Best Camping Chairs with Side Table (2024)

Best Camping Chairs with Side Table

When discussing camping chairs designed to enhance the outdoor living experience, our thoughts naturally gravitate toward products that are easily transportable, simple to assemble, lightweight, stable, and, above all, comfortable. A camping chair with a side table is an indispensable addition for those who revel in spending their holidays and leisure time in perfect harmony with nature. Imagine having a dedicated space to place your snacks, drinks, or even a book while you relax in comfort. It’s the little things that enhance the joy of being outdoors.”

Are you looking for the best camping chairs with side table but facing a challenge in making a decision? Fret not, as we are here to dispel all your uncertainties. We’ll review the 6 best camping chairs with side tables available in the market. So whether you’re a passionate camper, a festival enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys lounging in their backyard, these chairs are designed to meet your needs.

Best Camping Chairs with Side Table (2024)

Let’s start immediately with our review of the best camping chairs with side tables.

1. Timber Ridge Laurel Director’s Chair with Side Table

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Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: 20.87″D x 20.87″W x 35″H
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: Polyester
  • Maximum Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 7.2 pounds

The Timber Ridge camping chair has a complete backrest, cushioned armrests, and a convenient flip-down side table This folding chair is certainly among the best alternatives for camping, even if we have noticed some aspects that could be improved. With a modern and practical design, it is easily foldable and designed for outdoor use.

Thanks to the construction of the alloy steel structure, the weight is reduced. But despite this, it has great strength. The seat and the back have good support. The armrests make the position of the arms more comfortable. Furthermore, an attached cooler bag, cupholders, and a mesh pocket for your phone ensure you stay organized and comfortable throughout your outdoor adventure.

Timber Ridge camping chair can accept people of different builds, has generous dimensions, and is calibrated up to 300 pounds of capacity. The realization is of high quality, careful, solid and robust. Due to a powder coating process conducted with a commitment to environmental sustainability and ecological considerations.

A flaw concerns the armrests, which are non-cushioning. However, you can replace them with pool noodles for extra cushioning and ergonomic seat and back cushions.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Fold-out cooler bag
  • Good construction


  • Non-cushioning armrests
  • The seat is wide but short

2. KingCamp Oversized Camp Chair with Side Table

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Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: 20.8″D x 20.8″W x 32.6″H
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: 600D Oxford Fabric
  • Maximum Weight: 400 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 9.7 pounds

KingCamp folding chairs elevate your camping experience by providing enhanced comfort and convenience. We are in the presence of a folding chair with a side table that stands out for having a solid and robust structure capable of supporting up to 400 pounds of weight. It is an ideal choice for tall and heavy users.

The frame is strong and the support structure is more stable. The backrest and seat cushion are made of 600D Oxford and mesh, which are thick and breathable. Indeed, the seat is wider than that of a classic camping chair, which offers greater comfort to people with a large size.

Besides this, the KingCamp camping chair offers a very comfortable rest because the backrest, seat, and armrests are padded and do not leave pressure marks on the skin. It also has a convenient handle and folds easily for easy transport. When packed, its dimensions are 32.6×5.5×19.6 inches.

The user also benefits from greater comfort, thanks to the folding table with a cup holder on the right side of the chair and the left side pocket with four individual compartments. It weighs just over 4 kilograms and has a compact size for convenient storage.


  • Padded surface
  • Wide and comfortable seat
  • Attached carry handle
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Side table and side pocket


  • No reclining option
  • No footrest

3. Coleman Folding Camp Chair with Side Table

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Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: 21″D x 17″W x 31″H
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: Polyester Mesh
  • Maximum Weight: 225 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 4 kilograms

Coleman camping chair comes out of the box ready to use. This is a very light camping chair (4 kg) due to the fact that it is made of steel and polyester, which makes it perfect to take on a trip to the countryside or the beach. Its folding dimensions are 31.1 in. x 21 in. x 7.5 in.

The most remarkable thing is that it is very comfortable for long periods of sitting. The fabric is weather resistant, which withstands season after season. It is also ideal for fishing enthusiasts.

Another feature of this model is that it has an aluminum table with a hole to put drinks on it without spilling them. There are also small straps on each side of the seat. It is less slouchy than many camp chairs with side table we have reviewed. It has a notch for the handle of your coffee mug. However, I would prefer the drink holder to be deeper.

