Best Snowboard Boots for Beginners for 2024

Hey there, snowboard adventurers! If you’re stepping into the exhilarating world of snowboarding, let me be your guide to finding the perfect pair of snowboard boots to elevate your experience on the slopes. Whether you’re trekking through powdery backcountry trails or mastering your skills in the terrain park, having the appropriate footwear can greatly enhance your experience and progression as a snowboarder.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best snowboard hiking boots, especially as a beginner? Do not worry! I’m here to simplify the process and help you find the perfect pair that suits your needs and skill level. We have made a comparison of the top 10 best snowboard hiking boots for beginners in 2024, considering factors such as comfort, support, durability, and overall performance.

Best Snowboard Boots for Beginners in 2024

Take a look at our list of the best snowboard boots for beginners…

1. DC Phase Durable Snowboard Boots for Men – Top Pick

If you are looking for a pair of high-quality beginner snowboard boots for men, then the DC Phase is the best solution for you. These simple snowboard boots allow you to stay on track for a long time without stopping. DC Phase Snowboard Boots are also the perfect choice for wide-foot snowboarders.

They integrate with a foaming system which helps keep the feet warm as well as adapt better to the shape of the foot. The soft padding on the inside is super comfortable and won’t irritate with extensive use.

DC Phase Snowboard Boots are extremely wear-resistant and durable and they are very comfortable to use. These are designed strategically that provide more power and leverage for an optimal custom fit. They are flat and use traditional lacing, which is perfect for All Mountain style snowboarding.

The laces are robust and don’t show any sign of wear, you just push the right amount of stretch to ensure security. They work well for both snowboarding and snowmobiling. The boots feature old-style laces, which beginners should prefer anyway.


  • Good quality for the price
  • Stylish and easy to walk
  • Comfortable to wear and keep warm
  • Completely waterproof
  • Soft sole and looks great


  • It is a bit light
  • Color is a little off

2. System APX Beginner Snowboard Boots – Editor’s Choice

System APX snowboard boots come with Thermofit Heat Moldable linter, which allows the boot to adapt to every curve of your foot perfectly. These are able to avoid pressure and help you to ride comfortably all day on the snow surface.  These entry-level snowboarding boots are more comfortable when worn and not too tight.

The traditional lacing allows ride easily and keeps the boot tight in all the right places. You can tighten each section of the boot separately. It is a product that we can make among the best beautiful snowboard boots for beginners on the market. The material quality is also remarkably good for the price.

System APX snowboard boots are designed to provide long-lasting service life. To ensure quality, the company three-year warranty against manufacturer defects. The APX is also one of the best-fitting and most comfortable snowboard boots for beginners that you can buy for less than 100 dollars.

The laces are so long and when you hit bumps on the snowboard,  it is kinda bit hard. However, these are conventional snowboard boots, there is no metal clicking system at the bottom. The calf support is fine, but sometimes it feels as though they are loose at the ankles.


  • Super comfortable and warm
  • Comes with 3-year warranty
  • Good shoes for the price
  • Durable and sturdy fishing
  • Fit pretty well for large feet


  • Small size
  • Not very stiff

3. Burton Ruler Dual-Zone BOA Snowboard Boots

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of snowboard boots for long-time use without spending too much, the Burton Ruler is the best option for you. These boots take the attention of more riders because of their high comfort level and performance.

It has Grip Lite backstay for snugging up the fit between the boot and the hi-back able to reduce your fatigue. Its 1:1 medium flex creates a super fit between the boot and tongue while you ride. This model is perfect for all-mountain because the double boa is so convenient.

The comfortable sole construction provides an instantly broken-in feel. The snow-proof internal gusset completely seals, which keeps your feet warm and dry all the time. However, the only complaint is that the material around the BOA laces can start to wear/tear after a long time of use.

It features with Dual Zone BOA Coiler Closure System. The two independent lacing zones can be simultaneously adjusted with the twist of a dial for a custom fit in both the upper and lower portions of your boot.


  • Made of 100% authentic materials
  • Man fur is soft and fuzzy
  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Soft and lightweight
  • BOA system is great


  • Run a little small

4. Thirtytwo STW Boa ’19/20 Snowboard Boots

Thirtytwo STW snowboard boots for men ensure maximum comfort and excellent grip, above all thanks to the Boa system. It is a great choice for beginners or intermediates who aspire to get to the next level. And with a comfortable Fit liner, your feet will be normal after a long day of snowboarding.

