Best Sleeping Bags for Any and All Adventures

Best Sleeping Bags

When you go on a trek for several days, making sure you get a good night’s sleep is essential to be active the next day. Before planning your camping, hiking or trekking outings, you should think about your needs. You will not take the same sleeping bag if you go in summer at low altitude as you venture into the high mountains.

The best sleeping bag is the one that is right for your size and your needs, and won’t make you die of hot or cold depending on the season.

However, it’s rare that a single sleeping bag can fulfill all these expectations.

On the other hand, if your sleeping bag is mainly used to go to sleep with friends or for a few nights under the stars in summer, no need to break the bank. A 3-season model will do. And you’ll find the best ones in the ‘moderate temperatures’ section of our guide further down.

Best Sleeping Bags in 2022

When you decide to buy a sleeping bag, keep in mind that there are many options on the market and a very high price is not necessarily what you need. Remember to take a good look at the comfort temperature and the type of filling.

For all models that we present to you below, the Millet Baikal 1100 is our favorite “summer” sleeping bag. For 3-season use, you can choose SnugPak Sleeper Lite. On the other hand, if you are looking for a very cold sleeping bag, we highly recommend the Carinthia Survival One.

Best Sleeping Bags for Moderate Cold

1. Millet Baikal 1100 Reg Sleeping Bag – Ideal for Camping, Hiking and Trekking

Millet Baikal 1100 Reg


  • Filling material: Synthetic
  • Weight: Approximately 2.86 pounds
  • Available length(s): 215cm
  • Comfort temperature: 5°C
  • Shape: Mummy


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Included storage bag
  • Maximum hermeticity, thanks to its profiled mummy shape
  • Internal anti-cold flap to reduce heat loss


  • Nothing to say

When it comes to choosing sleeping bags, Millet can claim to be a reference. The proof is that several of its products can be found in our selection of the best sleeping bags of the moment. The Millet Baikal 1100 Reg we recommend here is an option you should consider for your future adventures such as camping, hiking and trekking.

Thanks to its synthetic filling and polyamide outer cover, this unisex sleeping bag offers a comfortable temperature of 5°C with very good insulation and waterproofing performance. To all this is added an internal anti-cold flap that reduces heat loss. Everything is technically thought out to ensure comfortable outdoor sleep.

The physical characteristics of Millet Baikal 1100 Reg also contribute to this. It adopts a mummy shape with a streamlined cut. Besides this, the design is known to optimize insulation; a hood with a drawstring is provided to minimize the entry of air.

Moreover, the practicality of the Millet Baikal 1100 Reg is appreciable. And with twinable left closure, it offers an inside pocket for storing your accessories within easy reach and easy to carry on the go. It is not only light but comes with a compression bag so that you can store it without giving yourself trouble.

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2. Millet Syntek 0°C Reg – Equipped with a Highly Insulating Synthetic Gilling

Millet Syntek 0°C Reg


  • Filling material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Available length(s): 210cm
  • Comfort temperature: 5°C
  • Shape: Mummy


  • Highly insulating synthetic filling
  • Resistant and water-repellent polyester cover
  • Bivy Warm system to free the arm
  • Portable and practical design


  • Nothing to say

Let’s stay in the Millet catalog, this sleeping bag’s filling is made from high-performance and ultra-compact synthetic fibers. The outer cover is made of 30D Ripstop polyester fibers, and all the conditions are met for you to sleep dry and warm during your mountain adventures. This optimal protection against cold and humidity ensures you a restful sleep with a comfortable temperature of 5°C.

To prevent heat loss, the Millet Syntek 0°C Reg has an internal anti-cold flap. Note that the streamlined mummy shape of this sleeping bag also contributes to its perfect air tightness. In terms of comfort, the Syntek 0°C Reg multiplies the interesting characteristics with its stretch lining.

It will also eventually convince you with its practicality. For example, this model is equipped with a Bivy Warm system which allows you to free an arm without uncovering the body. And it has an inside pocket where various accessories can be stored.

This camping sleeping bag is also ultra-light with a weight of 2.2 pounds. Its lightness and minimalist size when folded  ‎17.4 x 11.1 x 8.6 inches allowing it to be very compact and very easy to transport or store. It will fit perfectly in your hiking bag.

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3. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag – Combined with Comfort and Functionality

Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag


  • Filling material: Synthetic fibers and polyester fill
  • Available length(s): 82 in.
  • Comfort temperature: 4°C
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds


  • Very durable construction
  • Great ease of use
  • Suitable for backpacks from 30 to 50 liters
  • Insulated footbox and Thermolock draft tube


  • Heavy for backpacking
  • Small chest area

If you need a compact sleeping bag for your summer nights and short treks, take a look at this model from Coleman. It follows you in your explorations in the great outdoors and has a fleece insert on the feet that optimizes your comfort. It can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 2 inches.

