Top 10 Best Beginner Snowboards of 2024

Best Beginner Snowboards

Buying a snowboard can be a challenging task for beginners, with numerous brands and models flooding the market each year. To help newcomers and holiday skiers in making good decisions, we’ve curated a practical and concise guide on the best beginner snowboards of 2024. In our buying guide section, you’ll find everything you need to know to select the right snowboard for your needs.

Best Beginner Snowboards in 2024

We’ve selected the top 10 best beginner snowboards that offer excellent value for the money. These snowboards are designed to provide beginners with a fun experience in all situations on the slopes. We also have taken into account additional accessories such as boots, bindings, and more, allowing you to save on extras while still getting everything you need for an enjoyable snowboarding experience.

1. System Timeless & Summit Snowboard – Best Overall

System Timeless snowboard is built with the strongest core System. With 3D Core and Edge lock construction, the high-density stringers run outside the center of the board as well as down each rail. You can easily drive and hold your edge in any snow conditions. It is 159 cm in length. It has an ideal flex, width, and sidecut radius.

The center of the snowboard has an artisan-grade heartwood stringer, which creates explosive power and response from park to big mountain carves. The top of the board has a larger mountain graphic that looks great. It is super easy to turn, and carving is excellent on groomed surfaces.

The included APX Snowboard Boots are ultra-durable and combine superior comfort with peak performance. They are built with simple and classic style which allows for optimizing features like metal hooks for superior lace hold. They are super soft and ready to wear. The bindings are classic and standard mid-level, not cheap.

System Timeless beginner snowboard comes with bindings with EVA base pad that creates a plush cloud like comfort when you ride in even the choppiest terrain. With an either-or toe strap, you have the flexibility to ride in toe cap style or over the forefoot. The gel insert contoured straps also maximize the controlling system and stability.

The company offers 3 years warranty. The package also comes with an amazing factory wax and is tuned and ready to ride. Overall, the board is fantastic for beginners and could be a good purchase for the money.


  • Easy to install and binding
  • Looks great and super fast
  • Comes with a complete package
  • Nice board for the money
  • Handles are great


  • Does not come with a stomp pad
  • No instructions included

2. STAUBER All-Terrain Snowboard for All Levels

STAUBER is a well-known snowboard manufacturing brand. They are dedicated to providing their customers with embodies, adventure, and meaningful life experiences. This is a user-friendly snowboarding package, which is designed to tackle all terrains and can satisfy beginners to a range of skill levels.

STAUBER snowboard and bindings are made of the highest quality materials and components, to ensure a perfect balance of performance and handling when navigating the different powder conditions on the mountain. The board is built with durable Gloss Finished Top-Sheet Paired.

The rigid snowboard bindings are made of Injection Molded Polyethylene. It is also super smooth and buttery. Compared to the System Timeless snowboard, the thickness of this model is pretty standard. The Hybrid Rocker profile is great for carving with confidence and makes effortless hitting in small jumps. The profile of the board and the structure of the bindings give super comfortable rides.

However, this is an all-mountain style snowboard set that is lightweight with a Medium Flex. In addition, the All-Terrain snowboard shape is designed specifically to avoid catching any edges as well as the weight. And the flex is perfect for learning how to ride safely.

The bottom is completely black on this board which looks great. However, the board is not too stiff and not too soft. This model is also available in seven varieties of sizes. If you are looking for a beginner snowboard without breaking the bank, we highly recommend this board. It has an extruded base, so it does not need wax as much as a sintered base. Furthermore, for enhanced overall performance, we recommend the wax.


  • Incredible snowboard for the price
  • Available in different sizes
  • Lightweight construction
  • Extremely smooth to ride
  • Stable and good quality


  • Very slick with no traction
  • For the smallest boot size, the bindings were at the limit

3. Burton Ripcord Directional Shape Men’s Snowboard

Burton is committed to protecting both users and the playgrounds that sustain snowboarding and the mountain lifestyle. It is an excellent choice, especially for those with very large feet. If this is often a problem for you, you will no longer have it, thanks to the optimal width of the board that goes against any eventuality.

It is not only able to deliver excellent, tight, and fast riding experiences but also performs even well on fresh snow. The Burton Ripcord features a classic shape snowboard design, with a slightly longer nose to provide ample float, flow, and control, allowing you to rip through any terrain or condition with ease.

