6 Best Tree Tents (In-Depth Reviews 2022)

Tree Tents Reviews

A tree tent is perfect for anyone who wants to really relax on vacation. But have you ever thought about spending the night in a tree tent? Tree tents promise a special kind of floating overnight stay.

Avoid falls and recognize quality:

We have compared the most popular tree tents and present the best models for 2022. Your overnight experience in the air is guaranteed to be a success.

It gets even better:

In the buying guide, we also show which criteria should be taken into account when making a purchase and how the personal test winner is guaranteed to be found in just a few minutes.

Best Tree Tents (Top 6 Picks)

The respective tents are constantly updated.

1. Tentsile Stingray 3 People Tree Tent

Tentsile Stingray 3 Best Tree Tent

Tentsile Stingray tree tent is characterized by a typical tent construction made of tent poles, as well as an inner and outer tent. This model comes closest to a classic tent in our comparison. The big difference is that it is spanned between three trees using ratchets, allowing for a sleeping experience in the air.

Thanks to the ratchets, high tension is applied to the tent, which creates a level surface and therefore increases comfort when sleeping. This also creates enough space to take your own luggage into the tent. This model is designed for 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children to sleep in absolute comfort. However, it could be quite tight for the big three.

The waterproof material offers sufficient protection in the rain. The included 5,000HH rainfly can be fully removed for fantastic views and the summer breeze. And when attached, you can completely enclose the tent and keeps you dry in even the heaviest downpours.

This tent is a real miracle of space and comfort among the hanging tents. Anyone who prefers a light hammock tent will choose another model.

Product details:

  • Pack size: 25.5 x 8.6 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight: 24.4 pounds
  • Head Height: 48 inches
  • Season: 4-season
  • Load capacity: 880 pounds


  • Ultralight tree tent
  • Suitable for 3 people
  • Lots of space
  • Waterproof
  • Good ventilation
  • High payload


  • Takes 30 minutes to set up properly

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2. Tentsile Flite Plus 2P Backpacking Tree Tent

Tentsile Flite Plus 2P

Tentsile convinces with a great tree tent including many additional features. The tent can be easily pitched between two trees, for example, even on a slope or stretched across a river.

Tentsile Flite Plus tree tent protects against storms, sunlight, wind and rain with fully-enclosed water- and UV-resistant removable rainfly. You can also create a covered porch as well as generate a windbreaking thermal buffer.

The tent material is tough but lightweight. Thanks to the central crossbar, it offers an enormous sense of space without feeling cramped. The width of the tent allows you to lie diagonally in the tent, which is easy on your posture. You can also reduce the weight by not using the ratchet.

All tree tents from Tentsile come with ratchet straps for setup. Small hooks are used to store and attach your own belongings. The included tarp protects against rain and rounds off the offer. However, it does not come with a ladder.

Two adults can sleep comfortably in this if they use a double sleeping bag. However, individual bags probably work best. With this tree tent, safety combined with freedom in the middle of nature is guaranteed. Large and heavy people can also choose this model.

Product details:

  • Pack size: 17.7 x 8.6 x 8.6 inches
  • Weight: 8.42 pounds
  • Head Height: 31 inches
  • Season: 4-season
  • Load capacity: 485 pounds


  • Posture-friendly lying possible
  • Double layered tensioned floor
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Convenient for any terrain camping
  • Good quality materials
  • Pleasant sense of space


  • Difficult to get it set up correctly
  • Rainfly is a little on the small side
  • Not suitable for very tall people

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3. Blueridge Camping Hammock Tent by LAWSON

LAWSON Blueridge Hammock Tent

Lawson has created a crystal-clear combination of hammock and tent with particular emphasis on sufficient space. This is achieved thanks to a spreader bar so that there is enough space near the head and feet and the user only sinks slightly into the mat.

This construction enables a high level of lying comfort and also allows you to stow some luggage in the tent if necessary. The mosquito net and the rain tarpaulin protect against unpleasant and unwanted surprises.

The rain fly is super easy to set up as it just clips in underneath. It’s pretty compact and the size of a small sleeping bag when rolled up. However, this model is designed for one person.

The spreader bars can be divided in the middle to reduce the pack size of the tent. Additional eyelets are integrated on the side walls to be able to attach the tent to the ground in windy conditions and therefore prevent it from swinging.

The tent is absolutely waterproof. With the Lawson Blueridge, nothing stands in the way of a restful night in nature. It has been developed as a hanging tent for one person.

Product details:

  • Pack size: ‎24.5 x 6.25 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds
  • Head Height: 42 inches
  • Season: 4-season
  • Load capacity: 275 pounds


  • Lots of space
  • Freedom of movement
  • With mosquito protection
  • Incl. rain cover
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Additional eyelets


  • Criticism of the processing
  • Not suitable for 2 people

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4. Geertop Hammock Tent for 2 People

Geertop Hammock Tent

This Geertop hammock tent is even more fun with the latest model for two people. The tent can be loaded up to 440 pounds and can be hung up in just a few seconds. So the camping adventure can begin in no time.