The filling itself is made from 50g/m² synthetic fibers and combined with a layer of down, which keeps you warm when the temperature is as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If the Coleman North Rim is in this ranking, it’s not just for its comfort, we also appreciate its functionality and practicality.

For the outer cover, the Coleman 0°F sleeping bag is combined with two materials: 50D Polyester and 40D Dia Ripstop Polyamide. Also, this cover benefits from a water-repellent treatment without PFC, which is effective against dew.

Among other things, it is equipped with an anti-entrapment zip, two-way zip with phosphorescent pull tab and an inside lining pocket so that you can store various accessories close at hand. Also, it is one of the cheapest sleeping bags on the market. And all its features make your adventure much easier.

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4. Millet – Baikal 750 – Sleep Comfortably in Huts Below 2,000m with This Sleeping Bag

Millet Baikal 750


  • Filling material: Synthetic
  • Available length(s): 210mm
  • Comfort temperature: 10°C
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Weight: 850g


  • Good insulation and sealing performance
  • Comfort sarcophagus profile
  • Convenient design
  • Very light
  • Easily packable


  • Somewhat narrow cut
  • Unnecessary small pocket

With a very light design (it weighs only 850 g), the Millet Baikal 750 unisex sleeping bag uses synthetic insulation. It is made from fibers coated with SuperMix silicone to help you spend nights sheltered from the cold and humidity. Whether camping, hiking or trekking, you will enjoy good warmth even if the sleeping bag is exposed to moisture.

The fibers that make up the filling effectively repel water. Also, this moderate cold sleeping bag adopts a mummy shape with a streamlined cut, which ensures optimal insulation. The outer layer is made of polyamide, which will provide good resistance to abrasion.

Some amenities have been provided to make the Millet Baikal 750 comfortable to use. For example, it is notably equipped with an anti-cold flap, a shoulder collar, and an anatomically shaped hood with a double drawstring to minimize air inlets. Besides this, it has an inside pocket to keep your accessories at hand.

If you needed a final argument to finish deciding in favor of the Baikal 750 from Millet, know that it is very easy to transport when traveling. It also comes with a stuff sack that you can compress easily.

However, the interior fabric slips too much and the small pocket is unnecessary in most cases.

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5. TETON Sports Regular Sleeping Bag – Enjoy Quality sleep in Summer Conditions

TETON Sports Sleeping Bag


  • Filling material: SuperLoft Elite Hollow Fiber
  • Available length(s): 80 in.
  • Comfort temperature: 7°C
  • Form: Rectangular
  • Weight: 5.07 pounds


  • Generous size for good freedom of movement
  • Specific cover that can be filled and transformed into a pillow
  • Lots of loft, or very fluffy
  • High-performance insulation
  • Interior pocket


  • A bit difficult to get it back into the included stuff sack

This unisex sleeping bag for adults signed by TETON Sports confirms all the good things we think of the brand. And if you are a camping enthusiast and need to spend nights under the stars in summer conditions, the TETON Sports 178R is an option you can seriously consider. It offers guarantees of comfort and durability that have earned it regular mention among the best models in its class.

It is very soft and comfortable to touch. This sleeping bag adopts a generous format and has the particularity of being modular. Its ample cut as well as its design from a fluid material means that you won’t feel cramped. So you can enjoy a certain freedom of movement for maximum comfort.

Of course, we recommend the TETON Sports 178R because of its insulation performance. It has a synthetic filling which makes it resistant to humidity. It is therefore not likely to be disturbed by dew or showers.

Other amenities that make using the TETON Sports 178R very comfortable are the anti-trapping double-slider zip with phosphorescent pull tabs, the full closure for temperate nights, the opening up to the chin in cool weather, the possible ventilation at the level of the feet, and the specific cover that can be filled and transformed into a pillow.

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Best Sleeping Bag for Cold

6. Terra Hiker – Stay Warm with This Lightweight, Easy-to-Carry Sleeping Bag

Terra Hiker


  • Filling material: Washed white duck down
  • Available length(s): 200cm
  • Comfort temperature: 3°C
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Weight: 2.64 pounds


  • Separate opening to ensure foot ventilation
  • Very easy transport
  • Featherweight and compact size
  • Good compromise between warmth and comfort
  • Gasket next to the closure to prevent wind penetration


  • The material feels like a plastic bag

Weighing in at less than 2.64lbs on the scale, the Terra Hiker sleeping bag is an option you should consider if you want to go hiking light. Rest assured, it doesn’t imply any concessions in terms of quality or interior comfort.