The chair features an open height of 31 inches and a closed height of 30 1/2 inches. However, the only thing we don’t like is that the backrest could be a little bit higher for better support.


  • Lightweight
  • Integrated folding table
  • Practical and easy to carry
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Weather resistant
  • Reasonable price


  • Low chair back

4. Coastrail Outdoor Compact Directors Camping Chair

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Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: 19.7″D x 24.4″W x 40″H
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: Polyester
  • Maximum Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 12 Pounds

The Coastrail Outdoor camping chair is distinguished by its unique compact folding design, allowing it to be neatly folded into a small package. This feature makes it ideal for storage in tight corners or spaces. It is an excellent quality folding camp chair with an average price range. This chair is available in different colors.

The seat is made of polyester, which offers quick and practical cleaning as well as quick drying. The side table with a luxury cup holder is suitable for storing cell phones easily. However, the structure is not very solid and robust and we would like to recommend the product to slim people despite the tubular being made of steel.

It has a maximum bearable weight of 300 lbs, but the advice is to keep it at a limited value. It is easy to pack and store in included storage bags. This model also has convenient straps for easy transport.

The backrest is straight and vertical, a position that allows you to eat, but at the expense of comfort that is not always excellent, especially if you sit for a long time. The feet offer really good stability, especially on sand.


  • Strong and durable
  • Large and breathable
  • Compact and portable
  • Large side table
  • High quality carrying bag


  • The cup holder is not deep enough

5. PICNIC TIME Sports Chair with Side Table for Adults

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Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: 19″D x 24″W x 33″H
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Seat Material: Polyester
  • Maximum Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Item Weight: ‎4.3 Kilograms

Finding a camping chair that seamlessly blends strength and lightness can be challenging, but this model excels in both aspects. Despite its featherweight design, which facilitates effortless transportation and movement, the PICNIC TIME Camp Chair can robustly support up to 300 pounds without sustaining any damage.

The side table provides just enough room for a plate, dessert, drink, binoculars, or any other gadgets you may need. Also, the cleverly incorporated umbrella loop on the back is a great feature for sunny days, providing shade and protection for fair skin.

The extra-wide seat is 19 inches across, made of durable polyester canvas with padded armrests. The fold-out side table looks excellent. It is the ideal chair for camping and for all those occasions in which it is necessary to carry objects that take up as little space as possible and weigh down the luggage.

PICNIC TIME camping chair is equipped with a comfortable armrest and cup holder where you can store your favorite drink. It has a structure in solid powder-coated iron and upholstery in 600D Oxford fabric, resistant to tearing and very durable. It is also perfect for fishing or on the beach.


  • Extra-wide seat
  • Sturdy lightweight frame
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Variety of pockets
  • Easy to carry


  • Side pockets are a little too small

6. Portal Folding Director’s Camp Chair with Side Table

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Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: 31.49″D x 19.6″W x 3.93″H
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: Polyester canvas
  • Maximum Weight: 225 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 10.75 Pounds

The final recommendation is particularly suited for those looking for a spacious seat. Featuring a lightweight and highly portable design, the Portal compact folding chair is versatile enough for camping or any other setting where comfortable seating is needed.

Weighing in at only about 10.75 pounds, this model combines alloy steel and polyester to provide enhanced relaxation when transitioning from a sitting position to a fully extended one. With rigid armrests, it is great for seniors or anyone with knee or spine issues.

It has a wide and large side table with a cup holder, which is sturdy and ideal for keeping snacks, drinks, magazines, or anything else within arm’s reach while you’re outdoors.

This model is also easy to fold and unfold. It holds up to 225 lbs. With its 31.5-inch high seat, it is undoubtedly comfortable for all occasions, even for people with reduced mobility. However, the fabric isn’t replaceable.


  • Versatile uses
  • Side table with cup holder
  • Very supportive design
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Easy to open and store


  • A bit heavier than most
  • Small table

How to Choose the Best Camping Chair with Side Table?

When faced with the task of selecting the perfect folding camping chair with a side table, numerous factors warrant careful consideration. To ensure these chairs meet and exceed your expectations, it’s imperative to verify that they possess essential characteristics without any compromise.