The padded inner part warms the feet and keeps them in a comfortable situation. The sole is soft and ensures good grip and therefore to drive the snowboard safely. However, these are mid-range shoes with features worthy of high-end snowboarding shoes that automatically adapt to the shape of your feet.

The innovative BOA system ensures that you don’t waste time tying the loose laces, as you just need to wrap the wheel to fix them remarkably quickly. The product price is low but the overall quality is outstanding.

Thirtytwo STW snowboard boots are much lighter than the previous one. It is also flexible and comes with an innovative design to ensure higher user safety. Different colors are also available.


  • Very good grip
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Modern and new design
  • Quick to wear


  • Not completely waterproof

5. K2 Maysis Quick-Pull Snowboarding Boots

This model by K2 is the ideal choice for those uncertain about which snowboard boots to purchase for freestyle snowboarding. With its innovative technology and superior design, these boots are perfect for freestyle snowboard riders.

They are medium flex snowboard boots suitable for both beginner to intermediate users. However, a little less comfortable for advanced ones. I rated these boots 4 stars instead of 5 due to sizing issues. I concur with other reviews indicating that they run small.

This model is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, thanks to the molded Eva footbed that effectively cushions shocks. The nonslip sole and inner lining provide excellent grip and stability, ensuring you can ride without interruption even when fatigued.

K2 Maysis snowboard boots are very easy to close off, easy to tighten, and have the right amount of stiffness for the terrain parks. This pair is the most comfortable fit and is very snug without causing any pain. They are also less expensive and available in three different colors.


  • Supportive and stable
  • Very easy to wear
  • Well construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Customizable


  • Need to tight them every run

6. HEAD 18-HDRDBOABLK-P Snowboard Boots

You may know that HEAD is a leading global manufacturer of premium sports equipment. And the Head Unisex Rodeo Boa provides an accessible snowboarding experience with a ton of comfort. With a softer-than-average flex, these boots are an excellent choice for beginners entering the sport, but they also perform well for more experienced intermediate riders.

These boots feature with removable liner. They are easy to adjust and stay tight. With a soft flex, these boots are good choices for those who just starting the sport but will work just fine for more experienced intermediate riders.

They deliver added flex on the medial side of the boot to ensure greater comfort and natural flex. The Trace sole provides supreme grip and stability for your foot, and the embedded rubber studs offer outstanding traction.

These boots are designed with comfort as a top priority and fit snugly and comfortably after the first time you wear them. Additionally, these sleek boots are waterproof, ensuring durability over time.


  • Keep your feet warm
  • Durable and looks nice
  • Good boots but low price
  • Comfort cuff system
  • Ease of use


  • Doesn’t have advanced features

7. Thirtytwo Shifty BOA Snowboard Boots for Men

This is another great pair of snowboard boots from Thirtytwo and could be a great choice for beginners who want to approach this discipline without breaking the bank. In fact, the quality-to-price ratio is one of its strengths, making it suitable for those who don’t have high demands but still want outstanding performance.

The Comfy Tongue has extra padding that adds extra cushion. The grip and rip heel hold lock your foot in place and ensure ultimate control. They are super light and stay dry.

The liner is comfortable; you can easily use it. The ratcheting lace system is exceptional and the Shifty BOA design keeps your feet always safe. It will perfectly fit in the toe box and be tight on the outer foot.

These boots are constructed with a dual-density intuition foam, which allows for moderate support and soft flex. The lined with Micro Fleece also provides superior warmth and comfort. They are auto-release snowboard boots. To release the wires, just pull the boa outwards and it automatically releases.


  • Comfort fit liner
  • 100% Heat Moldable
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use and wear
  • No toe drag


  • Need a little pressure

8. Burton Moto Stylish Snowboard Boots

You’re likely familiar with Burton, one of the most well-known snowboarding equipment manufacturers on the market. Their men’s Moto Snowboard Boot has everything a beginner needs. They aren’t overly heavy yet manage to keep your feet warm within moments of putting them on.

This model is sleek yet well-constructed, ensuring comfort right from the start of your sports endeavors. With a total length of 11 inches and average width, they provide a comfortable fit. Moreover, the technology integrated into these boots is cutting-edge, featuring a super easy lacing system that allows for quick in and out.

