Best Windproof Lighters of 2024

Whether you’re igniting a campfire for marshmallow roasting, cooking up a meal on a camp stove, or facing unforeseen emergencies, having a reliable lighter at your side can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ve carefully researched and selected our top 10 best windproof lighters in both fuel and electricity-powered preferences.

We know that finding the perfect lighter is an important decision, so we’ve curated a list that ensures your flame stays steady even in the fiercest winds. Whether you’re battling gusty winds on a mountain ridge, traversing through dense forests, or enduring unforeseen weather changes, these lighters can be a game-changer.

What Does Actually Windproof Lighter Mean?

A windproof lighter is designed to resist the effects of wind, making it much more reliable in outdoor conditions where wind is present. While they are highly effective in most windy situations, it’s important to note that there may be limits to their windproof capabilities.

The term “windproof” typically means that the lighter is designed to create a flame that is less susceptible to being blown out by strong winds. This is achieved through various design features, such as a protective casing, specialized ignition mechanisms, or the use of a high-powered jet flame. Although windproof lighters are excellent at withstanding moderate to strong winds, they still struggle in extremely severe weather conditions, such as during a storm or hurricane.

Best Windproof Lighters of 2024

Take a look at our comparison table of the top 8 best windproof lighters in 2024

NameFuel TypeMaterialWeightPrice
Tesla Coil Lighters™ElectricMetal3 ozCheck
MCY Torch Windproof LighterLPGZinc2.82 ozCheck
Borfieon Arc Flame LighterElectricAlloy, Zinc2.2 ozCheck
Zippo Chrome LightersZippo FuelSynthetic2.88 ozCheck
Nomatiq Black Dual Arc LighterElectricMetal2.86 ozCheck
LUBINSKI ‎YJA-10005-MCYLPGMetal3.52 ozCheck
Survive Outdoors Fire LiteElectricBlend0.7 ozCheck
Tree of Life Pocket LighterZippo FuelSynthetic8.8 ozCheck

1. Tesla Coil Lighters™ Windproof Arc Lighter

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The Tesla Coil rechargeable lighter is designed for anyone looking for a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighters for camping, hiking and backpacking. With its advanced technology, this electric lighter creates a powerful electric plasma arc at the touch of a button. This means you can count on it to light up, anytime and anywhere, regardless of windy conditions.

This lighter deserves the top spot due to its unparalleled versatility. While it’s perfect for lighting cigarettes, it goes beyond the typical smoker’s tool. It’s become an indispensable companion for various tasks, from lighting fireworks to effortlessly igniting stoves in the kitchen.

Safety is a concern with the Tesla Coil Lighter. Its smart design ensures it won’t accidentally ignite in your pocket or bag, and gives you peace of mind. The buzzing noise it emits when activated serves as a helpful reminder of its active state. It’s lightweight, compact, and has a sturdy build that feels substantial in your hand.

This lighter impresses with its quick recharge time, taking only about 2 hours to power up. And thanks to its Tesla technology, it can even achieve a considerable charge in just 30 minutes to an hour.  It won’t function while charging.

The only minor gripes are its slight slipperiness when hands are extremely dry or cold, and a wider gap for easier access. The button can be prone to scratches, but with a little care, this is a minor concern. However, due to its unique design, there’s a slight learning curve when it comes to lighting certain materials. Some may require a bit of finesse to achieve that perfect flame, but once mastered, you’ll appreciate the efficiency.

  • Versatile for various applications
  • Quick 2-hour recharge time
  • Flameless genuine windproof lighting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safety feature prevents accidental ignition
  • Slight slipperiness in hand in certain conditions
  • Precision is key for lighting in tight spaces
  • Cannot lock button for continuous use

2. MCY Jet Double Flame Butane Lighter

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The MCY Windproof Torch Lighter is a compact powerhouse that offers both convenience and reliability. With its 0.95″ x 0.8″ x 3.1″ dimensions and 80 grams weight, it is designed with portability in mind.

