric, this inflatable tent incorporates Fresh & Black technology. Quechua family tent is also waterproof in the event of heavy precipitation (around 200 mm / h). We found this setup interesting to be in the middle of the tent.


  • Separate bedrooms for children
  • Includes high-quality Sunscreen
  • Ventilation panels and mosquito nets
  • Spacious for furniture and cabinets
  • Blackout and heat resistant


  • One size available

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7. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup Design

Coleman Cabin Tent

If you’ve 5 or 6 family members, the Coleman Cabin camping tent will be the perfect choice for you. It has a very large living room of 7.9 m2 with soil in pots. This large bedroom can take in up to three mattresses (each 70cm wide). The small type can hold up to 2 pieces.

Thanks to Black and Fresh fabrics, this cabin camping tent ensures darkness in the rooms and reduces internal heating. It is also waterproof, even in tropical rain. In terms of durability, Coleman Cabin camping tent can withstand winds of around 60 km / h.

A rectangular blanket is also supplied with the tent for easy transport. Mosquito nets and bags are installed in all rooms of this tent. You will also enjoy transparent windows and mosquito net windows. Both are shutters. Vents and a ventilation sheet ensure good ventilation inside this inflatable tent.

Coleman inflatable camping tent includes a pre-assembled flyer. Steel piles, inflatable piles and residential aluminum bars will help you install this tent safely. It is also easy to disassemble.


  • Spacious for 5 people
  • 2 separate bedrooms
  • Standby mode for the day
  • Heating mode
  • Waterproof
  • Withstands rain and wind power below 60 km / h
  • Transparent windows
  • Mosquito net
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Poor instruction

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8. Skandika Daytona XXL Tent Dome 6 People

skandika Daytona XXL

The Skandika Daytona XXL is a waterproof, easy-to-assemble 6-person family tent. This model is popular because its features appeal to a large number of people. Indeed, this dome tent combines extra comfort and high safety.

It has some cute little extras that you can really enjoy during your stay, including a large central door that gives you more space. In addition to its high-quality waterproofing, it has a protective solar shroud which is particularly useful during the summer heat.

Skandika Daytona XXL dome tent is beautifully designed with a variety of functional accessories such as lamp stands, vents, and an entrance that can be used as a porch.

This spacious 6-person tent has a comfortable ceiling height of 1.95m. It also has plenty of room and is designed with three sleeping cabins for more privacy and a good night’s sleep.

The frame is made of fiberglass for better resistance and reliability. You can quickly and easily assemble it with colored posts. Rugged, stable and exceptionally weatherproof outer tent with 3000mm water column and high-quality reinforcement stitching.


  • Excellent large tent for the price
  • High quality sealing
  • Protective solar shroud
  • Beautiful design
  • Functional for accessories
  • High-quality reinforcement stitching


  • With a double airbed inside, the netting will drape very low to the person on the outer side

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9. CampFeuer Large Tunnel Tent for 4 People

CampFeuer Tunnel Tent for 4 People

The spacious sleeping compartment with a large fireplace is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday in the open air. Whether it’s a fun hike with friends, a family vacation or an exciting adventure, CampFeuer Tunnel Tent would be your best choice for four people.

It has good ventilation, which is essential for good health and sleep especially at night, to explore the campsite courageously the next day morning. As a result, this sleeping cabin has two large entrances and is made of breathable fabric and mosquito nets.

In the hall, you have enough space for your camping kitchen and camping accessories. With taped seams and a 3000mm water column, this tent can take even longer mountain hikes. The landscaped plan keeps your items dry and protected.

The walls are made of mesh, which makes for excellent air circulation so you can sleep more comfortably on hot nights. And with packing size of 64 x 19cm, the CampFeuer tunnel tent is easy to transport. This model is also not heavy; weighs about 7.9kg.


  • Made of PU coated 190T polyester fabric
  • Spacious sleeping compartment
  • Good ventilation, especially at night
  • 3000 mm water column
  • Prepared for any weather


  • Takes time to assemble

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10. Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Camping TentColeman Coastline 4 Deluxe

The Coleman’s Coastline Deluxe tent has a classic tunnel type. The 5.9m2 bedroom space can easily accommodate 4 people and mattresses, while the 5.8m2 living space (enough to hold tables and store all graphics) of balls. In addition, you can stand on it without problems (high 2 encountered).