The maximum stability and optimized performance allow anyone to extend their all-mountain skills. The pleasant feel of the flat top offers a free-bending curve and the rail mounting system for the bindings is outstanding.

A true symmetrical design lets you stay in control no matter which direction you point it. Frostbite Edges further improve grip and handling in any terrain or snow condition.

It has a flat profile between the feet, which ensures high stability, better balance, and continuous edge control. In our opinion, it is a good snowboard for beginner to intermediate-level snowboarders. The materials are also appreciable for the price: we believe you can have a lot of fun on the slopes.


  • Compatible with all bindings
  • Great quality for the price
  • Durable and built with well balanced
  • Flat top with easy bevel
  • Strong and fast


  • Matte black finish not adhered well

4. Camp Seven Drifter and APX Snowboard Package

The Camp Seven Ultimate All-Mountain Snowboard Package features the best modern system available. The package comes with a pair of APX boots and binding, which like the setup are made specifically for each other. This is a great package for both beginners and intermediate snowboarders.

The Drifter has been upgraded in design and features a new camber profile. To ensure you never catch an edge, the dominant CRCX profile greatly increases the float in powder and elevates your contact points. It’s good on powder and its stability is excellent. You can choose this model if you are not sure which size is best for you.

The included System APX Bindings are also light, stylish, and durable to offer unparalleled performance on the snow. The simple and classic style allows these boots to optimize features like metal hooks.

Camp Seven snowboard combined with the newest technology like Thermofit heat moldable liners and articulate cuff for smooth flex. To ensure quality, this set comes with 3-year warranty. It has good bend and flexibility for carving and we can say that you can’t find better quality at the same price.


  • Great package for the price
  • Lightweight and stylish bindings
  • Simple and classic style
  • Very easy to ride and switch
  • Perfect beginning snowboard


  • Available in whole sizes only
  • There is no stomp pad

5. Flow 2021 Gap Snowboard Package – Best Value

If you are looking for a complete snowboard package rather than just the board, take a closer look at the Flow 2021. But let’s see immediately what this set includes for beginner snowboard lovers… Besides the snowboard, there are the bindings for the boots. But that’s not all, the package also the high-quality boots.

The boots fit perfectly and therefore we recommend opting for one size larger than the shoes you usually wear. This model is not effective for pro snowboarders but good for beginners. However, it is suitable for intermediate-level snowboarders, therefore for those who have a certain amount of experience on the back.

It is a hybrid rocker, so the front and back are the same sizes. Different colors are also available. When buying, don’t forget to select the correct color choice. Although it is an entry-level board, it’s built with good materials. The board also comes with a matte finish and a 3-year warranty.

The equipped bindings are particularly suitable for freestyle and free rides. The set is not cheap but if you consider everything that composes it, you can realize that the offer is quite advantageous. By spending an affordable amount, you will have a board ready to use.

Flow 2021 Gap snowboard also proved to be easy to control even on its most challenging courses. This is not just about the board but also the bindings which, are reliable. However, this model is quite sober when compared to other boards which are often very flashy.


  • Very responsive and durable
  • Classic Sandwich construction
  • Good quality and performance
  • Provides super smooth rides
  • Built with a universal base


  • Not available in different sizes

6. System MTN All Mountain Snowboard with Bindings

System MTN Snowboard Package is one of the best all-mountain setups that you can buy at a reasonable cost. This low-cost beginner snowboard is designed to float in powder and still handle park laps for the day. If you’re worried about this entry-level snowboard, don’t be, you will not be steered wrong. However, all the System snowboards come waxed and factory-tuned.

The package comes with APX bindings that are lightweight and will excel in your riding. The binding is designed to fit sizes 8-14 and comes ready to ride on the mountain. It is also one of the lightest, most stylish, and most durable bindings on the market.

The average flexibility is not great for speed but it is a type of board with which you can perform great slides with excellent control and grip. It is also a perfect choice for occasional or beginner boards. It is wide, therefore with a greater central width to be compatible with all boots.

It is designed for those looking for new experiences, offering a comfortable fit and the ability to execute tricks with style and technique effortlessly. The board’s supple and flexible construction sets it apart from others. However, it is a product intended for adult men.


  • Provides a great riding experience
  • Comes with 3-year warranty
  • Best all mountain setups
  • Bindings are quality
  • Durable and stylish


  • Require specific snowboard boots

7. Burton Process Lightweight True Twin Snowboard

The latest model among the Best Snowboards for beginners of 2024 is the Burton Process version, it is a brand new All-Mountain style snowboard from Burton. It is suitable for any terrain and any riding style. It is also the stiffest board in the Burton line, a feature that will please sprinters.