Types of camping chairs

  • Camping chairs for campers: usually you shouldn’t have great space problems and therefore the folding dimensions may not even be reduced to the bone.
  • Beach camping chairs: they are the slimmest with the strangest and most unusual shapes. They’re equipped with a bag or closing sealing system. Choose a booster seat that is lightweight and can fold away easily. Also prefer a breathable seat with micro holes and light color so that it does not attract too much heat from the sun.
  • Mountain camping chair: in the mountains, you need a light chair if you move on foot for excursions with trekking tents.

Quality of materials

Only high quality materials can ensure the durability of the chair over time. So camping chairs must be able to withstand knocks, scratches, bad weather, and water to remain intact for many years.

  • Frame materials

Most of the folding chairs on the market are made with an aluminum alloy structure, which is appreciated because it is not only very light but also decidedly robust. Furthermore, it is not afraid of bad weather.

  • Fabrics materials

The fabrics are another important aspect to evaluate. They can be in natural or synthetic fibers, both excellent solutions.

  • Natural fiber: This material can be more pleasant to the touch and more aesthetically beautiful, but it needs to be better cared for and treated. It gets dirty more easily and above all it is not water repellent: when it gets wet it must be dried carefully.
  • Synthetic fiber: Synthetic fabrics guarantee greater practicality because if they get dirty they can simply be washed with a damp cloth. They also do not absorb impurities. Chairs made with this type of material can be left in a downpour without being affected.

Ensure that the chair materials are weather-resistant and suitable for various outdoor conditions. This is particularly important if you plan to use the chair in different climates. Certain materials should not be left exposed to the sun for extended periods as prolonged exposure may lead to a “cooking” effect on plastic. This process can result in stiffness and cracks over time.

Side table design

Examine the side table design. It should be sturdy enough to hold your items, whether it’s a beverage, snacks, or a book. Adjustable or removable tables can offer flexibility.


Camping chairs with side table are often made of aluminum precisely because this material can ensure resistance and lightness at the same time. Lightness and maneuverability are essential for objects that must be moved and transported continuously.

Pockets and compartments

Anything but trivial or superfluous, pockets and compartments in camping chairs are essential for keeping some of the small objects you have with you in order and safe. Cigarettes, wallets, telephones, and so on find their place even when outdoors. The cup holder inserts are also handy.

Weight capacity

Check the weight capacity of the chair to ensure it can comfortably support your weight. Most camping chairs have weight limits ranging from 200 to 400 pounds, so choose one that accommodates your needs.


In this case, it is all too easy to understand why there should be: when you are tired and tired, what could be more pleasant than sitting or lying down on something soft?

The Verdict

Buying a camping chair with side table shouldn’t be done solely based on the price at the expense of comfort.  The purchase must also be weighted according to the place where we will spend the holidays. If you are at the beach, the best fabric should be the textured one to allow good ventilation and perspiration. If we love camping in the woods or the mountains then prefer a chair with a water-repellent fabric that does not get wet in case of rain.


Are there camping chairs for different uses?

There are two uses that you need to consider when you decide to take a chair on a camping holiday.

  • Chair for eating: the shape must allow you to stand very straight with your back around a table and must not be too low. The ideal chair is the director-type one or in any case with a vertical backrest.
  • Chair for relaxing: it is better to choose a reclining backrest or a soft seat with an egg or oval shape, possibly with the possibility of having a storage bag.

Is the shape of the camping chair important?

The shape mostly determines comfort and ergonomics, but it can also influence stability. There are camping chairs that are uncomfortable if you stay on them for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t well built. It simply means that they are designed for temporary and limited use.

For some types of chairs, the shape is important, for others, it is only a matter of aesthetics.

Can I adjust the height of the side table on these chairs?

The ability to adjust the side table height varies among different models. Some chairs have fixed tables, while others offer adjustable or removable tables for added flexibility.

When is a camping chair practical and functional?

If you have a light chair, it means that you have a practical and functional object in your hands. A camping chair that folds flat to take up just a few inches in height is easily placed in the camper or car trunk and therefore is the number one candidate for choice.

Are these chairs suitable for backpacking?

While camping chairs are generally bulkier than backpacking chairs, some models are designed with portability in mind. Look for lightweight and compact options if you plan to use them for backpacking.

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