Camping in Autumn: Tips and Checklist

Camping in autumn: equipment, tips, checklist

Finally: the heat of summer is disappearing, and the nights are fresher again. Mother nature also shows splendid colors, the trees color their leaves in noble gold. Camping in autumn is therefore a great idea. If you take a few things to heart And this …

Camping in autumn? This works out? Sure, of course.

A bit of freshness keeps real camper, trekker and outdoor enthusiast. Especially since autumn is a great time of year because the heat of summer is over. The nights are much cooler again. The foliage turns golden. The wildlife is more active.

There is another reason for campers and trekkers to go camping in autumn: the primary season is over. Accordingly, the campsite is cheaper.

Of course, autumn makes completely different demands on you. Or your equipment. Going only in shirts and shorts is not a good idea.

Here are a few tips so that you are well-prepared for camping in autumn.

  • Equipment
  • Extra tips
  • Checklist
  • Reasons

Autumn Camping: Equipment

The most important thing is of course your equipment. This must match the season or the weather.


In the tent, you need not be so much aware. A windbreak (apse) is good this season, as autumn can be quite windy. Your preferred tent should also be big enough for extra luggage, especially when camping for several days.

The water column must also be correspondingly high. In other words: at least 3,000 mm for the tent or 5,000 mm for the floor.

  • Also important: an outer tent that extends to the ground, well-taped seams and reinforced tent poles, so you are well protected against wind and rain.

Note that you need a 3-season tent for camping in autumn.

Sleeping bag

With the wrong sleeping bag, the best tent won’t do you any good. Because the nights can be damn fresh in autumn.

Therefore, your sleeping bag should have a comfortable temperature of 10 to 0 ° Celsius. Above ten degrees you could freeze quickly (because too cold) and sweat below zero (because too warm).

Sleeping mat

No less important: a good sleeping mat. An inflatable sleeping mat offers the most protection but is often too heavy for trekkers. Here you have to decide what is more important to you. Comfort or (little) weight?

However, a UL sleeping mat does not have to be expensive and also lightweight. For example, the TETON Camping Sleeping Mat weighs just around 6 pounds. And cost around 80 dollars. The mat measures 80 x 30 inches with a thickness of 2 inches.


Finally, you have to adjust your clothes in autumn of course properly. A down or synthetic fiber jacket and a fleece jacket are good ideas to wear. This is less important when hiking or trekking, but useful mainly during breaks or in the evening and at night.

  • Also helpful: wear functional underwear that dries quickly. Thermal underwear can also be worthwhile for the night.

10 Pro Tips for Camping in the Fall

Three Friends Camping in Autumn

A few tips for camping in autumn should also be worthwhile.

1. Onion principle

Instead of a fat sweater, several thin layers of clothing are better for camping in the autumn. Thermal underwear helps at night, a softshell when it rains.

2. Sleeping well

The multilayer principle also applies to sleep. If you wake up shivering all the time, the night won’t bring you any rest.

  • Pimp your sleeping bag with an inlet. This warms and also keeps your sleeping bag clean.
  • Pimp your sleeping mat. With an insulating blanket, a layer of leaves or a simple bath towel underneath.
  • Put on a hat while sleeping. You lose 30 percent of your body heat through your head.

3. Booties

Booties – quasi tent slippers – also keep your feet warm. And weigh only a few grams.

4. Rain & wind protection

Speaking of which: rain and wind protection are the be-all and end-all. You know that autumn can be moody. So pay attention to it. For example, on taped seams on the tent. Seam sealer helps with touching up. Saving here takes revenge.

5. Parking space

Half of the middle is made up of parking space. So find a sheltered place for your camp.

6. Fire starter or lighter

It is not welcomed, but the fire is extremely warm. Especially since you can sizzle or brew something hot on it. Accessories like a fire starter or lighter are definitely worth it.

7. Burner

A burner is a must in any case. And a good one. In the mountains there can be frost and snow as early as October. Your burner must perform accordingly.

8. Eat well

Eat healthy food when camping

Eat decent and healthy food, especially in the cold, because you need energy. Pamper yourself. Take care of yourself on the go that saves weight. You can find good outdoor cooking recipes online.

9. Movement

Otherwise: Don’t be lazy, move. This makes you warm and also promotes sleep and hunger. Not a problem on a trek, however.

10. Schnapps

Granted, it has now been proven that alcohol does not warm you. Nevertheless: A small sip by the evening fire warms the soul – especially when camping in autumn.

Small Checklist for Camping in Autumn

Finally, I have made a small checklist that you can (and should) expand to include your own needs. You already have the basics together with the checklist “Camping in autumn”.

  • Tent (3 seasons)
  • Sleeping bag (3 seasons)
  • Sleeping mat
  • additional insulating ceiling
  • Rain jacket
  • Rain pants
  • Fleece jacket
  • Functional underwear
  • possibly thermal underwear
  • Functional shirt
  • Hiking socks
  • Hat, cap or multifunctional cloth
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • possibly tent lamp
  • burner
  • Fuel
  • Lighter
  • Insect repellants
  • suncream
  • sunglasses

Why You Should Definitely Camp in the Fall

By the way, there are damn good reasons to trek and camp in autumn of all places.


On the one hand, it is fresher, and the summer heat has disappeared. Your comfort increases accordingly. Because you no longer sweat like a pig, especially when hiking. At 30 degrees and more, some tents are just an oven. Autumn is much more pleasant there.

Sleep comfort

Therefore, your sleep comfort also increases. According to studies, anything above 24 degrees makes you sleep poorly. On the other hand,16 to 18 degrees are ideal for a good night’s sleep. Autumn is practically perfect there.


Cooler weather also drives away typical pests such as mosquitoes. Nevertheless, it is particularly worthwhile on the water if you pack a mosquito repellent spray.

Finally, autumn can also bring quite warm days.


The campsites are much quieter in autumn than in the primary season. Because there are simply fewer people there. It is quieter, which once again promotes your sleep and your recovery.

Cheap prices

After that, the prices are cheaper in the off-season, so you can save money.

Splendor of colors

Nevertheless, Mother Nature offers you a great spectacle, especially autumn is known for its splendor of colors. A yellowed canopy of leaves, which appears almost golden because of the soft autumn sun, is pure madness.

Fun for children

Fun, by the way, children also appreciate this splendor. Great colors, starry nights, rustling leaves under your feet and a warm campfire that makes children happy.


Especially since the chances of meeting animals are greater than in summer, camping in the autumn is a good idea. Many animals now eat the necessary winter fat, so they are more active. However, calm behavior is a must for such an animal encounter.

So, have fun hiking, trekking and camping in autumn …

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