Its smaller size is perfect for women’s hands and ensures a comfortable grip without sacrificing performance. You no longer need to worry about lifting a cover or struggling with cumbersome controls. Simply press down on the button with your thumb, and you’ll enjoy a perfect light every time.

MCY torch lighter is more than capable of handling a range of tasks. It is equipped with three powerful burners. From lighting candle jars to igniting gas stovetops, BBQ grills, and even fireworks, it shines in providing reliable flames. The heavy-duty zinc alloy ensures durability and longevity. The click-to-ignite function is easily accessible and the flame intensity is adjustable, which allows you to use it to your specific needs and conditions.

Refilling the MCY Windproof Jet Lighter is very easy. Thanks to its convenient fuel level window, you can keep an eye on the butane level. With regular use, a tank of butane lasts approximately four days. While the lighter rarely fails to ignite on the first try, it’s reliable even on the second attempt.

However, we have experienced issues with the hinge of the lighter’s cover. It’s a small and delicate component, and in some cases, it may snap off after a few months of use. However, considering the overall performance and convenience, this minor drawback doesn’t overshadow its benefits.

  • Mini size and portable
  • Triple powerful burners for versatile tasks
  • Refillable with a fuel level window
  • Made of heavy-duty zinc alloy for durability
  • Easy access to ignition and flame control
  • May require a second try to ignite on occasion
  • Tank lasts about 4 days with heavy usage
  • Limited warranty period of 30 days

3. Borfieon Arc Flame Electronic Lighter

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Borfieon Arc Flame Electronic Lighter is a revolutionary milestone in electric lighter technology. It is made with precision from high-quality zinc alloy to withstand tough weather. This sleek and compact design makes it a reliable companion for any adventure. Its pocket-sized form ensures that you can carry it effortlessly in your bag or pocket, so you’re always ready to ignite a spark.

With USB rechargeable feature, you can charge it via various sources such as a computer interface, power bank, or socket. It is equipped with an LED power display to keep you informed about its charge status at all times. Adjusting the flame intensity to suit your ignition needs is a breeze with the included screwdriver.

Borfieon windproof lighter is designed with a cover and photoelectric switch to ensure that you’re protected, even if the cover is accidentally opened. It is more than just a practical tool; it’s a conversation starter. Its mesmerizing and powerful flame captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. Imagine owning a lighter that stands out in a crowd, evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Whether you’re out on a boat in the middle of a lake or facing strong winds on a mountain peak, this windproof lighter performs flawlessly. Its super powerful flame can light almost anything instantly. It also comes with an elegant gift box, which makes for an exceptional gift for any occasion.

  • Made from premium material
  • LED power display
  • High safety design
  • Small and compact size
  • Powerful and big flame
  • With a 90-day guarantee
  • Slightly pricey compared to others

4. Zippo Classic Chrome Lighter

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The Zippo Chrome Lighter is an absolute game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who love camping, hiking, and backpacking. Its genuine windproof design ensures reliable ignition even in challenging conditions.

What sets this Zippo apart is its rugged, all-metal construction. It’s built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors, so you can confidently slip it into your pocket alongside other items without worrying about scratches or damage. The random scratch pattern on the surface adds character and cleverly conceals any minor blemishes, which ensures it maintains its sleek look over time.

Mechanically, the Zippo Classic Lighter is amazing in simplicity. With a flick of the thumbwheel, it produces a spark that guarantees ignition. It’s a fail-proof design that has stood the test of time since the 1950s.

However, it doesn’t come pre-filled with fuel, and for good reason. The design isn’t sealed, and shipping it pre-filled would risk volatile fumes accumulating in the packaging, which could be hazardous. So, don’t be surprised when you receive it without fuel – it’s a safety measure.

Although it’s true that they lose fuel gradually due to evaporation, their reliability and timeless design make them a must-have for any camping, hiking, or backpacking trip. For optimal performance, we recommend using genuine Zippo premium fuel, flints, and wicks.