The flat profile between the feet offers great stability, balance, and continuous edge control. Burton snowboard is perfectly symmetrical for balanced riding because it uses Super Fly II 700G Core that is strong but light, and provides pop and strength while reducing overall weight.

It is very flexible; suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert users. And if you love fast mountain descents, few models can give you better performance. In terms of dimensions, it ranges from a length of 152 cm with a width of 24.9 cm to a length of 162 cm with a width of 26.2 cm.

It responds more gently to solicitations and therefore is less problematic to manage. However, this model is recommended for Free Ride and All Mountain, ideal for new adventures and descents.

It is soft, ultra-stable flexibility for young rippers looking to take the next step in freestyle progression. The Channel mounting system offers the simplest and most adjustable configuration with attachments from all major brands.


  • Design with twin shape and flex
  • Strong but lightweight design
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Provides outstanding stability
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t come with binging or boots

8. STAUBER Summit All-Terrain Snowboard Package

This is another great All-Mountain Style complete snowboard set for beginners from STAUBER. If you are just interested in learning or a seasoned rider, this package will enhance your experience. this board is well-shaped and designed to make snowboarding more effective and smooth.

It comes with durable Gloss Finished Top-Sheet Paired with Rigid Snowboard Bindings, which are made of Injection Molded Polyethylene. It is the simplest and easy-to-use model in this line, making it ideal for beginners. The construction is high, but the price is reliable and accessible for everyone.

It is built with Twin Directional Tip and Tail and uses the standard 2 x 4 mounting system, which is made with stainless steel inserts. This model is also ideal for individuals who already possess a medium level of technique and seek to explore new experiences in the park or in powder conditions.

STAUBER Summit snowboard has been specially designed to minimize the possibility of edge sticking on the snow and therefore the risk of falls. The set consists of a board, bindings, boots, and a practical carrying bag. The beautiful boots are also available in different sizes that guarantee a comfortable fit.

It is light and soft, making it ideal for improving carving-style steering descents and techniques. The package comes with a lot of accessories even including 8 – 14mm Screws and 8 Countersunk Locking Washers, 2 Mounting Discs, and more.


  • Completely scratch resistant
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate
  • Built with White ABS side wall
  • Adjustable High back


  • Included carrying bag not high end but ok

9. Camp Seven New Roots CRC + APX Bindings for Men

Another snowboard dedicated to men is the Camp Seven New Roots, a classic model that receives upgrades year after year. The CRC snowboard, the newest addition to the Camp Seven Roots line, is constructed with the highest quality materials and technology. It comes with tons of upgrades and a revamped core.

With this package, you’ll be prepared for the ultimate riding experience. Featuring rocker performance, camber loaded pop, and a dual-density wood core, the Camp Seven offers the best all-mountain setup available at a reasonable price. The style is All Mountain with medium stiffness, which ensures versatility and performance across various terrains and conditions.

The bindings feature 360-degree rotational mounting discs, which allow you to adjust easily. Its configuration facilitates learning and helps develop balance. The System APX binding is one of the highest quality. The durability and adjustability of the bindings are great. The binding fits sizes are 8-14, and the board is available in multiple sizes. It has pre-threaded stainless steel inserts and the wood side is the deck.

The DD2 Core is made up of tip-to-tail Poplar with high-density stringers through the center of the board, which create explosive pop and response. This board comes pre-assembled in a position suitable for beginners. Just put them on and go!


  • An optimal choice for beginners
  • Comfy adjustable toe ramps
  • Comes with high-quality binding
  • Features with high-safety design
  • Comes with 3-year warranty


  • Different sizes are not available

10. Ride Warpig Directional Rocker Premium Snowboard

‘Ride Warpig snowboard stands out as one of the most striking products on the market. And if you are looking for a durable board that is above average in every feature, the Ride Warpig is the best option for you. It is the ideal partner to take with you to the mountains whatever your ideal style.

The style is All Mountain, which is very versatile and comfortable, so you can perform any new trick you want. It is designed to push beginners and intermediates to more advanced riding conditions. No matter if you are obsessed with jumps, it adapts very well to any situation.

