The 8 Best Awning Carpets of 2022

Best Awning Carpets Reviews

Anyone who likes to travel with a mobile home or RV often puts up an awning on the campsite. An awning carpet can be used to ensure more comfort, dry feet and furnishings there.

The advantage of carpet vs. tarpaulin?

Awning carpets are generally breathable, allowing grass to grow underneath and allowing moisture to escape. They are also permeable to water so that no puddles can form in the awning.

To help you choose the best model, we have researched the best and most popular awning carpets for 2022. In addition, the buying guide contains all the information you need when making a purchase to ensure you find the right model!

Best Awning Carpets of 2022

1. Onvaya Heavy Duty Awning Carpet – Best Overall

Onvaya Awning Carpet

Material: 280gsm HDPE | Weight: 8.38 pounds | Features: 14 grommets, 14 pegs, carry bag


  • Lots of eyelets
  • Carry bag
  • Robust design
  • Pleasant material
  • Easy to wash


  • Pretty much heavy

The Onvaya awning carpet is particularly robust because it is made of reinforced HDPE, i.e. high-density polyethylene. It is water permeable, breathable and pleasantly soft. With 14 eyelets, the product has much more than its competition and can therefore be ideally anchored.

The package supplies 14 pegs for this model. It can be folded up to a small size for transport and can be stowed in the carrying bag provided. In addition to being used as an awning floor, it can also be used as a camping floor and tent pad.

Point of View: A robust awning floor with many attachment options.

2. Camco 42821 Blue Awning Carpet – Editor’s Pick

Camco 42821 Awning Carpet

Material: 70% PVC, 30% Polyester | Weight: 9 pounds | Features: Can be cut to size, carry bag, 4 mounting clips, 4 pegs


  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Reversible design
  • Heat insulating
  • Storage bag


  • Large and heavy

If you need a particularly high level of comfort, this heavier and thicker material awning carpet is your choice. Camco 42821 awning carpet is equipped with extra-large holes to ensure as much air circulation as possible. This avoids unpleasant odors and does not damage the lawn underneath.

Nevertheless, the carpet is insulating so that your feet not only stay dry but also warm. What is special about this model is the possibility of customizing it. The awning carpet does not fray. The tailored model is not attached with eyelets, but with special clips and pegs.

Camco awning carpet is made of PVC and polyester and is not heat-resistant. It is “washable” and therefore only suitable for hand washing.

Point of View: A custom awning carpet that is breathable and insulating.

3. DRY TOP 10×12 Heavy Duty Canvas Carpet

DRY TOP 10x12

Material: Brass, Canvas | Weight: 15 pounds | Features: Heavy-duty, Cross-level, carry bag


  • Double folded side edges
  • Heavy enough to stay put
  • Robust material


  • A bit expensive

This model from the manufacturer DRY TOP shines with particularly robust materials and high-quality workmanship. The side edges are folded twice and are therefore particularly stable. The eyelets are also made of Brass and look beautiful.

The carpet with the included T-pegs can be stored in a practical carrying bag. In addition, the hard-wearing carpet is very easy to clean. A cross spirit level is also included in the scope of delivery, which helps when aligning the caravan or mobile home.

DRY TOP awning carpet can be washed off with hot water. However, it should not be cleaned in the washing machine or with boiling water.

Point of View: A high-quality awning carpet that promises a long service life.

4. Mr Nomad Polyethylene Ideal Awning Carpet

Mr Nomad Awning Carpet

Material: HDPE material | Weight: 4.34 pounds | Features: 12 grommets, 4 T-pegs, 12 steel nails, carry bag


  • Cloth tote bag
  • T-pegs and steel nails
  • Lots of stainless steel eyelets
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy care


  • Stiff material

Mr. Nomad awning carpet is made of robust and durable HDPE material and has many rustproof stainless steel eyelets. Included are 4 T-pegs for attachment and another 12 steel nails to ensure the perfect fit. The installation process is quick and easy with no wrinkles.

The material is water permeable, breathable and easy to clean. Mr. Nomad awning carpet is double folded at the edges. It is also comfortable to step on compared to other competing models. Another plus is the high-quality and durable fabric carry bag.

Point of View: A quality awning carpet that comes with plenty of nails and a durable carry bag.

5. VidaXL Green Breathable Outdoor Awning Carpet

vidaXL Awning Carpet

Material: HDPE material | Weight: 6.06 pounds | Features: 4 grommets, can be trimmed


  • Can be cut to size
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful color
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Few eyelets

This awning carpet stands out slightly from gray or black alternatives with its green design. Even if the carpet can be purchased in the most common cuts, we ensure that the carpet can be cut to size. In this way, it can be adapted to individual needs.

The material is breathable and weatherproof and the carpet can be optimally stretched using four eyelets on the corners. Unpleasant odors under the carpet are no longer an issue either.

Point of View: A cuttable and reliable model.

6. Decathlon QUECHUA Ground Sheet for Awning/Tent

QUECHUA Awning Groundsheet

Material: 100% polyethylene | Weight: 120 gram | Features: 4 eyelets


  • Abrasion-resistant material
  • Comes with warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • Low-priced material

Decathlon also has a floor mat from the manufacturer Quechua in its range. It reliably protects against moisture, dust and sand and ensures a clean and dry tent floor. As a rule, this floor mat is used in the awning. However, this model scores better on level, soft ground or lawns.