  • Genuine windproof lighter
  • Durable All-Metal construction
  • Sleek design with scratch pattern
  • Simple and reliable ignition
  • Compatible with Zippo accessories
  • No pre-filled fuel for safety
  • Requires technique for ignition
  • Not suitable for extended trips
  • Potential for minor surface rust

5. Nomatiq Black Dual Arc Lighter

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In a world of backpacking lighters, the Nomatiq Dual Arc Lighter is an innovative and revolutionary lighter for those looking for a long-lasting lighter. You won’t have to struggle with lighting candles in the wind anymore. It is completely windproof, making it a versatile tool for both outdoor adventures and indoor settings.

The best feature of the Black Dual Arc Lighter is its exceptional longevity. With the ability to provide up to 100 lights on a single charge, this lighter redefines convenience. Imagine using it daily and only needing to recharge it four times a year—an example of its durability and efficiency.

For those looking for a touch of personalization, the Black Dual Arc Lighter is available in four stunning colors: classic grey, opulent gold, serene blue, and playful pink. Besides its eco-friendliness, this lighter is a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts. However, an unavoidable drawback of the Nomatiq Dual Arc Lighter is the audible buzzing noise it emits when you turn it on.

The package is simple, containing only essential elements. Inside, you’ll find paperwork, a cable, a mesh drawstring bag, and the unit itself—stripped down to the essentials for a minimalist and functional unboxing experience.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long-lasting design
  • 100% windproof feature
  • Easy recharge
  • Stylish design
  • Quite expensive

6. LUBINSKI Five Torch Safe Lighter

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The LUBINSKI Safe Lighter has exceptional craftsmanship and functionality. It is designed with premium materials, making it leak-free for long-lasting use. Its easy refillability and simple click-to-ignite function make it easy to use, while the adjustable flame control allows for a customized experience.

Its remarkable windproof capability boasts a powerful five-torch design with flames resistant to even the strongest gusts. Whether you’re lighting a cigar, cigarette, or engaging in outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting, or even welding and soldering, this heavy-duty lighter rises to the occasion.

With its fine workmanship, gold-plated surface, and fashionable design, it exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. It comes in both sleek black and vibrant yellow giving you options to suit your style. LUBINSKI refillable lighter is designed with safety and ease of use in mind. Its adjustable flame pressure ensures precise control. The inclusion of a punch cut at the bottom adds to its versatility.

We also praise its exceptional value for its price. Its impressive weight and height of 4″ make it substantial. The inclusion of a gas gauge is a thoughtful touch, which provides a convenient indicator of fuel levels. However, it gets warm with extended use, but the quick cooldown time ensures that it’s always ready for action.

Its impeccable packaging, complete with a fancy gift box, makes it an ideal choice for gifting to loved ones who appreciate quality and style.

  • Premium quality
  • Versatile choice
  • Powerful five torch
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Good value for the money
  • Specific to butane fuel
  • Not for single-flame enthusiasts

7. Survive Outdoors Longer Fire Lite Lighter

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I recently acquired two of these nifty gadgets, and they’ve quickly become a staple in my kit. Let’s break down what makes this lighter stand out from the rest.

Starting with its primary function, the Fire Lite Lighter is very good at its intended purpose: igniting fires. The plasma igniter ensures that wind is never a concern. I haven’t put it through a rain test yet (although a shower experiment might be in the cards!), but based on its windproof performance, I have high hopes for its rain resistance.

While it’s a fire starter first and foremost, it does have a few quirks when it comes to more general use, like lighting candles in glass containers. The button placement and protruding cap can make this task a tad awkward. But don’t worry, a trusty long match easily comes to the rescue.

The built-in LED flashlight is a thoughtful bonus. It offers high, low, and strobe settings to provide ample illumination when needed. However, the only minor gripe is that it always starts on the brightest setting, but a preference for a dimmer start-up would be a nice touch for conserving battery life.