The board has a medium hull stiffness index, so you will have optimal board control. It is also very responsive to quick turns and has the proper flex. Its directional shape makes it easy to work in any terrain or snow condition, and the additional stability and grip-free feel of Flat Top make it easy to control.

Ride Warpig Directional snowboard is designed with the simplest and most progression-friendly design. It is also suitable for progression Pushes towards more advanced driving conditions and can be used in any snow conditions. With good engagement, it is short enough to turn tight and wide enough to keep you on top of deep powder.


  • Perfect balance for learning
  • Very strong and durable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Great choice for the price
  • Rigid enough for speed
  • Double Impact Plates


  • Doesn’t look very fancy

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s unveil the most useful tips to help you make a thoughtful choice:

Types of snowboard

The best-known styles of snowboards encompass five types, each catering to specific preferences and terrain conditions:

  1. Free ride style snowboard: Ideal for off-piste descents, this style offers a sense of freedom as you glide over fresh snow and uneven terrain, often utilizing ski lifts or alternative means of transportation.
  2. All Mountain style snowboard: Famous for its versatility, this style requires a board capable of excelling on various terrains and accommodating different snow conditions.
  3. Freestyle snowboard: Suited for experienced riders seeking adrenaline-pumping acrobatics, the freestyle style encourages extreme and unrestricted snowboarding maneuvers.
  4. Powder snowboard: Designed for versatility across all skill levels, powder snowboards are specially designed to provide enhanced floatation on deep snow. This distinguishes them from traditional All-Mountain boards.
  5. Park snowboard: This style emphasizes performing stunts and tricks not only on snow but also on various obstacles like trees, grass, and asphalt, making it a unique and thrilling snowboarding experience.

Shape of snowboard

Branded snowboards can be shaped in three primary ways, each delivering specific performance results:

  • Directional: These boards feature clear differences between the tail and the tip, which provides a one-way type of shape that can be guided in a specific direction. Directional boards are commonly found in free-ride and occasionally All-Mountain styles. Bindings are mounted off-center, towards the rear, to offer relief from potential fatigue when navigating steep slopes.
  • True Twin: Symmetrically designed from front to back, True Twin snowboards allow for riding in multiple directions. These boards are popular among riders who enjoy surfing in both directions for various reasons, whether due to changing conditions or performing stunts.
  • Directional Twin: Combining aspects of both directional and true twin shapes, directional twin boards can vary significantly based on specific features chosen by the manufacturer. No two directional twin boards are alike, offering versatility and performance tailored to individual preferences and riding styles.

Experience level

Choosing an over-performing snowboard is a very common mistake. Many beginner snowboard riders were taken by the enthusiasm of having reached the first milestones. When they decide to give themselves a new snowboard, they overestimate their skills and needs. And finally, choose over-performing models that end up hindering them in their progression. So choose a board suitable for your level.

The majority of riders, even if experienced, could benefit more from intermediate-level snowboards, not excessively rigid and performing, but more versatile and permissive.

The flex

Flex is the degree of flexibility of the board and is generally expressed as a number from 1 to 10. All Mountain boards have a medium to slightly stiff flex and stiff, free ride boards. If you are a beginner, make sure to choose a model with soft or intermediate flex. And avoid boards that are too stiff.

Carving and edge

Carving is a driving style characterized by alternating back and forth between the heel edge and the toe edge to drive downhill in an “S” shape. This style is suitable for beginners because it creates confidence and skill and allows you to feel the “flow” of the snowboard.

The side of the board that the toe points to is called the “toe edge” and the side of the board that the heels face is called the “heel edge”. These are useful terms to know when snowboarding because they help you orient the board.

The length

Snowboards come in various sizes to adapt as much as possible to the physical conditions of each rider. Once you have found the right model for you, you can find the right size for you based on your weight, use and level.

In principle, a shorter snowboard is more manageable, while a longer board offers a better grip on the track and at high speeds. That’s why freestyle snowboards are shorter than free ride boards. Furthermore, to start snowboarding, you should choose a model with the shortest size because it is more manageable.

A freestyle snowboard should be between 20 and 25 cm shorter than your height. An All Mountain snowboard should be 10 to 20 cm shorter than your height. A lighter snowboard rider should choose a shorter size than a heavier rider.

The width

Width is also an important factor you have to consider. Each snowboard must be wide enough to accommodate boot bindings comfortably and proportionately. This will determine the good level of control of the board and reduce the risk of falling. It is especially important that your boots do not protrude from the board.