However, the main priority is to pick this model because of its ease of assembly. No additional accessories are required for assembly. Indeed, thanks to the fast tunnel, go up quickly! It will cope well with all the rain and storms.

This tent will save several spotlights and wind panels because of its large windows that allow light to penetrate the floors, even in bad weather. It also has one side door and a large door that you can open into a large porch area.

we have to tell you… if you’re looking for a small family camping tent, the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe is an optimal choice for you. It is also one of our favorite models on our list.


  • Big space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable multipurpose tent
  • Solid structure
  • Weatherproof


  • Expensive

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How to Choose the Best Family Camping Tent?

Choosing the best family camping tent depends on how you will use it and where you travel. Depending on the number of people to host, your budget and your vacation destination, your selection criteria will not always be the same as others. And of course, your choice of tents will be refined according to the importance you attach to each criterion.

While we’re convinced that our list is complete, it will be useful to have some additional advice. That is why we would like to review some basic factors with you, to consider before purchasing a family camping tent.


How many people will be camping with you or how many members of your family? A tent that is too small will make you feel cramped while a tent that is too large will cause heat loss on cool summer nights. So the first criterion to look at the capacity. You of course want to get into the tent and make yourself comfortable.

Some manufacturers add a “+” sign after the number of people. This means that the tent has a little extra space, which is useful for storing your things in the tent for example.

Besides the tent’s capacity stated by the manufacturer, review the different areas of the tent. Is there only room to sleep there? Or are recreational / cooking / etc. spaces provided? When you are camping with your family, it can be very helpful and fun not to step on your feet.

Also consider if some people move more than others during the night and their height in order to adapt your choice according to these constraints.

Height and weight

Most family camping tents are designed to be carried in the car, so they are larger and tend to be heavier than small pop-up tents or expedition tents.

Look at the packed size of the tent and make sure that it will fit in the trunk of your car. And when set up, it will fit into the pitch you have booked on the campsite – be sure to take it in. counts extensions.


An easy-to-pitch tent will start your family camping trip stress-free. Children may want to participate in erecting the tent, but for families with young children, a tent that can be set up with fewer than three people is essential.


It is a fairly universal opinion among campers that the claimed maximum capacity of a tent is often a bit comfortable. That’s why it’s important to see a tent firsthand to make sure it has enough space for your family and other useful elements.

It is also important to have a decent living space in your family tent, both to avoid the feeling of claustrophobia and to make your stay more comfortable if the weather is bad.

Your tent should have a good head height so that you don’t have to bend down once inside. You should be able to fit a table and chairs inside, both for eating and playing cards or board games with the family.

Also make sure that the tent you choose has enough storage space for your camping gear, which helps keep the tent’s main living and sleeping areas clutter-free.

Flexible sleeping compartments

The age of your children probably affects your preferred sleeping arrangements in your tent. So choose a tent with flexible room compartments, with a central zipper separating the two rooms, which means campers with young children can sleep in a large compartment or split the compartment in half for more privacy once the kids will be older.

Ventilation and insect protection

Ventilation is an important factor when choosing a family camping tent. A well-ventilated tent will make the camping experience more comfortable, and well-positioned ventilation panels allow free air circulation throughout.

The ventilation panels should have a mesh covering so that air can enter the tent, but insects do not enter. Doors with attached screens are attractive because they allow fresh air to enter the tent but keep bugs and flying insects out.

Number of doors

A family tent with more than one door can help air flow freely through the tent, which helps to improve ventilation. It can also allow a welcome by the breeze in hot weather.

Having two doors can give family campers the flexibility to get in and out easily of the tent through the most convenient door. It is very handy, especially for overnight trips to toilet blocks. In bad weather, doors can get muddy, so having more than one can reduce the passage of feet through a single door.

The Windows

Large windows can help make the interior of your tent lighter and increase the feeling of space. Pre-tied curtains block out light when needed.

Family tents with lots of windows are a real plus for family campers.


A tent with a built-in porch or an optional porch or canopy extension is a good option for families as it can be the perfect place to remove muddy boots and outerwear before entering the main living area.


Tents that have extension options are worth considering for regular family campers. They give the option of adding more space as your family grows or camping with or without the extension depending on the type or length of trip you are planning.