Geertop hummock tent made of 70D breathable and taffeta parachute nylon fabric & polyester hexagonal mesh. This model is also equipped with shade cloth as a sun shelter tarp and protects you from the strong sunshine.

The close-meshed mosquito net protects against small animals of all kinds and can also be removed when not needed. Thanks to the waterproof rain tarpaulin, wet nights are also a thing of the past.

The tent is made of waterproof material and therefore stays dry even when it rains. The materials used are also robust and durable. It could be packed down a small size like a book so that users can easily carry it anywhere,

If you want to spend the night in the hanging tent together and are not afraid of physical contact, this tent is an excellent choice. However, it consists of only one layer of material and has not been additionally insulated or padded.

Product details:

  • Pack size: ‎15 x 11 x 3.15 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Head Height: 54 inches
  • Season: 4-season
  • Load capacity: 440 pounds


  • With rain cover
  • Removable mosquito net
  • High load
  • Easy assembly
  • Waterproof materials
  • Robust suspension straps


  • Quite small for two people

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5. Treez Tree Tents Aelph Omega

Aelph Omega Tree Tent

Treez Tree Tents convinces with small pack size. It is not very lightweight but low weight at only 12 pounds. It can be stowed in almost any backpack and is the perfect companion when traveling. This model offers comfortable lying comfort. This is how the tent keeps its shape and allows you to lie comfortably with a flat back.

It does not rest on the user’s face and allows freedom of movement. The robust material and the triple-processed seams ensure a long service life for the tree tent. It has two large sets of double doors for easy access. You can enter and exit the tent without disturbing anyone else

Aelph Omega tree tent can comfortably fit up to three adults during your camping trips. With the straps, attention was paid to tree-friendly use. In order not to get wet in bad weather, a rain cover or tarp must also be purchased.

Anyone who would like to do without a conventional tent and sleeping pad when traveling saves a lot of space and weight with the tree tent and has a great experience of nature included. However, the package doesn’t include a rain cover.

Product details:

  • Pack size:‎ 25.5 x 10 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Head Height: 51 inches
  • Season: 4-season
  • Load capacity: 840 pounds


  • Suitable for 2-3 people
  • Triple stitched for better support
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Travel size
  • Tree-friendly straps


  • No rain cover

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6. Uboway Quadrangle Hanging Tree Tent

Uboway Quadrangle Tree Tent

The ultra-light hanging tree tent from Uboway shines with its particularly robust materials and high load capacity. It is very spacious and offers enough space and comfort even for tall people.

Uboway tree tent comes with an insect-repellant mesh room that lets you enjoy nighttime sounds and cool airflow without tolerating bugs, ticks, mosquitos, or other creepy crawlies. At only 3.8 kg, the tent is particularly light and ideal for travel lovers.

Despite the lightweight design, it can withstand a lot. The tent carries a maximum load of 882 pounds. Interesting is the fact that this tent can also be attached to the ground with the pegs to protect other trekking accessories by creating a roof for them with the tent.

If you are out and about in rainy weather, you don’t have to buy a tarp to avoid getting wet because the package included it. The mosquito net protects against larger mosquitoes and insects, but it is not fine enough to keep small mosquitoes away.

For all travelers who carry their luggage on their backs, the Uboway tree tent is a real treat. On the other hand, if you want adequate rain protection included, choose another model.

Product details:

  • Pack size: ‎‎19.4 x 8.11 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 8.38 pounds
  • Head Height: 32 inches
  • Season: 4-season
  • Load capacity: 882 pounds


  • With mosquito net
  • Robust materials
  • High payload
  • Spacious and Easy construction
  • Easy to setup
  • Small pack size


  • No interior pockets to hold any gear

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What you need to consider when buying a tree tent

When looking for a good tree tent, you should definitely pay attention to the following features and properties:

  • Construction and lying surface
  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Rain and insect protection
  • Hanging device
  • Pack size and weight
  • Material

Construction and lying surface

There are now various tree tents on the market that differ in shape. However, tree tents most closely resemble what the outdoor enthusiast understands by a tent. They are attached to (usually three) trees with belt systems including ratchets and offer more space compared to other hanging tents.

Thanks to the ratchets, the tent can be put under strong tension and hardly sags. However, the ratchets also add additional weight and result in large pack size.


It makes sense to think about how much comfort you need when sleeping before you buy it. How restful the night depends on various factors, e.g. B. the size and shape of the lying surface. It is also important whether there is insulation and padding and how easy it is to get into the hammock.

Additional space to store luggage could also affect the coziness and comfort of the tent.


Tree tents are mainly available as single models for single travelers. But if you are looking for a slightly larger tent, you will also find it. Some models are suitable for two people, others for a couple with one or two children. And especially for children, there is hardly anything more exciting than sleeping in the air.

  • Tips: Due to the size and shape of most hammock tents, it is not possible to take your own luggage into the hammock.