The material is made of polyethylene and the four eyelets in the corners of the rug are made of brass. After folding, the comfortable camping carpet disappears into the carrying bag without being squeezed or stuffed.

One benefit of buying from Decathlon is a two-year warranty.

Point of View: A solid floor mat for your next camping trip.

7. PahaQue Promontory XD Awning/Tent Footprint

PahaQue Awning Footprint

Material: 210T polyester | Weight: 2.52 pounds | Features: 4 aluminum ground stakes


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile to use
  • Brass grommets
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t look good
  • Polyester

This awning carpet from PahaQue is ideal for the awning as well as for the terrace or balcony. The surface is soft, very comfortable and still breathable & water-permeable. It has a ground stake on each corner for attachment, so a total of 4 pieces.

The manufacturer advertises a particularly nature-friendly air permeability that protects the lawn under the carpet. In addition, the carpet is odorless due to this nature. For cleaning, the model can simply be rinsed with warm water.

Point of View: A particularly airy awning carpet that still provides a comfortable and warm floor.

8. Kampa Cross Tail Gate Awning Fleece Carpet

Kampa Awning Fleece Carpet

Material: Insulated foam | Weight: 3.81 pounds | Features: Carrying bag, zipper


  • Can be used on both sides
  • Reinforced corners
  • Attractive pattern
  • Breathable


  • Heavy

Kampa awning fleece carpet is very robust and abrasion-resistant. With durable fleece, it can be perfectly stretched in the awning. However, it can also be used outdoors at home. a carrying case is included for traveling.

In addition, the compact dimensions of the bag and the overall tolerable weight are ideal for all those camping friends who want to use the awning carpet frequently.

The material is very breathable, which prevents mold and rot, and as a result unpleasant odor. Conveniently, the fleece carpet can be used on both sides. Transport is also very easy thanks to the zipper system and carrying bag.

Point of View: A robust and reliable model.

What do you have to consider when buying?

The following properties should be considered when buying an awning carpet:

  • Nature
  • Dimensions
  • Pack size & weight

Condition: How does the awning carpet deal with moisture?

Awning carpets stand out from other options such as tarpaulins primarily because of their breathability. For example, a lawn area under the carpet can continue to grow and not break. In addition, moisture can escape so that there is no condensation in the tent.

How is the air circulation?

Good air circulation also prevents bad odors and the build-up of bacteria. Nevertheless, the carpet protects against moisture coming from the floor. Feet, camping furniture and other equipment stay dry.

Weatherproof grommets?

When processing the eyelets, care should be taken so that they do not rust. Material such as stainless steel is ideal for this.

Inflatable Rims?

Special models have inflatable edges so that water cannot penetrate the sides. In rainy and windy weather, they ensure absolute dryness.

Important to know: Awning carpets are typically not waterproof but permeable to water. This prevents water from accumulating in the awning. Anyone looking for waterproof protection, for example as a base for tents, is better advised to use a tarpaulin.

Dimensions: Do the dimensions of the carpet fit into the awning?

The size of the awning carpet should of course match the dimensions of the awning. Ideally, the carpet is one to two centimeters larger so that there is some leeway on the one hand and the entire awning can be covered on the other.

Carpet must match the awning:

The awning floor must not protrude from the awning, otherwise moisture can get into the tent. However, the carpet can be folded down at the ends to avoid this.

In the meantime, it is no longer necessary to buy yard goods, as there are many different cuts of tent carpets to buy. Most manufacturers offer a wide range of different dimensions.

  • Tips: If you want even more flexibility, you can buy a carpet that can be cut to size and adapted to the awning. Manufacturers promise a simple cut without fraying.

Pack size & weight: How transportable should an awning carpet be?

Even if the rug is transported by RV or car, it should have a good balance between size, robust material and pack size. When packing the vehicle, storage space is very valuable and should be used sensibly.

Keep your weight low:

You can benefit from a low weight when packing. A lighter awning carpet is much easier to handle when rolling it in and out. This means that only one person is needed to set it up.


What are the advantages of an awning carpet?

An awning carpet has a number of advantages compared to standard tarpaulins. They are breathable and water-permeable so that no moisture can accumulate in the awning. They are also more comfortable and make outdoor fun a little more homely.

What to look for when buying an awning carpet?

In any case, the awning carpet should be breathable and water-permeable so that no moisture collects in the awning. Furthermore, attention should be paid to robust and rust-free eyelets and a suitable design.

How big should an awning carpet be at least?

The size of the awning carpet depends entirely on the awning. This should either be measured before purchase or compared with the manufacturer’s specifications.

The carpet should be one to two centimeters larger than the awning, but under no circumstances should it protrude from the tent.

What color are awning carpets?

Most awning carpets have muted colors and are not brightly colored. Blue, black or gray is popular designs.

What is the best way to attach an awning carpet?

Awning carpets are typically attached to their grommets with pegs and/or nails. Some manufacturers use a combination of clips and pegs. Most of the time, this equipment is included with the purchase.

How expensive are good awning carpets?

The size of the awning carpet is decisive for its price. In general, the larger the size, the more expensive it is. However, a price between 30 and 80 dollars is to be expected in any case.


Awning carpets are a popular tent accessory because they ensure dry and clean feet and equipment. You need an awning carpet especially when the ground is uncomfortably hard or sandy. But an awning carpet also has a right to exist on a lawn. Especially when it comes to spreading as little mud and dirt as possible.

To make the decision a bit easier, we have researched the best and most popular 2022 models from different categories. So you are guaranteed to find the right model!

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