An awning can also provide protection from the sun, creating a shaded area for enjoying the outdoors. Larger tent extensions are available for families wanting separate cooking areas, extra storage, or more living space.

Additional features

Many camping tent features are designed to make your camping experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Features like lantern hooks make it easy to light the tent at night, and entry points for electrical hookups benefit campers who need to charge their cell phones or power other electrical devices.

A tent mat is not an essential part of camping, but it will make your family tent more cozy while acting as an insulator. Custom tent mats are designed to fit specific tent models.

Sewn-in groundsheets are a fairly common feature of family-style tents and are considered an effective way to protect against water, drafts, and insects.


How can you identify good family camping tents?

A good family tent offers everything a camper’s heart desires. There should be minimal space to accommodate the people present and their luggage.

A common room with standing height is advantageous in order to be able to comfortably spend time in the tent on rainy days. A waterproof tarpaulin and a stable construction also withstand any weather. If you like to keep your tent tidy, you should make sure you have enough inner pockets.

How many people can be accommodated in a family tent?

Family camping tents come in different designs and sizes. The smallest tents start with a capacity of four people. Tents for around six people are common, but larger options for eight, ten or twelve people are also available.

How much do good family camping tents cost?

Depending on different ideas, the price of a family tent can vary greatly. The cheapest tents are usually a bit smaller and cost around 100 dollars. Larger options are priced between 150 and 350 dollars. Those who value high-quality workmanship, durability and well-thought-out design can also invest over 500 dollars.

How practical are tents with multiple sleeping compartments?

Family tents with sleeping cabins have proven to be very practical. Since the tent space is limited, they still allow some privacy when camping and are especially practical for parents or young people.

Often the partition walls of two cabins or the whole cabin can be hung out so that two rooms are converted into one large one.

Can family camping tents also be small and light?

Compared to trekking tents, which were mostly developed for one or two people and weigh a maximum of 2.5 kg, family tents are worse in terms of weight and pack size. Nevertheless, they are characterized above all by their size, which is suitable for many people.

This fact alone brings significantly more weight to the scales and is responsible for a larger pack size. There are family tents that weigh over 15 or even 20 kg. Overall, it can be assumed that greater comfort is accompanied by greater weight.

Some manufacturers strive to find smaller and lighter solutions. However, thinner or lighter material is usually used, which either loses stability or is high-tech and only available at exorbitant prices.

Are there also luxury family camping tents?

In recent years, the new trend of “glamping” has developed, which combines glamor and camping. Because many people don’t want to do without the experience of nature, nor the comfort and luxury, and glamping gives them the opportunity to combine both.

However, classic glamping is rarely self-organized. There are many suppliers who provide spacious and inviting tents with carefully chosen interiors that have little to do with basic camping equipment.

Due to the luxury factor, this type of holiday is much more expensive than a classic camping holiday, where everyone brings their own equipment.

What alternatives to family camping tents are there?

As an alternative in the tent area, the house tent is definitely to be mentioned. This is a steep wall tent, which is reminiscent of a small house due to the almost vertical walls and the standing height.

Steep wall tents usually also have separate areas and cabins. They are extremely stable and robust, but also very heavy and the packaging dimensions are very large.

Classic alternatives to family tents in the outdoor area would also be caravans and mobile homes. Depending on the size, these are also suitable for (small) families and even come with fixed furniture, as well as a possible power supply and their own sanitary facilities. However, the acquisition costs for a mobile home are very high.

What are the advantages of family camping tents?

  • It offers a convenient and economical way to go on vacation.
  • Family tent allows you to have a kitchen area and therefore to be able to cook yourself.
  • It is an investment that quickly pays for itself, from the first use.
  • Camping is a sign of autonomy and good memories for children.
  • Have a large living room and space for the whole family.


To buy the best family camping tent, we recommend a tent catalog on the online site. You can find Hundreds of tent fabrics that are listed there, including brands recognized in the camping and hiking sectors.

We hope that by following our advice and guidance; you have chosen the best family camping tent for 2022 from the list.

Do you have particular preferences or needs? Have you already tested a tent and would like to recommend it… or not recommend it? You can share your opinion in the comment section below. And tell us which best family tent you choose.

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