If you have quite large feet, you should go for the WIDE models. Mid-wide models are generally recommended for those wearing boots 43 and up, while WIDE snowboard models are required for those wearing boots 45 and up.

The color

The aesthetics of a snowboard can play a significant role in reflecting your personality and style on the slopes. Opting for graphics and colors that resonate with your “rider soul” allows you to express yourself and stand out while performing on the snow. Whether you prefer more aggressive or subdued designs, choosing a model that aligns with your preferences adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your snowboarding experience.

Your sex

If you believe that the only difference between a men’s snowboard and a women’s snowboard is the design, then you are mistaken. Women’s snowboards are optimized for lighter riders, and they are not only smaller in size but also have a different flex. For this reason, if you are a girl, especially if you are small in stature, it’s important to choose a specific model that will be less tiring and more manageable for you.

Other accessories

Often beginners focus on buying their new board first, leaving bindings and boots in the background. This is a serious mistake because boots are essential parts of snowboarding. They should be comfortable for extended period, keep you dry, and keep your feet and ankles firm.

The bindings are not far behind and in addition; they have the advantage of generally lasting beyond the first board you buy if they are good.


Why flexural strength is important?

The flexibility of a snowboard is important because it gives the reactivity necessary to achieve certain goals while riding.

Soft flex snowboards are easy to turn and find ideal conditions in fresh snow.

Medium flex boards offer more stability than soft flex boards but also more flexibility than rigid snowboards. They are a widely used hybrid that performs well on all types of terrain, without excelling in any type of trail.

Stiff flex snowboards are extremely stable, especially at higher speeds. They are more suitable for groomed and off-piste slopes.

How can I choose the right surface length?

The length of the snowboard that suits you can be determined by considering your weight and height. This gives you a rough sign, as some snowboarders prefer shorter boards depending on what they are trying to achieve. The board of adequate length is the one that comes between the nose and the chin.

In online sales, you will often find tables with table measurements corresponding to the product description.

What does mean by the effective edge?

The term “effective edge” refers to the length of the snowboard that is in contact with the snow during a descent. It is measured in centimeters and is always shorter than the overall length of the snowboard.

Short effective edges are easier to turn because they make less contact with the ground. However, they are often considered less stable compared to longer effective edges. Conversely, long effective edges provide better stability, especially at higher speeds. However, turning can be more challenging or require more skill and effort due to the increased contact with the snow.

What is the side cut radius?

All snowboards are narrower in the center of the board than at their ends, which creates an arc known as the side cut range. If you ideally draw the arc with a pen and complete it by drawing a whole circle, you can measure the radius of that circle to determine the lateral radius of the snowboard. This is an important measure as it lets you know what kind of turns a snowboard is capable of.

The larger the radius, the greater the table’s rotation capacity. Smaller radius snowboards are able to tackle tighter turns and quick turns; those with a larger radius have a large turning capacity.

Are Snowboards for women different from men?

Yes, men and women have different physical characteristics, which is why snowboards are often designed with different characteristics to accommodate these differences. In general, women’s snowboards are lighter and more flexible compared to men’s snowboards. Also, even at the same height, women often have smaller feet, so the dimensions of women’s snowboards may be slightly different to provide a better fit and performance.

What does all-mountain snowboard mean?

All Mountain snowboards are designed to excel in any type of terrain and snow conditions. They combine features of both free ride and freestyle boards, offering versatility and balance. Whether you’re carving down groomed slopes, hitting jumps and rails in the terrain park, or exploring off-piste terrain, All Mountain snowboards are capable of handling it all. They do not favor one specific discipline over another.

What are the best snowboard brands on the market?

If you are looking for a high-quality snowboard and wish to avoid the many clones of unknown origin, it is good to know some leading brands in this sector thanks to the quality of their products. The most famous brands of snowboard manufacturers are System, STAUBER, BURTON, and Camp Seven.


Choosing the best snowboard for beginners depends on the rider’s skill level and preferred style. With a wide range of models available at various price points, it’s essential to consider factors such as board shape, size, and flex to ensure a suitable match. In this guide, we’ve highlighted the 10 best models for beginners, designed to provide a complete, comprehensive, and easy-to-read resource to assist aspiring snowboarders in finding the perfect board to kickstart their snowboarding journey.

Hope you will benefit if you pick your suitable one from our top 10 recommendations. If have any questions or confusion, don’t hesitate to ask your question in the comment section below.

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