When it comes to battery life, the Fire Lite Lighter delivers a substantial punch. A full charge via USB lasts for up to 45 uses. Also, its watertight case ensures that it’s ready to go, rain or shine.

  • Fuel-free operation
  • Reliable ignition
  • High-intensity LED light
  • Water-resistant casing
  • Lighting candles in glass

8. ZIPPO Tree of Life Pocket Lighter

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The Tree of Life Pocket Lighter is the best to both form and function. This windproof lighter bears the iconic Zippo click, which assures you of its authenticity and reliability.

You cannot help but be captivated by its stunning design, featuring the intricate Tree of Life motif. The engraving is truly a work of art by providing a 360° view that adds a touch of elegance to this practical tool. The all-metal construction also ensures durability and gives it a substantial feel in your hand.

The windproof design ensures that this lighter will perform admirably in virtually any environment. No matter the conditions, you can trust this Zippo to ignite reliably. It is built for a lifetime of use. The ability to easily refill the lighter means it can remain a cherished companion for years to come.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee – a promise that if it ever falters, Zippo will fix it free of charge. This assurance speaks volumes about the brand’s confidence in the longevity and performance of their product. Instructions on how to fill it can be found underneath the display case.

  • All metal construction
  • Works virtually anywhere
  • Refillable for a lifetime of use
  • Made in USA with a lifetime guarantee
  • The color is not as vibrant like in the picture

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Windproof Lighter

Here are the key features to consider when looking for the best windproof lighter:

Ignition Type

When considering the ignition type for a windproof lighter, there are several factors to take into account. Here are some important considerations:

  • Piezoelectric Ignition: Piezoelectric lighters are known for their reliability. They produce a spark by using the piezoelectric effect, which generates an electrical charge when pressure is applied to certain crystals. They are more windproof than traditional flint-based lighters because they don’t rely on a naked flame to start. However, over time, the piezoelectric elements can wear out, leading to a decrease in the lighter’s effectiveness. Piezoelectric lighters are also more expensive than traditional flint lighters.
  • Flint Ignition: Flint-based lighters are straightforward in design and easy to maintain. Replacing the flint is a simple task. These lighters are generally more budget-friendly than piezoelectric lighters. However, flint lighters rely on an exposed flame, making them less resistant to strong winds. While flints are easy to replace, they do need occasional replacement, and the lighter may require periodic cleaning.
  • Electronic Ignition: Electronic ignition lighters are similar to piezoelectric lighters in that they generate an electric spark. They are known for their reliability and resistance to wind. Electronic lighters are usually rechargeable via USB, eliminating the need for fuel refills. Due to they rely on a battery, you’ll need to make sure it’s charged. Depending on the model, battery life may vary.
  • Plasma Arc Lighters: Plasma arc lighters are highly wind-resistant, making them a great choice for outdoor use. They are typically USB-rechargeable, eliminating the need for fuel. The electrical components in a plasma arc lighter may wear out over time, reducing its lifespan. Plasma arc lighters can be more expensive upfront compared to traditional lighters.
  • Butane Torch Lighters: Torch lighters produce a powerful, concentrated flame that can be useful for specific tasks like lighting cigars or candles. While not as windproof as electronic or plasma arc lighters, torch lighters can handle light to moderate winds. Torch lighters require butane fuel, which needs to be refilled periodically. Although they perform better in the wind compared to flint lighters, they struggle in very strong gusts.

Windproof Design

Look for lighters designed with wind resistance in mind. Features like multiple jets, a protective casing, or specialized ignition mechanisms can help maintain a steady flame even in windy conditions.

Durability and Build Quality

Opt for a windproof lighter made from rugged materials that can withstand outdoor wear and tear. Waterproof or water-resistant features can be especially valuable for ensuring reliability in damp environments.

Ease of Use

Consider factors such as ergonomic design, ease of ignition, and simple refilling (for fuel-powered lighters). A user-friendly lighter ensures a hassle-free experience, even in challenging conditions.

