4 Tips on How to Make Tent Lines Visible

4 tips how you make tent lines visible

Tent guy cords are nasty stumbling blocks. They are practically invisible at night.

In this guide, you will learn how to make tent lines visible even in the dark night. You will also master how to avoid collisions with cords on other tents.

Why is it important to make tent cords visible?

Quite simple: so that nobody runs into the tent line. When a fellow camper runs into your tent string, some extremely unpleasant things can happen:

  • The pegs loosen or the guy line is stripped from the peg. If a storm comes up, the tent is no longer windproof.
  • The tent will be damaged. The loops to which your tent ropes are tied tend to tear in severe collisions.
  • A loud bang and a wobbling tent will wake you up at night. A three-digit pulse rate is guaranteed.
  • The most important reason: A person can fall and be injured, especially when it lands on a tent peg or in your camping grill.

When do a particularly large number of campers trip over tent ropes?

Campers of course know that there are tent ropes on campsites. But we sometimes forget that.

  • At night, a campsite resident is either sleepy on the way to the toilet, or on the way to the tent after a nice evening and a few bottles of beer. Both are easy victims for lurking, unlit guy ropes.
  • During the day, children run around the campsite and play catch. What happens if someone stretches a grass-green line across the meadow? You guessed it for sure.

So it is important that you protect your tent lines well at night and during the day. At the same time, you are signaling: I am thinking of the welfare of my neighbors.

Here are the four tips & techniques to help you make your guy ropes clearly visible:

How to make tent lines visible – Step by Step

1. Reflective tent cord in bright colors

Many tents come with black canvas. You can imagine how easy it is to see black linen in the dark.

Guy ropes in bright, garish colors are much better. They attract attention during the day and reflect a lot of residual light at night.

A tent rope in strong orange or neon yellow is ideal. These signal colors contrast well with most tents and the campsite lawn. The cords only cost a few dollars; you can easily attach them to the tent yourself in a few simple steps.

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2. Hang flags on the lines

You can see the guy ropes even better if you mark them with small flags. At night, a little reflected moon and starlight are enough to protect your tent.

We like to recommend the Guy Line Pockets from Wechsel. They have a striking yellow color and – as the name suggests, they can also be used as pockets for your guy ropes.

The tent cords can no longer get tangled in the pannier. And if you decide not to take off all the tent lines when the weather is nice, the ropes don’t dangle loosely around the tent and are well stowed away.

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3. Illuminate the tent pegs

We got to know the most effective tip on a natural camping site by the North Sea. The weather was bad and there was no electric lighting anywhere – the place was really dark at night. However, the daylight was strong enough to charge the batteries of small LED solar lamps so that they could shine through the whole night.

A small family next to us has used it to light their tent ropes. And that was a good thing. Since their tent was the only access to the beach, they would otherwise not have slept at night.

You simply stuck the solar lamps in the ground right next to the tent pegs. The lines and pegs were extremely visible even in the middle of the night.

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4. Don’t forget your flashlight

Of course, you don’t want to run into a tent line yourself. If you hold your hand over your eyes while walking around the campsite at night, you can see guy ropes much better in the dark.

The reason for this is: by covering the upper part of your field of vision, you keep blinding backlight away from your eyes. Since your eyes become very sensitive to light at night, this technique works even when the nearest light source is far away.

Of course, you can see the lines even better if you light your way with a flashlight.

Are you at the campsite for several days? Then we recommend an LED flashlight with a powerful 18650 battery and a USB connection for your night outings, which you can recharge at any time by using a power bank.

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Poorly visible tent cords can damage a tent or injure fellow campers.

You now know three effective techniques to make tent cords clearly visible day and night:

  • Tent ropes in bright colors
  • Mark the guy ropes with flags
  • Illuminate tent pegs with small solar lamps

Use the techniques to protect your tent, your fellow campers and your night’s sleep.

We wish you nice camping!

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