The backstay is made of durable polyurethane. However, if you are thinking about a gift and you don’t know where to buy it, this solution may be the right one for you. They are not very high-end boots but manage to keep the heat for a long time and therefore the foot is comfortable.

The DynoLITE Outsole provides superior cushioning and enhances board feel, ensuring consistent support. The only drawback of this model is that it can be challenging to stow the laces when wearing them, particularly when your hands are cold.


  • Light and nice style
  • Comfort Construction
  • Fast lacing control
  • Keep warm and dry
  • Good quality


  • Not good for wide feet

9. Ride Rook Black Snowboard Boots for Men

This is a good pair of Snow Ride Boots for Men with some really interesting features that make an excellent quality at an accessible price. Ride Rook snowboard boots are fitted with intuition plush foam liner which provides optimal comfort to the users and the BOA H3 System provides a quick and uniform closure.

These are All-Mountain snowboard boots featuring an easy and fast Boa closure system. Designed for both beginners and expert users, as well as riders who enjoy turning and high-speed performance. Ride Rook snowboard boots feature lock down Turbo that ensures high security and no slackliner lace hold.

The grip light sole combines with rubber pods, which provide excellent durability and traction. Ride Rook beginner snowboard boots also combine hassle-free lacing with all-time comfort. They have a Slime Midsole that reduces pressure points to give you the best possible comfort.


  • Articulated Cuff
  • Grip light sole
  • Center tongue liner
  • Die-cut EVA insole
  • Great BOA system


  • A little bit heavy

10. Thirtytwo Shifty Boa Snowboard Boot for Women

Last but not least, the Thirtytwo Women’s snowboard boots have been designed to meet the demands of most beginner riders. This model offers exceptional ankle support and includes all the essential features for performing complicated maneuvers or tricks.

The flexibility of these boots is great, which makes them suitable for teenage women. These boots are soft and lightweight, with an inside liner that is easy to tighten. This model also features an excellent shock absorption system along with a traditional lacing system. You can count on the Power cuff strap, which ensures greater stability during snowboarding maneuvers.

Thirtytwo Women’s snowboard boots are made of high-quality materials to hold the foot more firmly. The cost is really low compared to high-end models but the overall development is unbeatable.

These snowboard boots are designed for women who appreciate new and unique designs and always strive to stay contemporary, even in the realm of snowboarding. However, the light color can get very dirty in the slush/rain.


  • 100% Heat Moldable
  • Provides super warm
  • STI evolution outsole
  • Internal lacing system
  • Total comfort


  • Brand logo is strongly visible

Buyer’s Guide: Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

Before buying a good pair of beginner snowboard boots, you must consider several fundamental criteria that we’re going to share below to help you make a good decision.

The flex

The flex of the boots is the most important aspect to consider when choosing your first snowboard boots. Beginner snowboarders should wear soft and flexible boots as they are more comfortable. However, expert snowboard riders need less flex to allow for more aggressive turns and more difficult jumps.

Preferred style

Where do you snowboard?

Do you prefer groomed trails or the park?

Your snowboarding style will determine the type of boot, flex and materials. For example, All-mountain snowboard boots are ideal for those who plan to hit and carve the slopes most of the time, while freestyle boots are designed for those who plan to do tricks and spend most of their time in the park.

The size

Snowboard boots size is not universal, not all models suit everyone. The shape of the slippers of your boots can be significantly different from one brand to another. Furthermore, the size must also correspond to that of the binding so that the heel and toe do not protrude from the side of the board but remain in line with the edges.

The adjustment

Best snowboard boots for beginners should be snug and new boots should be reasonably tight during the first few days of use. Your toe should gently touch the tip of the boot without getting in the way or causing too much discomfort. As you bend your knees, your heel should stay in place and your toes will step back slightly from the front of the toes.

However, as a beginner, it’s often a good idea to choose a snowboard with boots and bindings.

Lacing system

There are three types of lacing systems for snowboard boots: a boa system, quick lacing, or traditional lacing. Let’s see them in detail…

  • Traditional: Traditional lacing usually offers the best custom fit because you can choose where the laces are the tightest along with the boot. However, tightening or loosening them in the dead of winter is hard on your hands, and if your fingers are frozen – well, good luck.
  • Quick lacing: Quick lacing is much easier and can be done with gloves on. They close simply by pulling the laces; it is faster and they are comfortable to close. The cost to replace them would be higher compared to a classic system.
  • Boa lacing: Boa lacing is the simpler option as it uses a dial to tighten and loosen the laces, which can also be adjusted with gloves. The boots are closed simply by turning a wheel. They are the latest arrivals.