Fuel Capacity (For Fuel-powered Lighters)

If you choose a fuel-powered lighter, a larger fuel capacity means fewer refills during your outdoor adventures. This can be particularly important for longer trips.

Safety Features

Prioritize lighters with built-in safety features, such as child safety locks, flame adjustment controls, and mechanisms to prevent accidental ignition. These features contribute to a safer user experience.


Consider the size and weight of the lighter. Compact and lightweight models are easier to carry in your pocket or pack, which ensures you always have a reliable ignition source on hand.

Flame Control

Look for lighters with adjustable flame settings. This allows you to control the size and intensity of the flame, making it suitable for various tasks, from lighting a campfire to delicately starting a stove.

Rechargeability (For Electric Lighters)

If you choose an electric lighter, consider battery life and the ease of recharging. A longer battery life ensures extended usage, while convenient charging options add to the practicality.

Safety Tips for Using Windproof Lighters in the Outdoors

Here are important safety tips for using windproof lighters in outdoor settings like camping, backpacking, and hiking:

  • Choose a Suitable Location: Ensure you are in a well-ventilated area and away from flammable materials, including dry grass, leaves, and branches.
  • Check for Leaks or Damage: Before using it, inspect the lighter for any signs of leaks, cracks, or other damage. Do not use a damaged lighter.
  • Avoid Overloading Fuel: If using a fuel-powered lighter, fill it only to the recommended level to prevent overfilling and potential leaks.
  • Keep Lighter Upright: When lighting or using the lighter, keep it in an upright position to prevent fuel from escaping.
  • Use Wind Shelter if Possible: While windproof lighters are designed to resist wind, it’s still best to shield the flame from strong gusts with your hand or other natural barriers.
  • Supervise Open Flame: Never leave a lit lighter unattended, and always ensure the flame is fully extinguished before storing.
  • Avoid Direct Contact with Flame: Do not touch the flame or attempt to adjust it with your fingers. Use appropriate mechanisms or controls provided by the lighter.
  • Allow Cool-Down Time: After use, give the lighter sufficient time to cool down before storing it away. A hot lighter can be a fire hazard.
  • Keep Lighters Dry: Avoid exposing windproof lighters to water, as it can affect their performance and potentially cause damage.
  • Proper Storage: When not in use, store your windproof lighters in a secure, cool, and dry place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any specific features to look for in a windproof lighter for high-altitude activities?

Look for lighters with high-altitude performance capabilities. These lighters are designed to function at lower oxygen levels and are equipped with specialized valves and regulators to ensure a steady flame in high-altitude environments.

Can windproof lighters be taken on flights?

Most windproof lighters are prohibited in carry-on luggage due to their pressurized fuel or flammable contents. However, they may be allowed in checked baggage, but it’s important to check with your airline and follow any specific guidelines they have in place.

How long can I expect a windproof lighter to last with regular use?

The lifespan of a windproof lighter depends on factors like the frequency of use and the quality of the lighter. With proper care and maintenance, a well-made windproof lighter can last for several years.

What is the average cost range for a high-quality windproof lighter?

Windproof lighters can range from budget-friendly options at around $10 to high-end models that cost $50 or more. The price can vary based on brand, features, and materials used in the construction of the lighter.

How do I maintain a windproof lighter for optimal performance?

  1. Keep the lighter clean and free from debris, which can clog the ignition system.
  2. Store it in a dry place to prevent moisture from affecting the ignition.
  3. Refill it with high-quality lighter fluid or butane to maintain a steady flame.
  4. Regularly check for any signs of wear or damage and replace worn parts if needed.

Final Thoughts

The effort put into this guide is aimed at empowering you, the consumer, with the knowledge needed to select a windproof lighter that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. From improved ignition systems to high-altitude performance, these lighters are designed to withstand challenging conditions and deliver a reliable flame when you need it most.

We’ve also offered options that provide good performance without breaking the bank. These budget-friendly choices still incorporate key features that make them dependable companions for your outdoor adventures.

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