Rain and insect protection

Everyone who likes to spend the night in nature knows annoying insects in the twilight and at night. Therefore, an insect screen is an absolute must for a hanging tent. The mosquito net must cover the whole body without restricting freedom of movement.

In order to stay protected and dry even in the rain, you should pay attention to waterproof materials and rain protection from above when buying.

Tree tents are often offered with a tarp – a simple tarpaulin to hang up. In some cases, however, this must be purchased separately.

Hanging device

When buying, you should pay attention to an appropriate hanging device. This ensures the safety and prevents the sleeping person from suddenly landing on the floor. Most tree tents are attached to the tree using rope ends or webbing.

The advantages of webbing are that there is less wear and tear on the material and the weight puts less strain on the tree bark than rope. The latter can cause long-term damage to the tree, especially younger trees with soft bark.

If you opt for a tree tent with a rope device, you should therefore buy a tree protection.

Pack size and weight

Tree tents are great outdoor companions that are very light in a simple design and come with a small pack size. However, there are some additional properties that negatively affect the two components:

  • Upholstery: Upholstery warms from below and ensures a softer lying surface. The thick material also increases the total volume.
  • Bridge hammock tents: The pack size increases significantly thanks to the fixed cross braces at the head and foot end. Depending on the material of the spreader bars, the weight also differs significantly.
  • Tree tents: If these are stretched with the help of ratchets, this is not only reflected in the pack size. The tent also weighs significantly more than classic camping tents of a similar size.


The material is a crucial factor in whether sleeping in a hammock will be a positive experience. Because if you choose a tree tent made of inadequate materials, you could have to deal with falls, pain or moisture as a result.

  • Nylon or ripstop nylon: Both are considered to be very robust, resilient and durable and are therefore perfect for the production of tree tents. However, nylon expands slightly when wet. Therefore, the tent would have to be re-tensioned in high humidity or in the rain. Nylon gauges are denoted by a number and a “D” for denier. The higher the number, the thicker but also heavier the material.
  • Polyester: Polyester is a little less robust but more breathable than nylon. Here, too, the material thickness is often specified with a number including “D”.
  • Mesh/nets: Mesh or netting is used to protect against insects. It doesn’t completely shield you from the outside but allows you to keep an eye on your surroundings. No-See-Um-Mesh is a particularly fine mesh material that protects against even the smallest insects.
  • Canopy: Tree tents are often offered with an additional tarp, a tarpaulin that is hung over the hammock and protects against rain or too much sunlight. The tarp must be waterproof.

How to Clean a Tree Tent?

For a long service life, the tree tent should be well cared for and cleaned regularly. The following procedure is recommended for cleaning:

  • Shake out the tent while it is hanging
  • Brush out if necessary
  • Remove light soiling with lukewarm water
  • Large impurities, for example, by grease stains, clean with a little soap
  • Let the tent dry completely in a shady spot
  • Additional impregnation to increase the service life

Attention: Under no circumstances should a sharp or corrosive cleaning agent be used, as it will attack the coating of the tent. This makes the material less robust and waterproof.


Are tree tents cozy?

Anyone who has ever lain in a tree tent knows how comfortable and cozy it is. But with a long period of use, back pain can occur if certain factors, such as B. the shape, are not considered. In the buying guide, we have summarized the most important criteria for a good and comfortable tree tent.

How do you attach tree tents?

A tree can be attached with ropes between two trees. The distance between the trees must be greater than the total length of the hammock. The greater the distance, the higher the tree tent should be hung up so that it does not rest on the ground even when weighted.

How expensive are good tree tents?

Tree tents for one person are available from around 100 to 1500 dollars. If you prefer a larger tent or want certain features, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. High-end tree tents, which are most similar in shape to a typical camping tent, are available for around 300 dollars.

Are tree tents suitable for camping?

Tree tents are ideal for camping for anyone looking for a special kind of sleeping experience. If you need comfort, a lot of freedom of movement and enough space for storage, you prefer to use a larger version or switch to a classic camping tent

Overall, tree tents, depending on the design, are often larger in pack size and heavier than conventional tents and are therefore only suitable for trekking tours to a limited extent.

How safe tree tents are?

If attention is paid to good workmanship and quality when buying, tree tents are very safe. It is also important that it is properly attached to the trees so that you do not suddenly fall out of bed at night.

Tree tents have a certain load capacity that should not be exceeded. The reason for this is actually plausible. The more weight comes into the tent, the higher the material wear and the greater the wear and tear. Too high a load leads to a risk of tearing.


Tree tents are perfect for relaxing and letting your soul dangle on holiday. But finding a safe and suitable model is not that easy. The spectrum ranges from simple tree tents with the appropriate equipment for overnight stays to more complex, extremely robust tree tents.

In order to find the perfect model for your own needs, we have compared and presented the best models. The buying guide also helps to identify the most important criteria for a good tree tent and therefore to find a suitable model yourself.

However, if you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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