Terra Hiker’s backpacking sleeping bag is made of a tight fabric that is as light as fur. This stuffing material, which is nothing but washed white duck down, shows itself fluffy. In use, the Terra Hiker is comfortable and keeps you warm on cold nights. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Besides the good padding, the thermal performance is also notable due to the 400T 20D nylon used outer cover, which allows it to offer a water-repellent and tear-proof shell.

Therefore It is resistant to lacerations from stones or branches. You can be sure that you are effectively protected against windy and rainy weather conditions with this cold sleeping bag.

Another interesting feature, rustling is low thanks to the nylon lining. Adjustment options are also provided for the hood and collar. As for the two-way zipper positioned on the right, it facilitates entry and exit.

Finally, transporting the Terra Hiker is not at all a difficult exercise. As we have already had to note, it has a featherweight. Apart from that, a carry bag comes with it. The packaging is then very compact (11.9x 7.1 in.). Note that to compress the Terra Hiker and put it easily in the compression bag, you must use its two straps and then tighten them.

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7. SnugPak Sleeper Lite – Tight budget? Choose This High-Performance Sleeping Bag

SnugPak Sleeper Lite


  • Filling material: synthetic
  • Length(s) available: 220cm
  • Comfort temperature: -5°C (be careful, many users have reported that this manufacturer data was overvalued)
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds


  • Very good build quality and soft touch finish
  • Equipped with a draft collar
  • Ideal for a tight budget
  • Guarantees of durability


  • A little tight for over-sized people

This is another mummy-shaped model, designed for body heat retention. This sleeping bag from SnugPak offers the best value for money. The SnugPak Sleeper Lite fits in a compact size and provides enough warmth to keep you sleeping comfortably on your wilderness adventures.

The filling is made from highly silicone synthetic fibers, so its thermal performance is considerable. These materials have given it a soft finish to the touch, but above all make it more durable than sleeping bags whose filling is made with hollow fibers.

It can be used in temperatures down to -5°. The exterior coating is also waterproof, which is a real plus for hikers and travelers experiencing bad weather. And with measurements of 87 inches long by 31 inches wide, it is the most complete model you can find for 1 person.

To keep out the cold, SnugPak Sleeper Lite sleeping bag is also equipped with an anti-snag two-way zipper and a snug-fit hood. Whether it’s when you go camping or in the trunk of your car for unexpected situations, it puts you in good condition for sleeping.

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Best Sleeping Bag for Extreme Cold

8. ALPS Mountaineering Blaze -20° – 3-Season Trekking-Hiking Sleeping Bag

ALPS Mountaineering


  • Filling material: Polyester
  • Available length(s): 80 in.
  • Comfort temperature: 1°C
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Weight: 6.75 pounds


  • Two-layer offset construction
  • Long-lasting separating zippers
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Ensure comfortable sleep in kind


  • Pretty big
  • Heavy

ALPS Mountaineering sleeping bag benefits from totally hydrophobic synthetic insulation which allows you to enjoy a comfortable sleep during your adventures in the great outdoors. It is designed to keep you warm during extreme weather. Because this -20 degree bag is filled with 7 denier TechLoft Silver insulation.

This model is also appreciated for its fitted construction and quality upholstery. The padding is made with synthetic fibers which offer a good compromise between weight/compression/heat supply. The outer cover is in polyamide and effectively insulates you from cold and humidity.

It is notably equipped with practical side zip with an internal anti-cold flap and a double zip under flaps. This model also has a 3-dimensional hood with double drawstring. It comes with a compression bag where you can store it without difficulty. An inside pocket is present and allows you to store your accessories.

ALPS Mountaineering Blaze -20 sleeping bag multiplies the functions and characteristics that make it comfortable to use. However, this model is not compatible with zipping two bags together.

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9. Carinthia Survival One – Excellent Winter Sleeping Bag Designed for Military Use

Carinthia Survival One


  • Filling material: Synthetic
  • Available length(s): 230cm Maximum
  • comfort temperature: -25°C
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Weight: 6.39 pounds


  • Easy transport in its compression bag or as a coat
  • High performance in cold weather
  • Three-layer construction
  • Soft and very comfortable
  • Easy on and off


  • Relatively expensive but aimed at a certain type of practice

Featuring a three-layer construction, the Carinthia Survival One high-performance sleeping bag is designed for military use. It is studied in every detail to lend itself to activities such as nature observation, hunting and fishing. It offers temperature ratings of 25°C (comfort) and -35°C (extreme).