The lining

The lining on the inside of a snowboard boot provides comfort, insulation, and cushioning to your feet. You can get regular liners, moldable liners, and heat-moldable liners.

  • Normal liners: Normal liners are simply standard liners without any particular molding of your foot except for what happens after continued use.
  • Moldable liners: Moldable liners use your body heat to conform to the shape of your foot.
  • Heat moldable liners: Heat moldable liners offer the best in molding design. When the liner is heated, you place your feet on it and stay there for a while so that the liner will mold at that time. There is no extra time required to wear them.

The materials

The durability of snowboard boots is also an important factor and can only be determined by the choice of the most valid materials. Although most snowboard boots for beginners are made from synthetic materials, you can have leather boots. Because leather is much more durable and will last longer with proper care. The soles of the shoes are made of rubber.

Keep in mind that lighter gums are more suitable for snowboarders who stay at the park, while heavier gums provide better durability for snowboard riders who want to hike to the top of the mountain to chart new trails.

The price

It is always good to talk about budget because everyone has a different budget. If you want to save money, don’t choose a pair of snowboard boots with a too low cost, which means that you will soon have to find a replacement or even take risks. So you never go below 100 dollars, if you truly want a good sense of security.

The sex

Snowboard boots for men and women are designed according to the body. Women’s calves tend to be lower on the leg than men’s. Therefore, women’s snowboard boots generally have a lower profile for better comfort. Women’s snowboard boots are also narrower at the heel, providing more support than the wider men’s shape. Styles and colors also differ between genders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wash snowboard boots properly?

To prevent bacteria from accumulating inside and causing bad smells, your snowboard boots should be washed when they have not been used. Not only that, but the outer hull also needs good care. So it is advisable to take some precautions when deciding to clean them.

The first thing to do will be to take out the inner shoe and check the manufacturer’s instructions. Based on the material, you can put it in the washing machine or wash it by hand. If it is not machine washable, soak it in warm, not hot water and pass it with a brush, to remove the dirt well. Don’t squeeze it. Instead, allow it to dry in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight. The external part can be wiped with a damp and non-abrasive cloth.

What flex should snowboard boots have?

When selecting snowboard boots, beginners should opt for those with soft flex. They offer greater comfort and are suitable for freestyle riding, allowing the foot to bend more and providing greater freedom of movement.

Medium flex boots, rated from 4 to 7, are popular among intermediate-level snowboarders as they offer good performance. They provide adequate support and versatility on various terrain types.

For experienced riders looking to perform advanced maneuvers, rigid-flex boots rated from 7 to 10 are preferred. These boots offer high-speed control and enhanced stability.

How to choose the correct size of snowboard boots?

To choose the correct size of snowboard boots, start by measuring your foot length in centimeters. Then, refer to the manufacturer’s size chart to find the corresponding size. Keep in mind that sizes may vary slightly between brands, so check the specific sizing recommendations for the brand you’re interested in. Remember that snowboard boots fit more snugly than regular shoes to provide better control and support while riding.

Do I need to break in my snowboard boots?

Yes, snowboard boots may require some breaking in to mold to your feet and become more comfortable. Wear them around the house or during short rides on easy terrain to help break them in gradually.

Should beginners buy snowboard boots with heat-moldable liners?

Heat-moldable liners can offer a more customized fit by molding to the shape of your feet. While not essential for beginners, they can provide added comfort and support, especially for those with specific foot shapes or issues.

Can beginners use freestyle snowboard boots for all-mountain riding?

Yes, beginners can use freestyle snowboard boots for all-mountain riding. Freestyle boots offer softer flex, which can be forgiving and suitable for various terrain types. However, more experienced riders may prefer stiffer boots for aggressive riding styles.

In conclusion

Selecting high-quality snowboard boots for beginners doesn’t have to be as challenging as it might seem. As we have seen, many reputable brands offer comparable prices, making the decision-making process more straightforward.  Above a minimum expenditure of 100 dollars, you can buy a good model.

However, the tricky part of choosing the right snowboard for beginners is the size and materials. This is why we include a selection guide. We hope this article helped you to choose the right boots for your first snowboarding experience. You can share your opinion in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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