It has a trapezoidal foot and adopts a differential cut. Thanks to this, you’ll benefit from maximum space in all sleeping positions. And the successive insulating layer is cut more generously.

The Carinthia Survival One sleeping bag is appreciated for its thermal performance supported by Thermoflect technology which increases the warmth of the sleeping bag by around 11%. To prevent heat loss, this model is equipped with generous flaps inside the zipper.

If we have chosen to recommend the Survival One to you, it is also for its practicality. For example, it has a quick zip and a protective flap on the outside to protect against wind and humidity. The closure has a bottom opening that allows you to stretch your legs or stick your feet out.

Transporting the Carinthia Survival One is not difficult at all. It comes with a handy storage bag. However, you can also link your foot upwards and wear the sleeping bag as a coat. In either configuration, the Survival One’s 6.39 pounds shouldn’t be heavy for you to carry.

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10. Carinthia Defense 4 – High-Performance Model for Temperatures Down to -15°C

Carinthia Defense 4


  • Filling material: Synthetic
  • Available length(s): 185cm, 200cm and 220cm
  • Comfort temperature: -10°C
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Weight: 4.41 pounds


  • Very good value for money
  • Comes with a sturdy compression bag
  • Quality and well-placed two-way zipper
  • Comes in a premium compression packing bag


  • No sleeves

Our selection of the best sleeping bags closes on this 3-season model, perfectly suited to uses as diverse as hunting, nature observation, fishing, etc. Whether on extremely cold nights in the wilderness or when venturing into snowy areas, the Carinthia Defense 4 is designed to allow you to face the most difficult weather conditions.

With a very well-thought-out design, this very cold sleeping bag has an insulating layer inside at the level of the zipper to avoid cold air bridges. This complements the outer layer made from super light and ultra-resistant microfiber nylon.

The design of this model has been optimized to withstand temperature values ​​of -10°C (comfort) and -29°C (extreme). A Thermoflect technology has also been integrated to increase heat protection by almost 11%. It comes with a sturdy tote bag that allows it to be compressed to just 25 x 38 cm

Carinthia Defense 4 sleeping bag weighs 4.41 pounds and is very practical in use. To get in and out easily, you can rely on the central zipper with a wide protective strip. Additionally, the Carinthia Defense 4 sports a differential cut and features a trapezoidal foot section.

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How to choose your sleeping bag?

We will see what are the main criteria you should look at.

The materials

Most sleeping bags are made of polyester. On the other hand, not all are padded and it is important to have this notion because a padded sleeping bag will retain heat better than an unpadded bag.

The size

Sleeping bags are designed to allow the majority of people to fit inside with an average length of 190cm. On the other hand, if you are taller, it becomes essential to move towards an XXL format of more than 200 cm.

Note that there are also two-seater sleeping bags.

The packed size

The packed size is also very important. The size of your sleeping bag should not be too bulky so that you can easily transport it. It should easily fit in your hiking bag.

The weight

Weight is also a selection criterion you can’t ignore. Indeed, it must be as light as possible to facilitate its transport while ensuring good heat retention.

Most of the sleeping bags on the market’s average weight vary from 2.2 pounds to 5.5 pounds. So make a choice according to your need. For example, for ultralight backpacking, you should choose a minimum-weight model.


The comfort temperature is the average temperature to fully enjoy your hiking sleeping bag. Nevertheless, the point that we find most important is knowing the maximum outside temperature that your sleeping bag can compensate for. If it is -3° and your sleeping bag is not made to withstand this temperature, the night will be cold.

The closure system of the mummy-type sleeping bag

This is an important element to take into account in the thermal protection of the sleeping bag to prevent heat loss and cold air infiltration into the bag.

  • At the hood only: All mummy-type bags have a drawstring at the hood to adjust the opening and leave only a small part of the face exposed.
  • With an inner flange: A collar (replaced by a bead on some bags) insulates the body at the torso and provides additional comfort by keeping the hood open while retaining body heat in the bag.

The color

The color has no functional interest. It is a choice of the heart. The editorial staff prefers hiking and camping accessories in black or khaki. But hey, tastes and colors are unique to everyone.

The price

Although the camping sleeping bag is not the biggest investment for the camper and hiker, do not hesitate to spend a little more to increase your comfort. However, if you have a limited budget, you can visit our details guide on the best cheapest sleeping bags under $100 available on the market.

A hiker who has slept badly is an embittered hiker.


Sleeping bag is one of the most important elements of your camping, hiking or travel equipment. Take time to choose a model that meets your needs. That’s the end of this buying guide. We hope you have found what you are looking for. Feel free to read another article on the best sleeping bags for kids.

Rest well in your new sleeping bag!

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